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  1. Appreciate this is an old post but better late than never. On hard ground I use a pointed pry bar to make a pilot hole in the ground. I use this for any pegs when on hard ground. The pry bar is about 30cm long and made from very hard steel, and pretty well indistructable - you can buy them at any tool shop. I made a dolly for hammering the soft ground spikes in, The dolly is a piece of 20mm steel tube cut to about 22cm length with a piece of 18mm round dowel cut to about 12cm length belted into it. This slides over the Isabella spike and you can thump it with a hammer and do no harm to the Isabella spike. The steel tube and wooden dowel are available from B&Q. I don't know why Isabella don't include such a dolly in the windbreak kit at the price of them.
  2. 40C is a tad high! was the bottle in sunlight? If its stopped leaking I wouldn't worry. Get the barby on and use some gas.
  3. I think your "belt n braces" fix should be adequate. The plastic section is one of my "favourite bits" of our caravan (not!). The space frame idea of constructing furniture was a great concept when introduced but they truly messed up with the detail design and its clear to me that not even simple stress calc's were carried out. I too have had to do loads of work on our front bunks to stiffen them enough.
  4. The answer to the op question is Yes you will need to run the inboard pump. The flow will be poor without it. We have used the Truma Waterline and its ok. Lots of people advise not to use it but they are almost entirely those who haven't had one (just like most things).
  5. What do you think caused the failure of the plastic beam? Too much weight on the bed slats? Weakness in the plastic beam section? Is this the caravan I remember had some strengthening done when it was new?
  6. Ern


    Saw him fighting the other night on TV. Nasty piece of work!
  7. Be careful not to confuse the old TomTom Camper which hasn't been in production for about 3 years with the new Tom Tom Camper which was released for retail in April this year. The new version has wifi system and map updates and is slightly slimmer looking. I have used both extensively and liked the old version, but the new version is definitely better. Map updates are free for life. Linked to Tom Tom My Drive the pre planning and synchronisation of routes is by wifi. Lane departure is roughly the same on both devices and I think excellent.
  8. If you are on agricultural ground you an dog a hole about a foot deep and bury the contents there. However, the contents should not contain chemicals. if you have used chemical then the kiosk is your best bet.
  9. Notable is that Average Speed Cameras record the registration number of every vehicle whether speeding or not. So much for data protection and the right to privacy. Big Brother!
  10. The voltage can be breaking down anywhere in the circuit, not just at the pump connections. The breakdown can be in either pole too. One easy thing to try is a single wire directly from the pump live terminal to a good live supply, then do the same for the negative. You may identify the location of the failure that way. The failure can also be a broken wire. Also, is the pump switched somewhere because a switch can misbehave in the same way, so eliminate the switch temporarily and you will see.
  11. I fail to see why if thousands - may be hundreds of thousands of water heaters have been sold with a fixed temperature of 70C, anyone can say its too hot for kids. Don't kids get to use a mixer tap at home? Water at 70C is hot but not dangerous.
  12. Carry bikes or lekky bikes.
  13. Dave. Are you saying your sat nav has a selling price of £1400?
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