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  1. The Wheel Nut torque is usually included on the plate by the door.
  2. Quite easy if you go to Swift Group web page here it is https://www.swiftgroup.co.uk/coronavirus?utm_source=coronavirus_bar&utm_medium=coronavirus_bar&utm_campaign=coronavirus_bar
  3. Th white paint used on all Swift models is FIAT 249
  4. Swift reopened on June 1 according to the Swift Group web page.
  5. Do Lowdham manufacture motorhomes? I thought they were Caravan and Motorhome dealers.
  6. Can you post a photo of the tap. Taps are often used by more than one manufacturer. Quoting a van model and year limits the potential for help to that group of owners or ex-owners.
  7. This website lists all of the UK Recovery providers and reviews of the top 10 https://www.knowyourmoney.co.uk/breakdown-cover/?adgroup=1287528246507129&msclkid=5702f8c0b4681f97dad3a64d380f52fb&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Breakdown Cover - Exact - 2&utm_term=uk breakdown service&utm_content=Breakdown Service - Longtail
  8. The Caravanshop have all sizes of these nets available https://www.thecaravanshop.co.uk/rooflights-vent-kits/mpk-fly-nets/cat_337.html I don't think that glassfibre matting is a suitable material to use in this application. Replacement material only £2.95 from https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WHITE-Window-Insect-Screen-LARGE-Mosquito-Wasp-Fly-Bug-Door-Mesh-Net-Self-Grip/312221693056?hash=item48b1dcf480:g:EdIAAOSwXG9bJ39n
  9. Make sure you get a badge for a STERLING caravan. The Stirling badge is quite different !
  10. Try. Sit on offside settee facing the back of van, your back to the Front windows. Look up and below the front shelf there should be two rocker switches. On my van these operate the ambient lighting.
  11. Dougie at Gem caravan care 18 miles (25 Minutes) from Falkirk is approved by Bailey for Warranty repairs/ www.gemcaravancare.co.uk/index.html
  12. These any good only £13.29 each for 2 + £3.50 post but no mention of warranty . CARAVAN BED SUPPORT GAS STRUT 350N 607mm (SUITS BAILEY) eBay item number: 333322199623
  13. Swift have a link on their own Forum Swift-Talk to paint codes and the white remains the same from day one production of Swifts. Fiat 249 Although for the BEST match it is recommended that you take say a locker door to a local body repair shop who can mix you paint to exactly match your van and compensate for fade or weathering
  14. I got that information through looking at the OP's Profile as I presume you did, much better though to include this info in the post or signature is it not? "Much better to use the problem as the topic, also more info on model of van other than 318. What 318? " Was advising OP to provide more info in his post. Why only quote the also etc in your response?
  15. your hob is plugged in to a standard 240v domestic type outlet with a 3 pin plug and 13 amp fuse. This is normally .located in the cupboard below the oven. Bit drastic to change the hob unit aand anyway are there not three gas rings as well? Not normal to quote your name as post topic. Much better to use the problem as the topic, also more info on model of van other than 318. What 318? Oh, and welcome to the forum. Lots of info on here and lots of knowledge for every problem ever known on leisure vehicles. See from your profile that you have a Abbey Aventura 318 much better to quote this in your thread.
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