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  1. Ah the old Dog and Bone. What deposit does the club require now? We booked our 2020 ferry in October 2019 and only paid £75 deposit, before the deposits went up. We cancelled the booking in April (just before the ballance was due) by phone because of C19 and were refused a refund or credit note because "booking in October 2019 means there can be no refund or credit after sailing date October 2020" I argued that the expiry for a credit note would be a booking date October 2020. I lost that one!
  2. I tried the CMC site about an hour ago, and just tried it again, and 2021 isn't loaded yet. Also Brittany Ferries have only released some of their France routes at the moment. Their prices direct have gone up a bit.
  3. The club can easily afford to do that as they dont pay IPT, so they have a cometitive advantage.
  4. Lynda posted 23 hrs ago (about 12.30PM yesterday), but there was no response until 3 hrs ago. That is unusual for this forum as it means Lynda's post would have been visible but not answered all afternoon/evening yesterday. She may have given up hope of a response. How strange that no one noticed her post yesterday?
  5. Can you say where you have obtained this information from please William.
  6. Been there. Got the shirt. We have a Flex Account including free Europe travel. For about 4 years I paid the extra for extended stay (we used to do 13 weeks or so in winter), and pre-conditions. Each year the extras cost more and eventually very expensive. The last straw was when I deleted one of the preconditions (as my condition had improved and I no longer needed treatment) and they wouldnt reduce the extra charges. We went back to Red Penant which we had used for many years previously. What I particularly like about RP is that the Motoring and Personal cover are "joined up." I had always worried that with seperate policies there would be some risk not covered.
  7. Have you plugged the coaxial cable in? Is the antenna/booster switched on? Is the TV switched on (on the remote?) have you adjusted the antenna so that it is pointed to a transmitter? Have you tuned the tv in?
  8. I dont know yet what will happen because I haven't learned what the industry standards or guide lines are. I expect that we would be expected to wear a mask when not seated, and I expect the staff will wear a mask when serving at the table. In my local B&Q the staff at the till were wearing visors, in my local bulders merchants the staff at the desk were behind a screen. I think we have to learn what industry standards are being established. Some generalisation is inevitable. People must learn to become adults and not constantly challenging and pushing the limits like babies do. resisting the spread of a virus is a numbers game where everything we do reduces the probablity of infection. A few idiots will resist cooperating and kick off if they are challenged. As always.
  9. As far as the gazebo and tub is concerned I would deal with it strictly by the book (Yes I am Mr Clean). 1. Check the rules which you all must have. 2. Have a nice quiet word with the neighbour if the rules are broken. 3. If they don't cooperate speak to the site management. 4. Get tougher with site management. 5. Start legal proceedings.
  10. Ern


    Your profile doesnt show the year of your caravan so I can only guess at the specification as they change from time to time. Some of your lights are probably mains on that caravan - probably the pair in the front corners, and some are 12v. You say everything is working - water pump ok? Toilet rinse pump? Spot lights over lounge seats have their own switches, do they work? Have you checked your 12V fuses? is your 12v isolator button on? Ive just read Brecons post and its similar to mine. Depending on the model year, usually the only lights which work on mains are the two in the corners.
  11. That price is for car and caravan only without personal cover and it is pricey yes but its a good policy. However if you include personal cover it is a better value package. As a holiday policy for a family caravanning I think its unbeatable for a top notch policy.
  12. Eddie. Just as a matter of interest, did see my earlier post? I didnt think this one was too bad. The op's profile and the description of a "cracked bottom side strip" enabled a reasonable guess. Mind you my advice is probably completely wrong.
  13. It will be interesting to know how the op gets on with this. Was the deposit paid by Credit Card? They may help.
  14. If you mean the skirt ( long narrow strip below the rubbing strip), its held in place by the rubbing strip (straight length of extruded aluminium used for a like an awning rail). As yours has cracked, I assume its a GRP strip on a GRP skinned body.
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