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  1. Jockey wheel

    Can you give the supplier info please. I fancy one like that to replace our worn solid wheel.
  2. Which Sat Nav Is Best ?

    That could be extremely stressful. I guess you will also have a map on your lap and the viaMichelin route pinned to the sun visor?
  3. Avoiding midges

    We had a great holiday on the west coast in 2016 (April 23 - May 24) the weather was bright and sunny for more than half of the time. It was a bit too cold for midges but lovely for walking and general tourism. We have been there in mid summer and it was teeming with midges - never again.
  4. First Aid Kit

    I agree with your logic. The fact remains that CAMC and AA are giving incorrect advice for certain countries. Using the link you provided shows that France, Spain, Netherlands for example have no such requirement, but Belgium and Germany have. In practice we carry a first aid kit all the time so it doesn't matter where we go, but what about all the newbees?
  5. First Aid Kit

    I haven't heard of that before. A quick look - I cant see where it mentions first aid kits for (for example) France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain.
  6. First Aid Kit

    I am a bit surprised that you all got it wrong according to AA and CAMC! In Austria, Croatia, Czech republic and Hungary it is a legal requirement. All the others not so. As for what it should consist of, and whether you are supposed to be able to use it, no information. My opinion is similar to everyone else as far as what is sensible, however I did ask what is legally required.
  7. The laws seem to be a bit ambiguous over this. Which countries of Europe require by law a first aid kit to be carried in the car? What constitutes a first aid kit? Are we required to know how to use it?
  8. I really fancy doing it on a motorbike. The hairies looked good on those roads but I think the roads would be quite challenging for a decent size caravan outfit. Now if I could just get my other half to learn to bank over a bit. .....
  9. Dealer thanks

    I have felt a bit that way recently too. I think it’s influenced by the weather as I recall the forum went through a similar patch last winter when there weren’t many caravan threads. Hang in there Pheasant. Chill and observe.
  10. I would say that out of the 4 listed, there is nothing much between 3 of them (forget the Freelander) as they are all extremely good cars. Out of the 3 cars it dep. ends entirely on condition/mileage.
  11. New Van Final Rejection Fight

    I more or less agree with this. You are dealing with tough people who don’t fight by Queensbury Rules. Get a proper solicitor who will take them to the cleaners and recover all costs. Either do that or roll over.
  12. Warranty void

    Assuming the mover is installed correctly, the answer is No, it shouldn’t affect the warranty of the caravan.
  13. Warranty void

    In practical terms is shouldn't make any difference. The mover doesn't know what caravan its on. I have a Powertouch which I transferred to the current caravan after installing it on the previous caravan my self. I don't think Powertouch even asked what caravan it was on when I registered it.
  14. Newbie needs help

    Welcome. Has the caravan actually got any mains lights? Some don't. Are the mains power sockets working? Have you found the control box with MCB's and checked them?
  15. New MOT rules coming.

    Coming back to the MOT as it will affect us caravan towing folk, if I understand what Honk said in the OP there could be a problem. We. take our 3 year old vehicle which is as clean as it was the day we bought it, for its first MOT. It fails the MOT because it would have the day we bought it. We are left holding the baby! Have I got that right? If its right, I will have my next new car MOT tested by the dealer before I accept it.