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  1. Travelling to France

    Taking the ferry from the NE is alright if you want to disembark in the NE corner of France r even further East, to head south through Belgium etc. It just depends where you are going. We have found the crossings to Caen or Le Havre very good as you haven't so much mileage to do in France.
  2. Travelling to France

    As you are planning to go August the weather will probably be fine (nothing is certain these days), and I would head for the Loire Valley where there are plenty of good sites. France is a very large country and I would avoid trying to go too far south for this first trip - in August you don’t need to. It’s a very popular area and that is because it’s a good area, so you will need to book early if you want a really good site with all the bells and whistles. Clearly, you are under a bit of pressure to give the family a great holiday and especially Mrs mprcomp, so chose a really top notch site with good facilities no matter what the weather ( you will bleed money to do this but it’s the big one so go for it). Avoid Friday/ Saturday check in as it will be manic. Giving this advice reminds me of our first trip to France with our three kids 46 years ago! We all still talk about it now.
  3. Talk about pushy

    You said you hadn't received good service from the dealer, and you clearly didn't have a very smooth conversation about a new caravan. END OF!
  4. Renewing C&Cc membership ?

    The assumption is that as a member you agreed to pay the annual fee. Of coarse if you leave the club then you stop paying, but letting your membership lapse for 3 months and then expecting to carry on again is hardly fair.
  5. Knackered tyres

    Agree with this. Tyre companies sometimes transfer tools to a sub contracting factory where the process controls are theoretically identical but in reality not the same. The place of manufacture should be shown on the moulding - this is a requirement of the 3 global tyre trade organisations ETRTO(Europe), ATR(America),I forget the Japanese one. American,Japanese, and European tyre companies all do it.
  6. Tyron bands

    The grooves you refer to as “safety beads”weren’t introduced for that purpose. Tyre fitters easily remove tyres from rims with a safety groove, provided they aren’t fitted with Tyron Bands, but cannot remove them with Tyron bands.
  7. Tyron bands

    One again I think that some people have misunderstood what the Tyron band can and cannot do. When a tyre deflates the beads very quickly get forced to the centre of the well and the deflated tyre forms an acentric loop which will flay round and do its best to rip the side panel off your caravan (wing off motor vehicle), and then fly off the wheel. So the first issue is considerable damage is likely to the caravan, followed by the second issue which is the naked rim on the tarmac - not good for the rim. Next, the stability of the caravan or motor vehicle is further worsened because of the naked wheel rim. These processes happen very quickly of coarse. In the few seconds that the deflated tyre becomes noticeable to the driver, the vehicle can be decelerated with more control than it would with a naked rim. A reduction of consequential damage to the vehicle is a benefit. If a tyre disintegrates on the wheel like the photo was showing on here, then i don't think a Tyron band wouldn't help.
  8. Tyron bands

    You have misunderstood the principle of the design. All Steel and Alloy wheels are made so that the tyre can be removed when deflated simply by pushing the tyre bead into the centre of the rim. This is how a tyre fitter is able to remove and replace a tyre. The Tyron band prevents this so that a deflated tyre will not under almost any circumstances come off the rim.
  9. Tyron bands

    Tyron bands have been sold for decades, not just in the UK and not just to private owners of caravans. They are still on the market and some insurance companies still offer discounts for having them fitted, even though TPMS is now a legal requirement on many vehicles. I don’t buy the bribary and corruption theory. I’ve had them on every caravan I’ve owned, have them on now, will keep them on. I’ve had 2 incidents which have shown me that they work. TPMS is a good thing which I also believe is worth the investment, so having both is even better.
  10. Courier for an Awning?

    The carriage cost is very low but the insurance is expensive. If you take the risk yourself then it doesn't cost much.
  11. Renewing C&Cc membership ?

    If you leave and then join again, there is a joining fee £10.
  12. insurance against break downs for towing.

    So, the man in the village near you knows better than the written terms and conditions of all the major breakdown/recovery companies have printed in their terms? As I said earlier, it is necessary for each person to read the terms of printed by their breakdown/recovery insurance.
  13. Swift Corniche

    According to Caravan Talk Specifications the awning size is 891cm. It appears to be based on the Swift Charisma 230 which has the same body and awning dimensions. You can download a Technical Manual from Swift Group web site archive.
  14. insurance against break downs for towing.

    There are a multitude of different policies all with different features and exclusions. You need to read the policy document, and ask the company for advice if something is not clear. You will get plenty of people on here telling you what their policy covers, but you cannot assume that will apply to your particular case. Even from a particular supplier, the cover and exclusions may not be the same for every policy sold. There is no short answer to this - check your policy.
  15. if you have looked at the Safeguard policy schedule details, and have the same cover as the C&MC schedule, then good for you.