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  1. Our Swift Challenger had a sagging axle side. Like many caravans the design puts too much weight on one side of the axle (The Alde, PSU, Fridge, Solar panel, Cooker, Microwave and Toilet are all on the off side, and guess which side sagged?) Without so much as a beer in the fridge the axle weight was at the maximum for the axle rating. I gave up trying to argue with the dealer and decided to deal with it myself. I had a new axle fitted by Western Towing, Exeter which is an AL-KO dealer. The cost was £589 plus a small fitting charge. They did it while we had a coffee at Sainsbury's. We were bac
  2. We have a 2016 Challenger and although this is a different body size to yours, the rear GRP molding is the same. When the Thule bike rack is fitted and the bike rack is folded closed, there is very little if any addition to the overall body length because the bike rack is recessed. Thule make two versions one of which stands out further to clear a window (its illustrated in the Swift Group 2021 brochure). I don't think the bike rack would require any alteration to the standard design cover, considering it's made of flexible material.
  3. We passed an Amazon warehouse yesterday and had to wait at the lights while a swarm of Mercedes Electric vans came out. Following a couple of them we could see their performance was fine. How long until the first EV camper vans are launched onto the market?
  4. Two people of different names from the same address can have two licensed/certified sites, can't they?
  5. TomTom complies with the appropriate NF's and the device has the compliance statement shown in the memory. The locations are listed as Danger Zones.
  6. Ern


    Roof construction - If the roof is a composite panel a solar panel can be easily bonded and doesn't need bolting down through the roof. Location - If your caravan is designed with badly offset lateral loading (like ours with all the heavy equipment on the kitchen side) then its best to fit the panel on the other side. Running cables is a simple job. Payload - the panel reduces your payload. Useage - we store our caravan at home and the panel keeps the battery up to scratch all the time. We rarely us non electric sites, so the panel is of no benefit except for storage.
  7. If people are travellers they can be decent law abiding people - full timers in motor caravans or trailer caravans or boats and barges are amongst us on this forum and we all respect these people because they are decent people. The whole concept of travellers has been distorted so that very unpleasant people are being made exempt from the laws of decent society. What I have never been able to understand is why people claim to be travellers and yet have no wish to travel. I'm not ex police but concur with the sentiments of your post. I think the CPS is actually serving as a filte
  8. Came across this today. Quote from British Gas for Gas+Electric. Lowest price deal is for Electric Vehicle Houshold £77, or for a Non-Electric Vehicle Houshold £87. Obviously this quote is for my particular case where the number of bedrooms, people etc is specific to us. But the principle is: by using a load of additional electricity to charge an EV on a night tariff via smart meter my electricity bill drops by £10 per month. Yes! use a lot more electricity and your bill goes down!
  9. You are booked for June 21, by which time you will have had your Corona Vaccin jab. Withour wishing to "tempt providence" what reason have you given them for wanting to cancel? What is your concern?
  10. Sorry about your family's plight Mr Plodd. Mrs Ern and I hope your family all get through this ok, and especially your Father in Law . Good luck mate.
  11. We had freinds with us one winter in Spain who would only drink fresh milk from Yorkshire. They were adament that no other milk was British. Remarkably they found a shop in Oliva which sold fresh Yorkshire milk and Yorkshire tea.
  12. If the caravan isnt leaking and therefore damp, all you need is adequate ventilation through the fixed vents and clear air flow. If its parked in the sun, lower the blinds half way.
  13. Caravans are not robustly built (understatement of the year) and people who are not caravanners would not easily adjust to the fragility of a caravan as compared to a house. I dont mean that they would deliberately or carelessly do damage, but they would be beginners and the caravan would suffer. I'm not sure how easy it would be to legitimately lend your caravan to others whilst sited - ask the site manager and they may say not allowed. Bedding used by another? Cooking and eating equipment used by another? many caravanners dislike hotels and rented acccomodation for this very reason. I dont
  14. "Officially Retired" is not something you would find on a list of occupations on the application form at the library. "Part Time for several years" is a status I can't imagine as I retired in one simple stage - Bang, Crash, Wallop. You havent mentioned your age which is something which may affect things if the number is big enough! . As an trainee retiree you need to learn a whole new vocabulary like "undulations". (This is something which inexplicably prevents you from getting a job finished). Oh and "pacing myself" is a good one which defines a slight delay in overcoming for example, the pr
  15. OK! OK! I know it only affects animal products but you can get tea there.
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