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  1. No, and i can't even get the dealer to respond to me full stop!
  2. Selling for a 'friend' or 'family member' is the usual MO for dodgy driveway dealers trying to circumvent your consumer rights.
  3. Picking the best caravan to suit you (first time) is a dark art. It took me 3 caravans before i settled on the perfect layout for us - cost me many $$$$ ! Best thing you can do, is to visit some dealers and have a good look around at various layouts until you find the one that works best for you. Small considerations can make a big difference - like will you be using the bathroom for showering / toilet? If you plan to use the toilet block (as many do), then there's little point in choosing a layout where the bathroom takes up a large part of the caravan.
  4. It's all subjective Benny, one person will tell you its terrible and the next person will sing its praises. As long as your weights are okay, I'd say go for it. The car is type approved to tow and it has the power to do it.
  5. Guess i'll be the one that asks what year you passed your driving test !
  6. Where are you getting the towing weight from? My wife drives a Mokka and that has a 1500kg towing limit
  7. Much like where i posted a reply to this on another forum With the motor mover I bought on Ebay, which was being sold as the owner was selling his caravan. I got a really quite new mover for £200 The following week, 2 more movers up for sale by the same person, 2 more the week later. Somehow, I doubt he owned that many caravans. Presumably they were selling movers taken off from stolen vans. Who knows, could have been honest (ish) like a caravan dealer selling them separately for more profit. Somehow, i doubt it.
  8. Generate an awful lot of moisture as I remember. If you're on a EHU, wouldn't a nice electric oil heater fit the bill. No risk if it gets knocked over, and won't set fire to anything that gets too close.
  9. I've been flagged down for one of these checks, but as I drove into their checking area I was waved straight through. Seemed MUCH more interested in vehicles towing large German caravans than anything domestic, plenty of those getting a thorough going over from what I saw.
  10. 114000 miles on my 2014 Smax Powershift Still works perfectly, but.... It's had gearbox oil changes every 30K miles (do it myself, costs around £100 for the fluid and filter) I never ever let it sit in D when sat at lights etc (as i would in my wifes car with a TC gearbox). Gets popped into Neutral to save it sat there cooking the clutch pack. A friend of mine has a 2010 Galaxy with >100K miles in it now. 2nd gear in his car mis-selects occasionally, which is hardly surprising as it still has the same oil it left the factory with.
  11. I've found it very difficult to speak to the warrant dept of my dealer. Spoke to them today (after waiting 2 weeks with no reply), they claim that Lunar are reopening on the 1st Nov and to wait for them get a response after then. I also requested they confirm this by replying to my email - nothing so far. I think we all know that Lunar are unlikely to reopen in any useful capacity They're trying to claim that the windows can only be supplied by Lunar - pretty sure they are a standard Dometic unit. May just throw it at the finance company and see
  12. A frame light on mine is controlled by one of the switches in the kitchen area. It's a dual switch and the left one turns on both that front locker spotlight and offside service light. Round on/off switch on control panel turns on the grab handle lights on mine
  13. Email fired off to dealer expressing my dissatisfaction, if it's anything like the rest of my emails i doubt i'll get a reply without chasing them on the phone over and over and over......
  14. If you do take a meter, just be careful how you use it. If its the 'two prong' variety, the seller isn't going to be too impressed with lots of little holes dotted around his unit! Although, the seller of one particular Fleetwood in Bury was very unhappy when i found his unit riddled with damp. Considering it was him who wasted my time and a 100 mile round trip thanks to his less than honest description, i thought it was him who was taking the proverbial. Got quite heated.
  15. Fortunately both, paid a deposit on a CC and the rest is financed. I'll start with the dealer, i've already struggled to speak to their warranty team directly so will try them first before i go off to the finance company! I suspect they'll make it as difficult as possible
  16. I've got an ongoing warranty claim, that the supplying dealer is waiting for a reply from Lunar for authorisation. Can't see if happening now, wonder what my next steps should be to force the dealers to resolve it instead
  17. +1 I needed to fit a new motor when my acting in a similar manner
  18. Ebay and Facebook Marketplace are a good place to find 2nd hand ones I was patient and got a nearly new Powrtouch for £200
  19. And nobody here would ever dispute your right to do so. But, you have to accept that not everybody shares in your like of them
  20. Dunno about the rest of you, but seeing the hassle we get from other road users (dangerous overtaking my main gripe), imagine how they'll behave around a unit with L plates on the back as well! That's assuming that angry drivers head doesn't explode from rage.
  21. Is it me, or does that NOT look like caravan wall board Rather some cheap wallpaper from B&M to hide the nasties underneath. Check out how many cheap caravans you see with newish looking wallpaper in areas that doesn't match the rest of the van.
  22. That's what i assumed, it's people marking out their territory. Bit like people who erect 200 feet of windbreak around their pitch
  23. Pretty sure its accurate..however I'd be checking to see whether your insurance covered the risk first!
  24. I took a torque wrench when i collected my caravan from the dealer. They probably thought i was a bit OTT, but mistakes happen and i didn't want to find out the hard way.
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