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  1. I absolutely agree. In our disgust of the Swift we went to see some other makes and boy oh boy, what a load of rubbish we saw. We really would like a Hymer/Eriba 470 of the later spec's with Alde and know it would be a costly purchase but they are really well made. I friend has one ( a left hander) and it is a real quality caravan. Not to everyone's taste as they dont have some of the gizmo's of the UK caravans.
  2. The guy who reported the failure was 19 stone.
  3. Just to illustrate the complacency, our previous Swift was a 2009 Sterling Europa and that caravan had the sink waste problem described by Lead Farmer. The subject was flogged to death on Swift Talk then - 10 years ago.
  4. Our Swift Challenger 480 is over 4 years old and it has been problematic since it was brand new. I took it back with the intention of rejecting it after the first weekend away, but was persuaded to keep it and the dealer would "sort it out". After almost 4 yearsand 36 failures the axle suspension failed and the dealer refused to even consider a warranty claim, I decided to bite the bullet and have a new axle fitted by an Alko service company. Then I realised that the floor/bulkhead /side wall was falling apart. That was fixed by the dealer (I had to reject that repair initially as they had not followed Swift bulitin correctly). The caravan is the worst pile of rubbish we have ever experienced in nearly 50 years of caravanning. It has finshed us completely with caravanning and we will never buy another.
  5. Ern

    Water Temperature

    If you are worried about small children getting scalded then a Thermostatic valve can be installed in the plumbing for about £20. 70C is very hot but its the low cost way to get a decent shower when its diluted with cold.
  6. No offense taken at all. I think the subject is interesing (even serious) and quite entertaining. I am very much in favour of all of us doing what we think is what we want. Nuff said. Cheers mate.
  7. I didnt know anyone had said that people using a battery powered drill was lazy. I dont think lazy is an appropriate word at all. I used to have lawn mowers but now dont know what one looks like. I also have an auto car, flashy lights and curtains, Alexa on the first floor, Google on the ground floor, motor mover on the caravan, ran (my half of) an engineering business for 40 years, had 2 heart attcks running it and couldnt really use a steady winder for a while, have 3 boys, a shed load of grand children, like caravanning and Im 30 years older than you. So what else did you say you have ? An electric drill?
  8. Well its a good result in a way but you now have an empty seasonal pitch. The dealer could find you another caravan of the same value etc and bring it to your pitch if you ask.
  9. I think winding steadies is quite nice excersize which gives me a moment to think about the next job, or imagine the cold beer I will enjoy in a few moments. I used to use a drill but stopped bothering with that as its just one more item of paraphenalia to be remembered - must be charged, must be put in car boot, must be put away at the end of a trip. We have simplified our caravanning and enjoy the gentle excersize as well as the relaxation. Rushing around doing things with a noisy machine? Nah!
  10. I seem to remember that it was established a while ago that the driver of a Disco without extension mirrors could not see the legal required area along most caravan sides.
  11. I think you mean a rarity for you. We also go on spec sometimes but it depends on whether you want to go on a site with lots of faciiities/at a busy time/a fully serviced pitch, or none of the above.
  12. These booking fees are getting out of hand. I wouldnt mind if they formed part of the payment but they are extra. I think £75 would be a step too far for me. The other con' is cancellation insurance as a lot of sites in France now have a no refund policy in their terms and conditions, and simply refer to their optional insurance.
  13. Yes, a poor idea - simply expensive bling. You can see that the concept is more aimed at reducing assembly time than anything else. I think our Challenger was thrown together in about half an hour.
  14. Ern

    Ford Kuga

    We traded our Volvo V70 in for a 2.5 year old VW Tiguan. Its a fairly top ender so quite well appointed. This is just the 150BHP version and it tows like a train. Economic towing and solo. The boot is a big suprise as the seats slide forward and the boot enlarges so that it is quite adequate. I managed to squeeze a full size spare wheel/tyre into the wheel well with a minor tweak. Have a look before you decide on the Kuga. Sitting by the side of a Disco Sport it appears to be about the same size.
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