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  1. Wonder what the mobile guy would charge to reseal the shower? Probably do a better job and may cost less than the fuel would cost for the trip
  2. A neighbour complained of a similar problem. He 'claims' that the issue was with the tyres, and when changed for a different brand it solved it. His opinion anyway
  3. I considered it to replace my £60 ebay "special" 110AH battery Can't really justify it all the time it holds a charge though and runs the mover!
  4. Reversing my teeny little box trailer is a hateful affair, even rolling over a stone jack-knives the thing! Caravans are easy to reverse, everything happens in slow motion with a big old box on the back.
  5. Sounds like the cartridge needs replacing, which you probably wouldn't need to remove the tap to change. What tap is it ?
  6. Those Reich Vector taps are garbage. The design lends itself to the tap leaking. I replaced the two leaky seals in mine with a set of appropriately sized standard rubber o rings. Tap won't rotate now, but it doesn't leak any more either !
  7. A good point. I've just changed tow car so perhaps the ball on each isn't quite the same spec.
  8. Just the side windows, exactly like yours. I'll take a pic tomorrow. I've been doing that since April last year and they've invited me to take whatever legal options i wish.
  9. Funny that, i was going to start a thread earlier with the exact same question. Guess i'll be checking the pads, although when i was bouncing up and down on the hitch to replicate the noise, i could have sworn the noise was coming from further back around the damper
  10. Now Lunar are no more, I wonder if anyone has tried something dodgy like printing their own "plate" and replacing the original one? What's to stop them, being there would be no way to verify its legitimacy. *This isn't me suggesting a course of action btw, just wondering.
  11. When i skimmed through the thread, i assumed that was a photo of my caravan! Dealer was beyond useless, shameful behaviour from them really and basically told me to get stuffed, after stringing me along with lies or simply ignoring me. I used the finance company to smoke them out and was fed yet more lies before contact ceased again. Wrapping probably not a bad idea, as the current look of mine adds a decade to its appearance. This has also reminded me that i need to leave some choice reviews for the dealer, because they really do suck.
  12. I tried the CMC wifi the other day, hoping that it would be fast enough for my son to use for his Xbox Unfortunately, it was pretty rubbish. Glad i just paid the £3.50 and didn't pay for a weeks worth! Limiting to 1 device seems a bit tight as well
  13. There are two switches on the top of the control box, one of those is for the 12v systems. Is it pressed down?
  14. That sounds like the sort of behaviour you'd get from using a rubbish scotchlock connector to splice into the reverse light wire. Is it a dedicated wiring kit or a more generic bypass relay?
  15. I find a good resource for looking up max nose weight, is the towbar section of the PF Jones website https://www.pfjones.co.uk/tow-bars/towbar-for-dacia/dacia-duster-towbars/dacia-duster-2012-2018-towbars.html
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