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  1. First you have to know on what basis the loading allowance has been given (what does it and doesnt it include). Then you need to guestimate the weight of any extras fitted since it left the factory Motor mover, battery, gas bottles may not have been taken into account and so the payload is reduced before you even add 5 tootbrushes. Awnings usually go in the car to save weight on the caravan. The 170Kg user payload may not in reality be anywhere near that.
  2. Measuring the hook (we call it nose weight) will help to get longitundinal correct loading (you probably need <100Kg), but lateral loading is checked by weighing each wheel individually. We use a Reich weight gauge for this, although I know most people dont worry about it too much. Our caravan was made with a very unequal lateral mass (another story). The Adria underfloor heating uses 24V heating elements inside the floor panel powered by a 230V transformer. Without weighing equipment it should be simple (if tedious) to calculate the loaded weight with all the extras and see if it
  3. I would not upgrade to an in line pump as the "benefits" are not worth the cost, unless your header tank pump needs replacement for other reasons.
  4. We bought our first caravan when we were about 30 and we had been tent campers since my wife and I were in our teens. We had 3 children and they loved the tent and all the outdoor freedom. The caravan made it easier for us to travel further, and have a much longer season (all year round). Were now in our 45th year of caravanning.
  5. For example with Mayday you get a driver to take your outfit home if you are ill, but with Green Flag you don't unless you upgrade. If you compare like for like May Day is actually cheaper.
  6. Weight. Does the caravan also have extra batteries for off grid use? The weight of the caravan should be checked carefully so that you know whether the amount of fresh water or grey waste, and full toilet cassette solar panel/s etc can all be accomodated for travelling on public roads to a service point. If the weight exceeds the MTPLM (or whatever its called in your country) and also the tyre/axle loading limit, then the caravan is not siutable for off grid use and the grey waste tank may as well be removed. The original system is easy to replicate. For off grid use the underfloor heating
  7. We had a 2002 Adria Adiva and it was a UK specification caravan. It had no fresh or waste tanks, and the usual 28mm grey waste pipes from shower and basins. What you have shown is more than a drain pipe, and I think it's a waste reservoir. Has the caravan also a fresh water tank? Perhaps a solar panel too? This would make the caravan slightly siutable for off grid camping. Probably a DIY modification. The slow drain is probably due iether to a blocked outlet or vacuum. If that tube is 10CM diameter and about 3M long it holds about 25L of grey water (and 25Kg!)
  8. We are also at the cross roads. We have been enjoying Summer and Winter tours in France, Spain, Portugal Germany for about 45 years, but our age and robustness is no match for this dreaded virus. We refuse to say we're beat yet and may (may) get there next year. We're not doomed yet Mannering!
  9. thensum: Have you forgotten to check that the float valve is the right way up? It has to float in the rising water to close the inlet valve, so have a look.
  10. We use microfibre swimming towels. Decathlon sells their own brand and they are excellent. They are compact and ilght and dry very fast. They also wash out easier so laundry is much reduced at home. We even use them in the bathrooms at home in the winter. We also use micro fibre hand towels and flannels and cleaning cloths - brilliant.
  11. You havent given much information. Assuming the compartment hasnt been taken out of the caravan and you only need to buy the parts and fit them, I would estimate £1500. If the compartment panels have been removed then its going to be extremely difficult to replace them and the cost could be megga bucks. As Wispman has said, its not likely to be cost effective to do, so find another caravan which doesnt need such a n expensive repair.
  12. Plug your mains lead into the Blu connector at the side of the battery box. Assuming your battery is ok it will be charging. The caravan has a transformer to supply 12VDC to certain lights (probably ceiling lights and spot lights) and water pump, and also supplies 230VAC to other lights (probably 2 wall lights in the front lounge), and power points. You may be able to download a manual on Swift Talk.
  13. If you have both halves of it then I would try Superglue. Make sure there is no load on it whilst it sets by using sticky tape to hold it.
  14. If the fault is cleared you can delete the warning on the fridge.
  15. You say "mine comes witha petrol pump symbol" Do you mean your caravan was produced with one of these fridges with a petrol pump symbol? Can you say what model fridge this is ?
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