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  1. Good news Road Toad. Same here on my 3 year old Ultima. Only problem was a water heater failure (not Luna's fault) before Luna went into administration so covered under warranty. All was well at all its 3 services so far.
  2. If it's the same as this one in my Lunar Quasar with the cupboard above. There are two screws either side inside the cupboard corners, also there is 4 screws under the bottom moulding behind adeasive blanking disks. Remove them all and the wooden facia just pulls out complete and you can then get at the fixings. Hope this is usefull
  3. I had a Milenco and found it effective but hard work as stated above. Now have a Lock n Level and use car tyre electric pump. Just stand and watch. Make sure you install it under the wheel before disengageing motor mover or unhitching car.
  4. Noticed today that the C & C Club have now taken out a 25 year lease on the old Braithwaite Fold site in theLake District. It is to reopen on July 4th (hopefully) under the new name of Bowness on Windermere. Good news
  5. Ours just had 3rd year service with no problems.
  6. Just had my renewal quote through from Eversure which was exactly the same as last year just under £200 so pleased with that. Having never made a claim through them has anyone had any experience of making a claim and how good or otherwise were they at handling it ?
  7. Bought the Tuscon 2.0 litre 182 bhp in October last year. Solo it is a lovely car to drive, very smooth and responsive with plenty of toys. Have very limited experience towing at present, only approx. 20 miles but have no complaints. It pulled away with no drag and quickly up to 50 mph on normal roads though not yet been on the motorway. Therefore pleased with it so far and see no reason not to be going foreward. This model is only available in the automatic version and as I have never towed before with an auto I was a bit sceptical but I dont think I have anything to fear. Hope this help
  8. Not always necessary to remove fridge. I changed our kitchen tap once by removing the fridge vent outside and working from there. Depends on how they are positioned in relation to each other.
  9. After hitching up and before pulling off my wife always says to me, STEADY JOCKEY STEPS on theBRAKES. Meaning :- Steadies up Jocky wheel up Steps in Hand Brake off But that did not stop me from leaving the motor mover engaged once !!!!!!
  10. I have a 2017 Quasar 574 where the Daewoo microwave has packed in. Power there, timer & turntable work but food comes out at the same temp it was put in. Looks like the magnetron has died therefore not worth repairing. Can anyone advise how to remove it from the cabinet before I try trial and error . I suspect the pelmet above needs to be removed to get at it.
  11. Mike Not entirely duff info. it's given me a pointer in the right direction which I will follow up next week. The unit goes through all the motions and seems to be working correctly but at the end of it's cooking time the food is uncooked. Comes out at exactly the same temperature as it went in. Considering the cost of microwaves I don't think it is worth having repaired.
  12. Many thanks Mike. It is not quite like yours. There is no white frame and it is mounted at shoulder height with a cupboard above. But possibly held in place very similarly. Will investigate further. Thanks again. Phil
  13. The microwave oven in our 2017 Lunar Quasar574 has just died. It is not worth repairng but need to first get it out . To save me too much trial and error and possible damage to the facia does anyone know how to remove the oven. Incidently it is one of those Daewoo Eco things that seem to be popular (sic) in this forum.
  14. Many thanks for the replies. It is what I suspected. Will get the dealer to sort out next time it goes in. Thanks again
  15. Can anyone advise on how to open up the awning rail to create a new feed in point. I have seen an awning rail spreader but I think that is just for opening up a rail that has closed up.
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