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  1. If you bought new your dealer would (should) have registered you with Swift as the owner. That has always been the case. If you bought used they would have transferred the warranty to you. When you have a service they will (should) register that too. The recall which was notified to owners was the problem with front bulkeads seperating from body side. We had the problem but were not on the list of owners - we claimed through warranty.
  2. Swift designs and sells caravans with bike rack fasteners incorporated, and know a lot more about the trength of their caravans than any one else. Provided the user loads the caravan correctly and drives correctly there is no issue. There are many caravans on the road carrying bikes without problems, not just Swifts either.
  3. We used one for a while. Sound synch was one problem, but we found the battery didnt last lon enough and it had to be recharged when disconnected from the jack. They may have improved since then but its something to watch out for.
  4. I'm not familiar with Bailey caravans but, drawers sometimes have a little screw inside the drawer which goes (outwrds) into a threaded hole in the runner. There may be a try inserted which hides the screws.
  5. That is a list of the cases (well over 1000) which have been escalated to the status of "violation". I wonder what the true number of contraventions would be .
  6. I would run the heating on electric only. Leave it on round the clock but at a reduced temperature whilst out all day. Save your gas for use when its essential. The idea of switching gas supplier is one I have considered recently but bear in mind that Flogas Gaslite cylinders are quite hard to get at the moment and they are not taking on new customers for Gaslite (its on their web site). Also some CMC sites have no supplies of Calor as they have been unable to get supplies in some areas.
  7. and I put a smiley after the word "yes". Wake up at the back please.
  8. The cable has the same capacity either direction. You are unlikely to flatten the car battery by charging it.
  9. Hello Shell657. You mentioned that you have the gas heater and hob working so thats something. A couple of points- 1. Probably located under the kitchen will be some gas isolator taps and one will be for the fridge. Bear in mind that a previous owner may have isolated it because its faulty. 2. I agree with Wispman that some gas appliances in caravans are prone to deteriorate over time, and particularly if they havent been used. Fridges are sometimes never used on gas for years and years. A rusty or dirty burner box is quite possible. A safety check on the fridge and heater really is
  10. It think it would depends on what type of car and towbar wiring you have. I noticed your car is a Yes . Does it have a factory fit towbar?
  11. 2003. First winter in Spain. Bought a 110cm dish and a heavy patio stand. Bought a second hand Sky box and another mini sky box and a £8 sat finder, some cable and bits. Picked up a few tips on the web. Went to Spain and learned from other campers. We had good/fairly good TV along South coast of Spain and Portugal for several years and gradually bought better bits and pieces. Gave up TV when Mrs Ern started talking to me and we bought a pack of cards and left the dish at home. Still got the cards.
  12. Adding bikes to a rack on the back is not neccesarily wrong. It depends on the geometry of the particiualer caravan. If you measure the distance from the bike (c of g of the bundle of bikes and rack) to the axle and measure from axle to hitch , the maths is easy to do. I did the maths for our caravan and reballancing was not that tricky. I think Sprites now have the spare wheel in the front gas locker so that helps. You need some moveable weight and adequate payload for it. It is the lack of payload which appears to be the issue with some caravans. In this case there is no optional weight upgr
  13. I think that is an issue with many caravans including this one, with 156Kg payload half of that gone for a battery and mover. 2 bikes and a carrier would surely take it close to the limit with nothing in it.
  14. WE have a VW Tiguan and probably have the same sat nav as the OP. We also have a TomTom Camper sat nav and had a resonable opinion of it - It was quite good but not always good enough. When we bought the Tiguan I was in 2 minds whether to try to use the VW system or the stand alone TomTom Camper, and I have perceviered with the VW sat nav. So far I have found the VW sat nav to be ok. I dont bother with TomTom .
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