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  1. have used a 4 mtr one on my cadiz for a few years stands up to a good soaking and reasonable breeze as well added extra guy ropes to hold down but if really windy taken down in seconds
  2. New mattresses finally arrived after 5 weeks, and yes they are new not recovered much firmer and the new pattern. Third lot of mattresses in a year.
  3. has any one had a repeat off damp matteress on s2 unicorns had mine recovered in april now damp again
  4. ours went black on our cadiz dealer contacted new one sorted to change then it came back in to life on its own as the weather got warmer
  5. my sat was the same loses signal at the booster changed the two sockets one in bat box one near the bed and ran a cable direct dish works perfectly so can now either use dish or van aerial
  6. has any one had any trouble with the wet locker door leaking s2 cadiz
  7. can any one tell me what size the mattresses in a cadiz s2 are just had mine recovered and the n/s one seems to be 50mm to short
  8. photo taken and dealer spoken to
  9. any one had a black screen on there control panel
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