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  1. Ern

    Morrisons accept Safefill!!

    SamD posted the PDF list from Morrisons 5hrs ago.
  2. We use fully serviced pitches sometimes so I carry a 8M roll of 28. 5mm convoluted waste hose. The hose gets a bit smelly as its interior has been cleverly designed to ensure grease and bits stick to it. Having just arrived home from a month in France on fully serviced pitches the waste hose needed a good clean before putting away in the shed. I made a jet to attach to the garden hose pipe. The jet is a 10cm long piece of 12mm copper tube with the end blanked off and some 1. 5mm holes drilled through at various positions. The jet is pushed into the garden hose and fastened in place with a bit of tie wire. The garden hose is inserted into the waste hose and full water pressure applied. The muck coming out is amazing. Great fun in the garden today as Mrs Ern holds the waste hose, directing the exhausted water onto the flower borders, and I shove the garden hose through (and out the other end occasionally, just for fun). We both got soaked, the flowers get watered, and the hose got cleaned. Magic!
  3. Ern

    Time for tag to come

    You obviously mean the ATMB tag. They come very quickly - a few days. The application asks for "Credit Card details" but it is just a term used in France to describe any credit or debit card. Your card is debited on a calendar month basis, and your bank will convert the € to £.
  4. Ern

    Unsafe caravans to be seized

    Tell us about the "accidents with caravans" which have occurred and would have been prevented by an MOT.
  5. Ern

    Unsafe caravans to be seized

    I believe that is a classic misrepresentation of what took place. No one was prosecuted. A person from DVSA apparently advised the police about breakaway cable connection and some caravaners were instructed (wrongly) to adjust their cables. A person from the local tyre retailers association advised the police on tyre age requirements (of which there are none). The statistics quoted by the local press were nonsense. As far as any facts are concerned, none have yet been revealed.
  6. Ern

    Unsafe caravans to be seized

    I have not seen one credible press report yet about safety checks on trailers. That includes the project reportedly carried out in Yorkshire last year, and the silly controls tested on the M5 a few years ago. If the authorities find a dangerous vehicles including trailers on the road then they should prosecute the drivers when appropriate. The laws are clear and as far as I recall, the Police are there for law enforcement.
  7. Ern

    H4 JGT. Running on Luck !

    We tend to saunter along at a comfortable speed on motorways, certainly below the limit (my boss belts me one if I overdo it with the loud pedal). Occasionally we are passed by caravanners who are probably doing about 60mph, or a tad more. Rarely are we passed by a caravanner clearly breaking the speed limit. It’s the same with HGV’s which occasionally glide past and are very unlikely to be exceeding the limit as they are controlled by tacho and limiter.
  8. Ern

    food to take to france ?

    Well, they were that data was gathered. How old is the data? Those caravanners looking for a cheap holiday need to visit Albania.
  9. Ern

    World Cup celebrations

    We are in aFrance on a site in a very rural area. Last night the car horns were going until midnight. Where they all came from well never know. We have to be happy for them don’t we. They are ecstatic!
  10. The caravan nose weight becomes part of the car and is therefore still part of the Train weight. You cannot exceed the Train weight. The axle weight of the caravan is part of the caravan mass, but the nose weight is too. The MTPLM of the caravan is its total mass and It is quite usual to say that a car can tow a caravan of a certain MTPLM. I appreciate that under some circumstances a car can tow up to the axle weight of the caravan.
  11. You have said the Maximum Train is 4340. Lutze thinks the Gross for the car is 2395. The plated towing limit would therefore be 4340-2395=1945kg. The caravan MTPLM must not exceed this.
  12. Your car has a plated towing capacity so you should check this ( Door B post Maximum Train Weight, Max Axle1, Max Axle 2, Maximum Gross Weight. Train - Gross = Maximum Trailer Mass) It also has a manufacturers towing limit which may be same as plated. I would say the car is ok for that trailer weight but you should check the facts.
  13. Ern

    Alko spare wheel carrier.

    I was thinking of dumping the frame and putting the spare in the front gas locker. We have a 2berth so no locker space under beds. I calculated that I just needed to move the motor mover from in front to behind the axle to re balance the caravan. However, I couldn’t do the job before coming away to France this trip so had a go at improving the Alko contraption as I’ve done on all previous caravans since spot was a pup. The spare wheel carrier has been improved a bit by Alko. On our 2016 Challenger the spare now pulls out far enough to get it off the frame. They have also introduced long nylon neck bushes to the outer tubes which improves the telescopic action. I’ve had mine off and introduced my modification to the fixed ends (remove the wider diameter from the plastic bungs and fit 2 x 3mm R clips in place of the outer split pins) which enables the whole frame to be dropped in if necessary in difficult conditions. The issue with indentations on the tyre side wall still exists but I fitted some bits of soft plastic hose over the tubes to improve things. The frame is still a “so and so” to slide back in, but I would just drop the frame off complete because that is so easy to do. Having said all that, I agree with others that the design is dreadful!
  14. Ern

    food to take to france ?

    I think there are still health issues with certain meat and poultry products imported to France. When we had the avian flu in Norfolk restrictions were put in place and I think they are still there. It’s not just poultry though. I think it was a bother French fudge of the rules and most people ignored it anyway. We asked The Caravan Club at the time thinking they would know the facts, but hey knew nothing (they still don’t know anything - about anything!) We asked DEFRA and they knew all about it but couldn’t advice us what foods were affected. Anyway, we just carried on as normal on our next trip. I wouldn’t worry about it and just take whatever you like.
  15. Ern

    Awning or not

    Interesting opinion. I assume you haven’t got one?