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  1. Ern

    New no deal Brexit info .

    Just another inaccurate newspaper article.
  2. Ern

    Buyers regret?

    You cannot get better than that so be careful not to incur interest on unpaid repayments.
  3. Ern

    Buyers regret?

    If you sell it you will lose a lot, so try not to do that. It sounds as though your biggest regret is borrowing the money rather than the caravan its self. Presumably you have £6K balance minus the 3 months payments you will have paid on the Credit Card by now. You didn't say how long the 0% interest lasts, but the repayment of that on time is essential as you will start getting the full charge on any repayment amounts overdue. Your best plan in my opinion is to cut right back on your leisure costs - cancel your France holiday, stop using expensive caravan sites and stop doing long distances. Use 5 caravan sites belonging to one or both of the clubs try not go too far from home. you may discover it is just as enjoyable for a fraction of the alternative costs. Caravanning at relatively low cost is still a very enjoyable thing to do, and your kids may surprise you by enjoying it even more.
  4. Ern

    Possible new visa cost ??

    The Guardian haven't stopped for nearly 2 years now. people criticize The Daily Mail but the Guardian is even worse.
  5. Ern

    Underside factory black paint query

    How about Sadolin. Its a black satin finish water based paint which can breath but is water repellent.
  6. Ern

    No EHU or 240v

    If you have a multimeter you can easily check it. I suppose you could connect the hook up cable to a 13A extension socket or similar and plug something (which you know works) in. The 12v system on the caravan will only power the 12V equipment, so that means some of the lights, the water pump and the control systems for gas heaters. Nothing else. With the mains electric connected you will have a battery charger working and probably a couple of mains lights. Also 13A plug sockets.
  7. Ern

    No EHU or 240v

    Have you got power at the caravan end of the mains hook up? You mentioned a plug adaptor - are you sure its working?
  8. According to Thetford its calcium. Its pretty easy to dissolve with Thetford Toilet Tank cleaner, and as the bottle does at least 3 cleans its not too expensive either.
  9. Ern

    To buy or not to buy?

    We have stopped buying currency in advance preferring to get the best possible exchange rate using a Nationwide debit card for withdrawing Euros and Nationwide Credit card for Purchases. We take a few Euros in cash but usually left over from previous trips.
  10. Ern

    Half term

    No rain in our house.
  11. Ern

    mover non functioning

    Your battery is pooped. Replace it.
  12. I have just received an e mail from Brittany Ferries advising they have reduced their deposit to 10% until the end of March. We booked a while back through The Caravan Club so cannot benefit from this offer but others may not yet have booked. I suppose Britany Ferries bookings are down at this point, and that they think it may be because of their increased deposit.
  13. Ern

    Biggest loss in Indian history!

    1. As I remember it, the switch to diesels was driven mainly by the economy of extra mileage whilst fuel prices were rising at a previously unheard of rate. At the same time turbo's were commonly available on diesel cars and diesel car acceleration improved more on par with petrol cars. Surely this is what convinced drivers to switch. 2. This only affects company car drivers. Aren't the majority privately owned? 3. This only affects new car buyers. I think sales of used cars exceeds new cars doesn't it
  14. Ern

    Biggest loss in Indian history!

    What have they done then? What has any government done to drive diesels off the road? Have I been sleeping and missed a major government announcement?
  15. Ern

    Awning Flooring

    You haven't said what type of pitch surface you have. If its grass/dirt the ground under the foam and sheet will become damp mud, with no living vegetation. A waterproof sheet will prevent the mud coming up but it will remain wet underneath. It will smell when the sheet is lifted. If its a stone pitch surface the foam will improve comfort and the plastic cover will keep the carpet clean. Food debris etc will fall through the carpet and rest on the sheet beneath, so lifting and sweeping will be necessary occasionally.