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  1. Bought the silky and some diamond barite spray from go outdoors and the silky was brilliant. The diamond brite spray cleaner was pretty rubbish, but nice clean van under its blanket now so thanks everyone
  2. What about coif cream cleaner? Use it on UPC .
  3. That's brilliant advice from everyone so thanks very much.
  4. Can anybody recommend the best site/s to advertise our bailey ranger for sale. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. I am about to do the same, I just want to put it on axle stands for the winter but I cant attach it to the vehicle as it is inward facing on the drive, doesnt the handbrake help and also the motor mover engaged as the other gent suggested?
  6. Thanks for replying both, Tigger I take it you have the steel frame, not the alloy or fibreglass then?
  7. Hi, just taken my Kampa carnival awning back as it was faulty, ( a zipper fell off and the fabric was coming away from the zipper stitcheing and Broad lane Caravans offered me a Cabanon Apache Kensington they had in stock as a replacement. Having got it home I notice a couple of things that I would appreciate views on. The Kampa had easy fit brackets that rested againts the caravan on the roof bars and the Apache has the sink plunger sucker things. The Kampa was an aluminium frame with the quick lock adjusters and the Apache has a steel frame with screw down locking nuts. As a newbie I would appreciate the wisdom of more experienced vanners. I did notice that the alloy poles did bend to frightening angles on a windy night when we used it last week and the fabric of the Apache feels better quality. Are the suckers the traditional method and are they better?
  8. I will answer that blond question myself, just noticed the track on the other side. DOH
  9. Hi, saw your post and its horrible when no-one replies, I have just looked at questleisure. com and it lokks very funky, versatile, and probably expensive. It looks like a modern porch type attachment style with loads of add ons and extras, states it can be used as a tent, canpy etc. Suggest you contact them for prices,couldnt get the find retailers bit to work. Looking further, it looks like a lot of poles and straps, I would need to see it in the flesh, good luck.
  10. What causes the streaks on the other side of the van then?
  11. Motor mover arrived today, the wife struggled to lift it in the house. I have told her to wait a few days before she gets under the van to fit it and I will dig the bullworker from the loft and she can build up to it. Thanks for all the tips and advice everyone. Good deal from Catterick caravans and prompt and free delivery!
  12. Hi, any Old shape Ford galaxy/Sharan/Alhambra owners out there can help me with towbar choice. I have a 54plate galaxy with reversing sensors and dont know if the fixed will interfere with sensors. Someone said on another thread that their 03 didnt but any other advice appreciated. Big price gap with the fixed/detachable Thanks
  13. I have just bought a galaxy 1. 9TDi Ghia 2004 130 bhp today and the maximum towing limit on the V5 is 2000kg, my van is a bailey GT60ranger 460/4 with a mtplm of 1254kg. Part exed my xsara picasso 57 plate as it was too light but this should be more than enough. I would imagine the Sharan will be similar.
  14. Thanks everyone, I am going to DIY, just need to decide which one, I have been in touch with powertouch and they recommend the compact single axle which is on the web at £599 at everthing for leisure catterick caravans and has a five year warranty. The other is the e-go mover at the same price, only two year warranty but its 8kilos lighter! I can get away without drilling if I bring it through floor vent near the charger/fuse box, just hope they put plenty of cable in the kit. Once the 40days and nights weather breaks Thanks again folks!
  15. How did you get it fitted for sixty quid. Most prices I see show about one hundred and twenty?
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