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  1. If you struggle, and you're local to Sheffield you can have this old one of mine.
  2. Exactly That grub screw at the bottom can be a pain to put back in though !
  3. Water exits from the tap between those two rings (they align with where the spout is) When you turn the tap off, water sits in there and leaks past the bottom seal. In my case, it leaked a lot. I replaced them with standard rubber o-rings, and hey presto - no more leaks. Very difficult to rotate the tap granted with new seals, but no leak !
  4. It took that long Hitchlocks serve as no deterrent, when well prepared thieves can just lash a chain around it
  5. I get away from home to stop having to worry about things like bills! I've been on a couple of small sites in the past, where I've seen the owner peek inside tents when the holidaymakers have been away, and unplug the EHU where they've been running halogen heaters non stop ! Surprised some sites don't limit current draw as they do on the continent. Lets be honest, 16amps is a lot !
  6. Here's the cartridge, also shows those useless seals that i swapped with regular O rings
  7. I've got a spare one, i'll take a pic in the morning
  8. Does the tap dribble then? In my experience, those taps leak past the two seals inside the tap body (causing water to leak from the underside of the tap and down the pipes). Just thought it was worth mentioning !
  9. The dealings I've had with Grantham this year were mostly through Caravans UK Assume they've been in partnership for a while
  10. I found that funnier than i probably should !
  11. I was thinking the same this morning, when looking at the front of this Adria Get a lot of bikes on there! Guess they choose to cover if for the UK market as well, i see many with the chassis fully exposed.
  12. No yellow / red spots on them either Plodd to say where to mount them. It's a make i've never heard of either !
  13. I know this subject has likely been done to death, but thought I would share the readings they took in the local tyre shop. How can the whole thing not shake itself to bits at 60mph ! It took a lot of weight to get them to run true
  14. I solved the problem by buying a new caravan. I just couldn't live with the fact a near new caravan had no warranty. Especially not after joining the Lunar owners Facebook group, and seeing posts every other day where the front panel had cracked on similar caravans. Its back up for sale at the supplying dealer should anyone want it!
  15. Ok, on their website now PX value £14k Up for £17995 Which is £1500 more than I paid for it new 18 months ago. Guess they have to factor in the 12 months warranty they are giving on it and the unknown costs.
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