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  1. I don't think any gas ovens are fan assisted. I tested the Thetford oven in our current and last caravan with a reliable thermometer. The current one is a bit slower warming up than the last one (around 20 minutes) , but both have maintained the 'set' temperature extremely well. Two snags are 1, the knobs are very crudely marked so the setting is tricky unless you have tried it with a thermometer. 2, gas ovens have a greater temperature variation in the cavity than electric and especially fan ovens. I would do as others have said and use a oven thermometer which you have already verified in a domestic oven, to determine the precise temperature in the gas oven cavity. When its on, move the thermometer around the shelf to understand the variation. I have probably made it sound complicated but its not. its a really simple job to do. I would certainly do this testing so that you establish if its working 'properly' and learn how best to use it. I certainly would not change a nearly new oven in a caravan as it will be cost prohibitive and solve nothing.
  2. Yes I agree about the lease/charter. I don't know about rust but the ship limped back and forth on minimum engines for about 3 years as I remember it prior to the charter end. P&O chose to end the service though because there was no economic way to go on. We expected Brittany to take advantage of the situation and come in with higher prices, but in fairness to them, they didn't. The following year or two saw modest increases in line with general cost inflation. Going back to the OP question, I don't think Brittany will raise prices on taking over Condor on the Chanel island routes.
  3. I think its pretty unlikely that a 10 month old Swift would leak like that (all the back and sides"), and it does sound more likely to be condensation. Probably caused by insufficient ventilation. Examining the caravan will not easily/quickly determine what is wrong, and I can understand the dealer being cautious.
  4. (Prices) didn't go up when P&O stopped the winter sailings to Spain and left Brittany ferries to it, even though P&O had complained that they couldn't make it pay with their Pride of Bilbao.
  5. Ern

    Storage on drive.

    We used to invite the neighbour to do this occasionally believing it would confuse or mislead anyone snooping. We got home one year in the stinking rain to find a car on the drive entrance which wasn't the neighbours. It was his mate's who had left it there "for a day or so" but forgot about it. I couldn't get the car and caravan in and I was hopping mad!
  6. A local business van nicely sign written would be a worthy asset.
  7. Absolutely great idea and in my opinion its got exactly what the market needs - in theory. if its a well made vehicle and lives up to its advertised claims, I can see this being very popular as a delivery van. I sincerely hope its a winner. Photographed outside Broadway Delli too - we were in there yesterday. Should sell like hotcakes in Bristol and Bath.
  8. Ern


    Well said. Modern caravans are designed with a permanent air circulation system. Do not block off any vents as these can prevent proper air flow. Daily temperature changes and especially direct sun will create condensation which will disappear if you leave it alone. Leaving cupboard doors slightly open is sometimes helpful, but even cupboards are usually vented as long as they are not bunged full.
  9. These Polish caravans are not designed with the same ventilation system as British caravans. You cant start messing with a ventilation system for which you have no knowledge, and if you do you risk additional condensation, and breathing your own fumes. With a dog and two people in the caravan, Gordon Bennet! If you feel the air flow (by the way airflow is not your enemy - it is your friend) is excessive you can easily reduce it by using tin foil or even cling film as a temporary measure, but don't block it off permanently (the reason why the makers removed the adjustable vent cover was obviously to stop you doing that). Gas drop holes will be located in the floor beneath gas equipment and gas connections, and these are nothing to do with ventilation.
  10. Obviously the place is inhabited mainly by retired people, however retiring is no longer available for wrincklies and crumblies. If you have the means and fancy it, give it a try. Don't be surprised if some of them are fitter than you. We wouldn't want to be there when the youngsters are there.
  11. Executive car sales are likely to hold up as these are largely corporate sales/lease. Private car sales figures are probably affected to the same extent as motor caravans, but statistics?
  12. If you have water in the hot tank it is heated automatically when the heating is switched on, but can also be heated when the heating is switched off. So this means you can travel with no water in the system and still use the heater.
  13. Ern

    Winter caravaning

    Agree with this. We've done lots of winter trips and love it when there is frost and snow. Get the Aquaroll off the ground and completely snuggle it up with no gaps. Keep the hose off the ground too. Fill the kettle before bedtime so a hot cuppa first thing is ensured.
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