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  1. Ern

    towing weight please

    Good post. This seems to apply to small and mid range cars too, when the weights become more critical.
  2. Ern

    Touring Europe post Brexit.?

    You appear to me to have hi-jacked this thread which I thought was interesting. Why not post on the your thread about the migrant thing?
  3. Our 13 pin plug was difficult to insert into the socket, especially as I can't actually see the socket properly because its under the bumper. When the 13 pin plug failed because of water ingress, I fitted a new one. Suddenly the plug goes into the socket easily even with my dodgy back. I hadn't realised that slowly the original plug had been getting tighter and more difficult to insert and hard to twist.
  4. Ern

    Touring Europe post Brexit.?

    The last 3 posts appear to have migrated from the "Unregistered MPV's" thread. This thread is about "Touring Europe Post Brexit". Or have I got it mixed up?
  5. Ern

    Last Caravan

    People are as old as they feel. Their physical and mental status is what it is. Some of us are younger than others and grateful to be so. I suspect some people are actually going to be active longer than they anticipate.
  6. Ern

    Mounting a bike rack

    The Super Sprite Major is a Swift group caravan and Swift caravans have had the strengthening blocks in the rear panels for quite a few years (long before they started fitting Thule brackets as standard). Swift Group dealers have access to the drawings which show the block locations. The way to find out is to ask your local Swift dealer.
  7. Ern

    Touring Europe post Brexit.?

    Before EU we only needed one thing - a green card. You walked into the local AA shop and bought one for a couple of quid along with your self adhesive GB sticker, and that was it!
  8. Ern

    Hobby caravans

    I don't think a large Hobby is any more likely to be stolen than any other large caravan. The people who steal them are not bothered are they? Regardless of that, Hobby make nice caravans and motor caravans, if you like the layouts. Our families Y reg Hobby 750 camper is built like a Brick Karzy. I would get a quote for insurance before buying because if the insurers are happy then why worry. We have a 3 year old Swift caravan but now wish we'd bought a Hobby.
  9. It sounds as though you have a difficult GP. I believe the rule you've been quoted to be correct. As you've left it until so late my normal way of dealing with it will not help you. However, although this suggestion may have certain risks it may be better than nothing - I have done it so I know it can work. Get a friend to put in for your repeat prescription and pick it up from the pharmacy, then post it to you. (I used to use Royal Mail Divert system when away for winter and my pal used to post them to my home address, so Royal Mail sent them forward in a royal mail plastic envelope). If you take the tablet packs out of the boxes they occupy less space in perhaps a jiffy bag. Good luck.
  10. Ern

    adaptor ?

    The flat hose shouldn't have any inserts. Make sure the hose is good and warm when the coupler is fitted and done up really tight.
  11. Ern

    adaptor ?

    No. You could cut the hose and fit a hose connector so that the hose would fit your float Aquaroll float valve though.
  12. Ern

    3. Pin plug under fixed bed

    The problem is with a forum, the op often gives so little information that the forum is left guessing. If the op was able to answer a few simple questions the question could easily be answered. 1. Does it look professionally installed with the right spec' flex cable? Is it a switched household type (because that's a dead giveaway). Is it a matching one to the others in the caravan? 2. Is it live? - A plug in polarity tester or anything with a fused plug on it might give a clue. I would use a multimeter to determine whether it is actually a 230vAC and correct polarity. Also check the earth. 3. Where is it connected to the standard circuit? At the nearest socket? Trace the cable run. 4. Do you want to use it for something or just curious about it?
  13. Ern

    Caravan holiday in Europe

    I've just been looking at the CAMC web site. Even with my discount (10% off journey cost), The prices from BF direct are a lot more. We will probably use the CAMC this coming year, so thanks for the tip.
  14. Ern

    Caravan holiday in Europe

    That's a cracker of a price! Did you see it advertised or was it a specific quote you requested? I ask because we may use that next year ourselves.
  15. Ern

    Caravan holiday in Europe

    If you look on the web sites of the The Caravan and Motorhome Club, and The Camping and Caravanning Club you will see that they have some advice for continental travel beginners and have a selection of sites which they bill book for you. The also do packages which simplifies everything for those who haven't done it before. You don't necessarily have to take up their offers but the information will be useful to you. Ferries Plymouth - Roscoff are probably a bit more than you mentioned if you go on Brittany Ferries web site and get a quote you will see a budget of £550 will be closer to the mark. You will need some travel insurance and the 2 clubs I mentioned are good for that. Have a look at ACSI web site as they list loads of sites which offer tasty prices in the slightly out of season. This forum is a good place for learning the ropes. After caravanning for 30 years in the UK you will find the differences over there are not really much to bother you.