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  1. I was alluding to the point about the steadies yesterday when I last posted. Winding the steady down transfers upwards pressure on the floor, and a shear loading on the screws. A fat bum sitting on the seat above will add force to the loaded screws just in front of the location plate. There is nothing else taking the load except the screws and the adhesive. This is why I intend to add a plate under the steady bridging to the side wall.
  2. I've checked our 2016 Challenger today again (in better day light than yesterday). Our caravan looks just the same as that with all the screws missing or 3/4 of the way out. You can just see up there if you have a good torch, and in amongst the spiders webs are some of my floating screws. The dealer has refused to take care of it because its out of 3 yr warranty - charming eh? Ours is failed on the near side left, whereas the photo here shows the offside. Oh! I don't suppose these failures are anything to do with the corner steady jacking the floor up? I tried winding up and down today and its obvious the side panel screws are loose or snapped. Now would the chicken have come first, or the egg? Angle bracket screws or side panel screws?
  3. https://www.swift-Talk.co.uk/forum/download/forum_file/295749/Swift - repair front bottom end.pdf I don't know whether this will work so try it.
  4. Well I have discovered today that our 206 Challenger appears to have this failure. We checked it today and the floor has definitely separated from the body sides. This means the recall of 2017 models is not the whole story. Over on Swift Talk, someone has posted a copy of the repair procedure (not a small job). As our caravan is 4 years old its out of warranty, so I will be discussing this with our dealer tomorrow.
  5. Dedicated wiring kits are designed to plug and play. If the right kit is fitted the car will recognise it. Modern cars have intelligent charging and smart alternators, which can misbehave when they are messed about.
  6. Been home for a week already! Itching to get cracking.
  7. Defensive posts appear to have retreated to the security issue. The Quality and Reliability issues are indefensible. The NCC is a trade body which represents its paying members (and that's not us). The Caravan Club appears to operate as a business which represents its own interests in the Leisure Industry. Members interests no longer appear to be of importance to the club. The club is further hampered by its frequent incompetence. We never seek advice from them as it so likely to be wrong. Having said that, we are members of both clubs - for OUR interests.
  8. Agree with above posts. As you are a caravan newbee, have you got the appropriate driving licence groups for the outfit with a train weight of 3,918Kg? (B+E for >3500Kg).
  9. Why not use via Michelin web site to create a driving route. Select the options appropriate - caravan? tolls? Put your commence point in and start with Tours as a destination. Have a look at the route it suggests and see if you fancy the areas abut half way or just under. Then look for camp sites in the areas you have selected. CampsitesUK is a good web site for choosing sites in France. ACSI is another good web site and you may decide to purchase the ACSI book and discount card. There are also sites listed by the Caravan Club and the Camping and Caravanning Club. If you haven't already booked your crossing the have a look at the Clubs offers as they are good at the moment. I always say that the planning phase of a touring holiday is a great part of the holiday. Alternatively as you are going in June, you could go completely on spec' with an ACSI book and card. there is no need to book at that time of the year.
  10. It would help to know when the op intends to go, and how long for. Is this a summer holiday with a couple of kids? A winter outing for a couple for a couple of months?
  11. James. As your nose weight is only 7Kg over the limit, just move something about 5kg like a wheel ramp or a couple wooden blocks from the front to the back of the caravan. Personally, if it isn't riding nose heavy (pitching) then I would stay with the 107Kg. A nice steady drive with very good stability (especially with that tow car).
  12. Not that surprising really. £745 retail could be a factory buying price of £80 or less. If the mirror has been produced to a Hyundai drawing it is a "captive part" which the supplier would not produce for anyone else. The mirror industry would not be interested in such a narrow market either. 900% (factory cost to retail) is quite common for such parts. I agree its still shocking though.
  13. We were fed up with our caravan a couple of months ago and considered dumping it in exchange for either a new entry level one, or second hand mid range one. We went to see a new Bailey Pheonix and a 2 yr old Bailey mid range caravan. The dealer was doing very nice deals on the new Bailey Pheonix, but not the used model. The difference in final "price to change" was significantly in favour of the new budget cost caravan.
  14. We have a pair of towing mirrors which I like a lot, and have used for about 6 years on the Volvo V70 with folding mirrors. We are swapping the V70 for a Tiguan 2017 (Mk2). Will our Milenco Aero mirrors fold in ok on the Tiguan without colliding with the window glass? Its strange that Tiguan Forums don't have the answer, however is anyone on here actually using this combination of car/mirror. I haven't yet collected the car but would like to know in advance if possible.
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