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  1. Ern


    I think that by the time this season is over, the touring caravan industry will be re-thinking whether the investment in development and restarting is actually viable at all. Their individual viability must have been in decline recently even before the C19 issue. If one of the bigger companies scaling down and making campers only can return a better result then the touring caravan industry would only go one way. Caravan sites are changing already and not in favour of tourers. Sorry to be pesimistic but its possibly reality.
  2. Regarding getting help with shopping, your nearby family must be able shop for themselves and therefore would be able to help you if they understood you are stuck. You dont have to make physical contact in any way, just get them to drop it off at the gate. Thats what our grand daughter and doughter in law are doing. I paid some money direct into my grandaughters account on line so its easy for her. (You know how it is with grand-daugheters and money!) Best of luck mate.
  3. I'd rather he didn't. My M&S Belgian Chocolate coated Ginger Bicuits will be here shortly, along with my afternoon cup of tea. Please excuse me from this very intelegent discussion.
  4. Yes. Fair comment. Its a beautiful day and I have to get up my ladder in a few minutes to clean the caravan roof. Swift has designed it (I make myself laugh sometimes, like when when I said they "designed it") to prevent cleaning. Grubby sealand with massive globs and nooks and crannies, and a solar panel you cant get under or over or behind. Arggggh!
  5. No they are not. Not all places. We have seen the most appalling mess made by precisely the same type of bad people as we have in the uk. The streets of some areas of France and many more in Spain are as bad as the UK.
  6. Concentrate on finding enjoyment in your circumstances. If its raining enjoy being indooors, or sunny then enjoy being out in the garden. If your stuck at home enjoy it. The CMC mag isnt a game changer is it?
  7. NoNoNo Ventilators leaking, squeaking and turning up unuseable is really what we do not need.
  8. If you were the only one doing it, nothing much. If others also do it then its not acceptable. Unless you have the exclusive right to bag the local forest or hill then you must consider others who may be just the same as you. if you live in a rural area and can go locally to a quiet place its a bit different to the people driving to a place and parking up, then following the rest of the mob, as they have been doing in some places. A friend told me last night he went to Waitrose yesterday and they have staff on the doors to control the number of people entering (one in - one out I guess) and then 2M markers on the floor so distances are clearly understood. He waited a moment to be allowed in and didnt get far before a bloke pushed past him to grab something from the shelf. You just cant educate pork eh?
  9. I know what you mean about saving money and we too are using the savings for other things. A bit of a diet has already started to make me feel better than I did before.
  10. Ern

    Dream outfit

    Dream outfit ? Money no object? We have the outfit we want and its a very modest bit of equipment, and like thousands of people, could certainly buy something else if we fancied it. "Dream" as in fantacy is probably what you meant though. Dynamic self levelling suspension with the ability to anticipate traffic calming humps? Built in motors which operate from the key fob? Solar energy panels incorporated in the bodywork? Windows and flloring made from warming/cooling sheet. Windows which dont need blinds and curtains (clever use of light both ways)? Entire thing miantenance free obviously. Oh yes, and a weather proof body.
  11. I agree with Andy and Steve. If you examine the terminal connectors on the motor you may find a very bad connection (dirty/corroded/loose, then carefully slide out the bushes dont loose the loose retainer plate. You can easily see whether the bushes are worn out. Powertouch sell replacements. They also sell the rubber covers for the motor which tend to rot away in the elements. When re-assembling the rubber covers, a cable tie will ensure that no water and dirt can enter in the future. The other possibility of the failure is poor connections at the controller end of the same cable. These motors need alll the voltage from a good 12v battery or they will not perform well.
  12. Cheap Toilet Rolls? Long Life Milk? Tins of Red Salmon? Fork Handles?
  13. Yes they are pressed in and the interference fit is very tight, and because the bearings are so reliable these days, replacement of the assembly is the norm. If the old bearings are not removed with propper tools there may be damage to the bores, which may affect the new bearings. This is why its nor really a job for the untrained. The factory fitted bearings are inserted with good tooling by a trained operator, so are really better. The bearings are listed by Alko though and if you have access the the equipment and trust the people using it, then you can save some money. If they are treated respectfully by the caravan service people they should go for years in normal service.
  14. Under the current situation there is no reason not to get it done, if you are a fit person provided you follow the social distancing guide. However, if you are a vulnerable person like me, stay at home and let them all whistle. I dont know whether you can be prosecuted for not having an MOT on a car which is not on the road. I know they will stop your monythly Direct Debit for road tax (if you pay that way because it happened to my son) if you let it expire though. Then you have to pay for the renewal in full. It wouldnt cause me to break my self iolation though.
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