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    Speed cameras

    I received a fixed penalty notice from our local City where I was alleged to have exceeded the part-time speed limit. I knew for certain that I was in the hospital at the time this alleged offence had occurred. The plonkers had failed to adjust the seasonal time for the camera's several days before. When I phoned them, the person I spoke to tried to argue the point for a while, before admitting it was their error.
  2. Thank goodness I retired before all this. Flights between Schipol and UK are in many cases the link to transcontinental flights. What a nightmare.
  3. Ern

    So am I evil!

    Well done stepdaughter. Those kids have had a continuous daily structure, and they will definitely benefit from it now and in years to come. Many children and many adults too, have simply slobbed around for months on end. Going back to school or work is a challenge for them, like re-habilitation. The cost of this pandemic has been manyfold.
  4. Those who have stayed long term on sites with metered electricity in Spain and experienced being charged at Euro 0.30/kWh will know that in winter when darkness falls around 5.30 pm, the usage of electricity has to be watched carefully. If gas is used for the fridge and all cooking and hot water then a daily consumption of electricity may be about 8 kWh per day. If the fridge and water heater are used on electric then the sky is the limit - 24 or more kWh per day. We can only speculate about the rate, but at some time in the near future this may mean a daily charge of around £5! Personally, I welcome metered supply, for the benefit of the environment and fairness.
  5. I think that is a fair point. If the site owner is going to play "shop" with investment and running costs, then all the fixed costs have to be accounted for. Those using their own toilet and shower should have their portion of the amenity block investment and running costs deducted. Play "shop" by all means and let's have everything charged for on a "pick and mix" basis.
  6. I am no specialist on this, but I thought "Distance Selling Legislation" entitles you to cancel within 7 days of your payment over the phone.
  7. How was the £1000 deposit made? Credit card, Debit? Have you got a receipt? How long ago was the deposit paid?
  8. Not sure which post you are responding to. My post said "fee free customer perks". You didn't mention the HEALTH INSURANCE which German and French Pensioners have to pay. You didn't mention the different social structure in France and Germany, where the vast majority of pensioners are paying rent for their homes (and do not get housing benefit). You haven't mentioned the higher income tax in France and Germany. I haven't bothered enlarging the font, as I think it's daft.
  9. Because of the way NW insurance add premium for pre-existing medical conditions, and extended time abroad, it became unattractive to us, and we switched back to Red Pennant. Perhaps RP is so successful/ large they feel it commercially appropriate to rescind some fee free customer perks. None left now are there?
  10. I think a bit of respect for other motorists may be the key to many problems, even the ones who don't appear to be like you. Occasionally, we all do something wrong when driving (Oh yes we do!) and allowance by others may be necessary.
  11. Give these people a call and see if they will repair your charger. Better to have it working in standard condition if possible. I can recommend this company after experiencing their work. APULJACK ENGINEERING LTD. 01278 588 922
  12. We stayed on the CMC site at Brighton and were told to choose any vacant pitch, but not the ones with a particular colour peg (forget the colour now). All the decent vacant pitches had the special pegs. We squeezed onto one of the few available (to us) pitches and later that day a Bongo camper van with one occupant arrived and parked on the nice pitch next door. The lady thought it was funny that she had so much space, and we had so little. We don't use club sites these days unless we have no choice, because there is definitely preference being given to camper vans.
  13. It should be in the hand book Bob. Although 11 years old, the same tyre size is probably used in their equivalent weight product, so the size and pressure will be shown sales technical sheet.
  14. Tintaglia. In the intervening years between your old mover installation and the current specification, the cables (battery/switch and switch/control box) have been upgraded. The supplied cables have crimped terminal connectors which are extremely well-made, and for this reason you should not reduce the length of any, but simply fold up and secure any excess cable. The motor cables should be equal anyway, so that voltage drop to each motor is equal.
  15. As I said earlier, the introduction of testing for BE was not driven by accident data. Priority for the current needs should be paramount. The country needs more qualified HGV drivers, and this should be dealt with promptly.
  16. Buying a static caravan and siting it, as a business alternative or substitute to working? The only advice you are likely to get is - Dont!
  17. Ern

    So am I evil!

    This was a CL, which is a place shared by the occupants of 5 caravans, and likely to include kids. There are no pitches, no wardens, usually no rules about quietness hours. If the kids were continuously and unreasonably loud and very close, then I would have had a quiet word with their parents, but you cannot go on a CL and demand other people be quiet, and if you do, you will probably be ignored. Kids playing out on a CL is not a bad thing.
  18. You need to watch the weight of what you add. If you stuff all the storage spaces the caravan will soon be overweight.
  19. Ern

    So am I evil!

    I think you are wrong to do that. Children playing out on a summer evening - what's wrong with that? You have chosen to share the campsite with them, and they are enjoying themselves in a harmless way.
  20. Would you please let me have this week's Lottery numbers?
  21. I made a claim for damage which occurred whilst my unattended car was in a supermarket car park. When I found out the cost quoted by the insurance companies nominated repairers, I was horrified, as it was about 5 times what I knew the real cost should have been. Meanwhile, a relative who is employed in the insurance industry advised me I shouldn't have claimed, as my future premiums would rise considerably more than the real cost of repair (despite me having 9 years no claims record). I contacted the Insurance company, and we agreed that I would withdraw my claim and the record would not show the claim. Soon after I got my renewal and the premium offered had increased substantially. I referred the matter to the Ombudsman and the insurer immediately reverted to the old premium.
  22. The floor and wall are supposed to be bonded and screwed, but ours wasn't even bonded as I could see daylight through it. The gap which opened between floor and side wall was as dry as a bone. Also, our dealer did the repair of the screws in the bulkhead incorrectly, and I had a hell of a job explaining to them that it was wrong. Eventually they apologised and did the job again. They told me they had done loads of them the same way. They hadn't even read the Swift repair procedure, which I showed them.
  23. When it comes to APPS and things like that, I am a dumbo. I suppose I will have to get a Great Grand Child to help me. We intend to go over there next summer as we have for decades, but this load of techno stuff sounds formidable!
  24. They usually claim that you have been enjoying an introductory discount which had been applied to the first year, but could not be applied to ongoing years. Basically, they sell policies at the best price they can get. (in my opinion)
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