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  1. More likely the B+E licence is in the process of extinction. Most younger people are not really interested in towing anything because its such a fuss and parking/storing is difficult. Those few interested are more likely to consider towing a small caravan like the Basecamp with a smaller car. Younger people don't want the massive amount of "clobber" that has become the norm in recent years on caravans (and campervans). Look how popular the VW vans are with mainly younger people for touring. It would be interesting to know at this point in the evolution of the leisure industry whether the caravan makers are aware which affordable hybrid or electric vehicles are available capable of towing something like a Basecamp, or whether there are any small electric or hybrid vans. This is what I think will become much more popular.
  2. Have you checked the dealers in your area to see what they have got in stock?
  3. No but, there may be loads of sites on the Continent soon which do not allow RHD.
  4. Have you tried the rinse and faucets with the pump switched on? The pump is pressure controlled so it should be ok. Lots of caravans have poor water pressure (noticeable especially with the shower) when the mains water is connected. I believe the pump which is static is restricting water flow.
  5. The tax being discussed is VED. There is no VED on trailers.
  6. I really don't know when the problem started but our Swift/Sterling was a 2009 model and we had the window replaced under warranty so I guess 2011.
  7. The existing very low rate of VED on campervans is unfair on other motorists. The loophole is being closed. This is not a penalty as long as owners only have to pay the same VED as other vehicle owners.
  8. Quite a lot of front windows made before the design change have this problem. It is caused by wind pressure when travelling. The later windows are much deeper dished so that the outer would not touch the inner. Look at a later Swifts and you can see the difference. replacing the window would be expensive so I wouldn't bother.
  9. With an Isabella awning the roof poles usually locate in FIXON pads. Every Isabella awning we have had has anyway. These FIXON pads are clipped to the secondary awning bead and hang down under the awning roof panel. The pressure of the roof pole is pushing partly against the caravan side panel via the FIXON and partly against the secondary awning bead. I cannot imagine how this could damage a side panel even with a pole tensioner. The side panel is reinforced at the edge where it joins to the roof.
  10. I think they will either fix it or replace the board in about 5 minutes once they have advised you the cost. They are a very good company.
  11. I assume you have a B+E driving licence so will not be restricted. With 2 children, bunks would be ideal and there are a few different layouts with them for example bunks at the side which make up from a small dinette. This usually means you still have a large washroom at the back. The front seating area is adequate for the family of 4 to site together around a table, and it makes into a double bed at the end of the day. These don't have to be particularly large caravans and would easily be towed by your A6. A budget of £10K would get you a decent second hand caravan. Whatever you do, and whether you buy it privately or from a dealer, get an independent qualified caravan engineer to thoroughly inspect and damp test it. Look on the NCC Approved Work Shop web site for a local Mobile engineer.
  12. We are members of both clubs and like the fact that CL's and Cs's are a mixed bunch with a great variety of different features. We prefer those without toilets and showers as we are happy to use our own. The CL's without these facilities are often much nicer and more natural. The ones with no hook ups either are often even better. We have been told by several site owners that the club has advised them to increase the value of their sites by adding toilets, showers, even hard roads for motor caravans (why do they need that if those of us with front wheel drive tow cars don't?) and motor caravan service points. When the cost of all this is counted amortising this on a 5 pitch site must push prices up a lot, and we all have to pay it. If we wanted club sites we would go to club sites.
  13. Hot/warm newspaper does it even quicker.
  14. I think the attraction at Morton is that you can walk on a pavement into town in 10min. This means you can go out for an evening meal and a drink and walk back to site safely. I'm sure the alternative CL you have chosen is not that close to town. If it is that close, pm me (but whatever you do don't put it on here or the place will be packed out).
  15. I think the club sites were once very desirable to people when compared to whatever else was available. The club has slipped behind its competitors in recent years, and at the same time over estimated the value of the product.
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