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  1. You're right, i didn't read the listing correctly! Worse still, that 10A is at 120V - only 6A at 240V
  2. It's more about whether i trust having 240v sat full time, on a cheapo meter with dubious certification!
  3. Nice little lockdown project i think. Would sit nicely in the control panel casing above the habitation door. Like Mr Plodd though, not looking forward to routing the wire for the sensing coil to the other side of the caravan. Edit... Think I'd choose to pop an inline power switch to the device though, like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/WINOMO-Rocker-Switch-2-Pin-Latching/dp/B071X935QN Just in case i want to turn it off, without having to pull things apart
  4. Have a look through here ! https://www.caravanbreakers.net/product-category/parts-sales/caravan-motorhome-parts/used-parts/gas-locker-lids/ Probably easier to give them a call though !
  5. Going by the sheer lack of caravans to buy last year, wouldn't be a bad strategy for a small time dealer struggling to get stock to sell.
  6. Another point of interest is Insurance I was speaking to my insurer broker about renewal earlier. The lady warned me that some insurance companies will no longer cover Lunar products due to the lack of replacement parts! Apparently not an issue with the company that covers me, but definitely something worth considering !
  7. A few years ago now, a large Hobby turned up at the Haven site in Cleethorpes where we were staying. Perfectly nice family, but their arrival triggered a mild panic by some of the other guests who went around locking everything up and hiding bicycles etc in awnings etc. I was relatively new to the game at the time and couldn't figure out what was going off, until someone came over to 'enlighten' me. Shame really, as they are well priced and good quality. Personally, I'd avoid getting one on the basis that they are always going to be a target for
  8. Wonder if my dealer with finally concede that Lunar are 'done' and actually deal with my warranty issues themselves!
  9. At least it will cost you half as much in tyres, and the servicing is cheaper too !
  10. Anything that makes yours look less attractive, can only be a good thing. If lowlife confronted with that, and the neighbouring caravan isn't - it's not yours they're going to take.
  11. I'm still using mine, and not broken it yet after 6 years and 105000 miles! Trouble is, mine has literally every extra. So whenever i think about replacing it, i struggle to find something with all the same kit! No issues pulling a 1400kg caravan so far. Of course, now i've said this it'll probably break next time i use it.
  12. Just a couple of small points It's not about the power required to pull the caravan, but the stability of the combination. There are many heavier cars with significantly less power that still make good tow cars Also, ATC does nothing to reduce the risk of snaking (the friction pads in the AL-KO hitch are there to help with that) - what it does is try to manage the situation where it occurs. As always, far better to avoid it happening in the first place! Just remember to load the caravan correctly and place heavier items in your car, plenty of advice abo
  13. No, and i can't even get the dealer to respond to me full stop!
  14. Selling for a 'friend' or 'family member' is the usual MO for dodgy driveway dealers trying to circumvent your consumer rights.
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