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  1. Not shouting , just cut and pasting.
  2. Got the following from Green Flag , any one know what is going on. We have some important news about your future cover with Green Flag. We know you're busy, but please take a moment to read this email. First off, don't worry. Your current cover isn't changing. SO, WHAT IS CHANGING? Currently, your breakdown policy is arranged, administered and underwritten by us at U K Insurance Ltd (UKI). You can now choose to have Green Flag Limited arrange and administer your next breakdown policy, with UKI just continuing to underwrite it. "OKAY", YOU MIGHT BE THINKING. "WHY
  3. The most asked question in this thread
  4. Would be nice to know age and model of Caravan and price paid.
  5. I received a refund today from C&CC. After telling them that DFDS has cancelled the crossing and a refund was in order not a credit. Also received my membership renewal notice that is due in two weeks, they will extend the validity once the club sites reopen.
  6. The insurance company does not really want to offer renewals, this is why they are quoting high prices.
  7. They just called me and have issued a credit as it is a crossing only. I think I have no option, but my concern is as the ferry company now has my funds how competitive will the fare be when I come to rebook.
  8. I have a reservation on DFDS due to depart 24 May made via C&CC , I have been trying to contact the club without success for over a month. My travel is not essential so even if I wanted to travel , which I don’t, I would not be carried. They state they will make contact and are very busy, has anyone had any experience of this ? Also the clubs website no longer gives you access to your bookings. C&CC The Friendly Club , hmmmm.
  9. No progress here. I am due to travel on a ferry to France booked via C&CC for travel end of May, sent them an email on 7 April and got the holding email like you. I have other trips booked direct with airlines etc ,these have been cancelled or changed with no problem, the saving on the booking was about the same as my membership fee, I will review my options at renwal time.
  10. I have a booking with the Camping and Caravan club due to depart in a months time, I cannot contact the club as there lines are closed and have sent emails , with a reply that they are understaffed and contacting people in date order. DFDS state “Sailing to normal schedules for freight and those undertaking essential travel.”(Newhaven route) My travel is not essential , so I will not be carried. I also contacted DFDS , who said the agent should deal with This, But they will give me a future travel credit, I replied and said I will deal with the club.
  11. Not sure it will give financial protection to all travel related products they sell, I do not believe ferry bookings would be covered if the principle failed.
  12. We did a three night Tour into the Zone from Kiev , stayed one night just outside in Slavatuch followed by two nights in the town of Chernobyl. The Chernobyl hotel was very basic and movement was restricted. The Hotel in Slavatuch , which is reached by taking the 40 minute train , with the 2000 workers who still work at the plant and experience of this city were a highpoint. This city is the replacement for Pripyat
  13. Any suggestions for touring rental companies please, positive and negative.
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