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  1. Would it be legal ?

    Edition 17 Electrical regulations are not a statutory requirement however much of its content is quoted in various legislation. The caravan industry are legally oblidged to comply with these regulations. A private individual can modify their own property for private use such that it is at odds with the regulations if they wish, but the risk and consequences are their liability. I would like to see evidence of any modern (<20year old) caravan with a factory fitted lectrical device or even cabling in a gas locker.
  2. am i a bit ambitious

    If you travel on an overnight ferry Hull-Zebrugge arriving at about 08. 30 you will have a clear day to go as far south as you feel comfortable with on the first day. You will not average any more than 50mph so 5 hour driving time would be 250 miles. You can go a long way in France as it’s a big country. As you’ve got 3 weeks there’s no hurry so I would not do any more mileage than that and I would stay more than 1 night in each place so that there is always ample time to look around and relax. Why not consider taking a week to travel south, a week on a decent site in the South perhaps Provence, then a week to travel back? If you are a member of the Camping and Caravan Club or the Caravan and Motorhome Club, they do some good guides and provide tourism information, insurance, ferry booking and site booking. The UK clubs will also advise you on legal requirements. ACSI is a guide to European sites including those offering low season discounts, and when you buy the book it includes the discount card. Take account of French site opening/closing dates as many only open for a fairly short season. For September, site booking is not really necessary. We always book our ferry several months in advance to ensure we get what we want regarding on board accommodation etc.
  3. Does anyone live in glasgow

    Its tripping the house but not the caravan. As it isn’t tripping the caravan it could be your house circuit breaker is very sensitive, or even faulty. Have you tried the caravan heater on a different supply? Failing that you need a professional electrickerer to sort it for you.
  4. Would it be legal ?

    No. It’s not legal. It’s dangerous.
  5. Caravans for grey wanderers!

    We downsized a bit when we stopped doing long winters in Spain. We needed to replace the caravan anyway because ours was past it’s best and we wanted to tour more. We have really enjoyed this caravan, using the 2 single beds which are really comfortable. We use sleeping bags so there is no bed making ( just flip the cushions over). It’s about 1M shorter than the previous caravan and fits on any pitch easily. As we use a canopy instead of an awning, the time and effort of pitching is minimal.
  6. Caravans for grey wanderers!

    I can imagine a caravan with a fixed double bed at the rear, a front lounge area with 2 Stressless reclining armchairs and a couple of small visitor seats, a central kitchen and central shower/toilet. Having never seen one, were happy for the moment with our Swift Challenger 480 Alde.
  7. It’s easy enough to build a stock up and take them with you. I have taken enough of my 5 drugs for 3 months or so for years. These days I have a 12 month prescription and my pharmacist gives me whatever I ask for.
  8. Site lighting

    The electric hook up points have electricity which powers the lights on the top. Who would pay for electricity consumption and installation to the the additional locations you propose? Personally I don’t want any light pollution when I am camping, and don’t want the site cost to increase either.
  9. Does anyone live in glasgow

    Your heater is probably a Truma 1800. Its basically a gas heater with an electric element fixed behind the heat exchanger. You probably have a little rotary switch which enables 500/1000/2000W selection and an inner rotary selector for a thermostat showing numbers up to 9. Have you tried using the electric heater on all the settings and using the thermostat?
  10. Does anyone live in glasgow

    Your caravan is a Sterling as we can see, but if you tell us the year and model we will know what heater you have. I suspect it will be a simple matter, and probably no fault of the caravan. Start by telling us the year and model name.
  11. Airstream Nest

    The curves give strength to the GRP and help it out of the mold. Flat areas (what we want for maximum space utilisation) are most difficult for molded panels. We the user, have to get rid of any stuff in square boxes and put it all into soft bags.
  12. Airstream Nest

    It looks good to me. Its a bit sparse and slightly small compared to UK 2b stuff, but I think the body style and GRP construction looks great.
  13. noise from neighbours

    My NHS hearing aids don't do that. Here in Wales we still have the wind up ones with a trumpet. Still, they are bilingual!
  14. Scotland

    Arisaig is the main place which really attracted us to Scotland in 2016. We think that area of Scotland is so interesting. The Jacobean Steam train trip from Fort William to Mallaig is just a tourism rip off though. The views are great but you'll be lucky to see them because the trains are always full and you cannot see out of the windows properly. If you do use it, don't order afternoon tea - it will be chucked on the table in a paper bag on your outward trip in the morning. together with the offer of a paper cup of tea too. However, the coastline along there is just stunningly beautiful. The Scallops on black pudding at Malaig are a real treat.
  15. Why not go the whole hog and have speed limiting every where. All speed limits could be enforced with a signal transmitted by the road authority. How quaint to think of cars, lorries, vans and even buses travelling through our village at no more than the speed limit. Motorways would have all vehicles travelling at the same speed.