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  1. We are also at the cross roads. We have been enjoying Summer and Winter tours in France, Spain, Portugal Germany for about 45 years, but our age and robustness is no match for this dreaded virus. We refuse to say we're beat yet and may (may) get there next year. We're not doomed yet Mannering!
  2. thensum: Have you forgotten to check that the float valve is the right way up? It has to float in the rising water to close the inlet valve, so have a look.
  3. We use microfibre swimming towels. Decathlon sells their own brand and they are excellent. They are compact and ilght and dry very fast. They also wash out easier so laundry is much reduced at home. We even use them in the bathrooms at home in the winter. We also use micro fibre hand towels and flannels and cleaning cloths - brilliant.
  4. You havent given much information. Assuming the compartment hasnt been taken out of the caravan and you only need to buy the parts and fit them, I would estimate £1500. If the compartment panels have been removed then its going to be extremely difficult to replace them and the cost could be megga bucks. As Wispman has said, its not likely to be cost effective to do, so find another caravan which doesnt need such a n expensive repair.
  5. Plug your mains lead into the Blu connector at the side of the battery box. Assuming your battery is ok it will be charging. The caravan has a transformer to supply 12VDC to certain lights (probably ceiling lights and spot lights) and water pump, and also supplies 230VAC to other lights (probably 2 wall lights in the front lounge), and power points. You may be able to download a manual on Swift Talk.
  6. If you have both halves of it then I would try Superglue. Make sure there is no load on it whilst it sets by using sticky tape to hold it.
  7. If the fault is cleared you can delete the warning on the fridge.
  8. You say "mine comes witha petrol pump symbol" Do you mean your caravan was produced with one of these fridges with a petrol pump symbol? Can you say what model fridge this is ?
  9. I have often wondered what happens when you drive into a fuel station if you have a gas heater running ? For a caravan (trailer) I have always believed that gas must not be used whilst towing. I think there is a legal restriction on this. Apart from the legal matter, and the safety matter, the idea of trying to heat a caravan with all its fixed ventilation is just barmy.
  10. The problem is with this hobby its very habitual. How long until your next fix?
  11. Just noticed CMC prices for July 2021 are about £20 less than EuroTunnel direct. We dont usually use Tesco but used to, and did use vouchers once for the Tunnel. How much voucher value can a weekly food shopper generate? When we stopped using Tesco the club points were very low value.
  12. We had a similar problem in our Swift 480. There was too much heat in the cuboard under the hand basin in the washroom. Mrs Erns personal clobber was melting. The radiator was accessible so I laid some heat insulation panels over it. Sorted. For the single beds I would try suspending a pair of vertical panels from the seat frame (try it with a bit of cardboard suspended on strings as an experiment) to deflect the radiated heat upwards. I have used foil backed styrene intended for vinyl floor planks. Alde pipped me to it.
  13. You should have been given a set of documents (or internet access to them if its internet) which includes a Key Facts Summary. You can ask for a copy if you haven't got it or can't find it.
  14. Slightly different complection to the op. Our last 3 caravans have been correctly wired to operate on 12V supply from car. 2 Swifts and a Adria. I belive it is the norm for UK caravans and as your Knaus is made for the UK market I would have expected it to be the same.
  15. Without actually doing the detail arithmatic, thats about the same as I paid in total to have a brand new AL-KO axle fitted while we waited in Exeter. The new axle is brand new with brakes etc.
  16. I agree that we dont know whether adequate/sufficient voltage is really reaching the fridge when we are travelling. It is possible to determine whether the voltage reaching the fridge when the outfit is static with engine running though. I havent actually done it but a multimeter test at the fridge terminals is possible - possibly an assistant sitting in the car to keep some engine revs up may be neccesary. I suspect that whilst the circuitry is ok on paper, the voltage losses with the puny cables and long lengths will defeat it. I have heard of some people installing larger section cable
  17. Thanks Doosan. Just checked and they both have identical red writing for the name.
  18. Mendip trans or Wenvoe transmitter. 10M height. FielddBuV/m 50 No star. Antenna rec Extra high gain. 3M 48 No star. Antenna rec Amplified extra high gain. All mumbo jumbo to me!
  19. Thanks both of you. Great response. I will read the article later. The poor indication is shown at the short coax leading from the antenna as well as on the booster output connections so the caravan coax circuit is not involved. Before opening up and looking inside the antenna, can I test the continuity of the coax to it with a multi meter? How does the antenna open?
  20. Our 4 year old Swift has a Status 570 Antenna and a Vision Plus booster (as supplied). This seems to be a very common set up. Wherever we go even at home where we have a good signal strength, the signal is poor. Using a signal meter I can barely get a glimmer of Yellow suggesting the signal is poor) Having swapped the standard VP booster for an upgraded version for a coloured signal strength display, this too refuses to show more than a glimmer of signal strength. I tested it at home yesterday where we have a perfectly good TV signal for the house TV's. The caravan TV eventually tuned in
  21. Unless you are actually using the caravan the draft shouldnt bother you. You are unlikely to get much rain in through there as it is not normally directed upwards.
  22. Ern


    It may not need replacing. If the assembly is leaking past the bond it probably needs re-bonding.
  23. That £422 does not include 12% IPT (tax) because the club claim it isn't an Insurance Policy, so the club price should be compared to their competitors pre tax price. The difference is £50 in this case. If the club was trading on a level playing field the premium would be £472! When we got the quote from CMC last year we voted with our feet and went to CCC Policy at a slightly lower price which includes the tax, and is better value in our opinion. It was obvious CMC would bring their prices up over a couple of years after changing to "cover" and dodging the tax. The club has trousere
  24. Wow! Saturday night?
  25. I spoke to a warden at one of the most popular CMC sites in the country over the week end and she said that "late cancelations are worse than ever because of the Covid thing". We got the additional days we wanted to add for a booking in two weeks time even though "the computer says nah"
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