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  1. Any suggestions for touring rental companies please, positive and negative.
  2. Stayed here last night , had a very quiet night. Also a pint of real ale from the pub under 10 mins walk away. Thanks to those who suggested site.
  3. Stayed here Sunday and were very happy, short run to port and now back in U.K. Thanks all that suggested site.
  4. Thanks to all I will go with Le P'tit Bois.
  5. Thanks Durbanite We would rather stay on a site , which one are you on please.
  6. Been looking at Google Earth at the layout of the port and presume the lanes used for overnight are prior to the check in , see yellow bit on picture. Please confirm
  7. Thanks Moorgate , we are the same size as a twin axle caravan just a bit heavier at 2.5 tons all up. have you used it recently?
  8. Any recommendations for a Supermarket where we can park with rig still attached, south of St Malo enroute to Dinan please many thanks
  9. Try the Cite Europe shopping mall , the brewery does very good Moules. https://www.citeeurope.co.uk/restaurants/ We find that we need to sitting down by 1230 to get lunch in France
  10. I will second that , have stayed each end of our trips for the last three to four years.
  11. These both look very nice , but I am not a member of the C&MCC. I presume its members only
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