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  1. Listen friend dont preach too me about motor cyclists. if they want too put their selves in dangerous positions then thats their lookout mirrors or no mirrors. I will look in my mirrors as an when i see fit. End of. peter.
  2. I have always found the ideal time too be between 3 and 5 years old. peter.
  3. Yeah "dont worry sir that match will be fine" next customer please. peter.
  4. Do spend most of your time looking in the mirrors then ? peter.
  5. It makes no odds too me i can tow perfectly well without them. I may not be able too see the rear edges of the van but who needs too. Like i say try turning a couple of degree,s and see how much of the rear edge you can see then. peter.
  6. May be it was ours !! we had a 2008 twin axle van stolen in early 2010 that was never found. peter.
  7. No your not alone as i only fit them too satisfy the law as i have a 4x4 with large wide mirrors and can see perfectly well without them. You can talk all day about what your supposed too be able too see but the minute you turn right a few degrees for instance the n/s mirror is useless and same for the o/s when you turn left. peter.
  8. Before i retired i spent some of my time working at a large transport garage for my company and they had a fleet of hgv,s. Now i noticed that some of the tractor units had pieces of rag tied too the mirrors and hanging down so i asked one of the drivers what they were for and too my surprize the driver said that when travelling the rag was blown onto the mirror and wiped away the water as it flapped in the wind. Strange but true. peter.
  9. Had single and twin axle vans and the twins have always towed better through sheer weight and the stability of the twin wheels. peter.
  10. Same here i always fill the car boot first. peter.
  11. I,ve towed with both but its auto for me evertime. peter.
  12. It will be no harder or easier than most other caravans. If you have the right car and dont mind towing then all caravans are easy to tow. Just get it loaded right. peter.
  13. Why did the dealer say they have a" habit "of coming off ?? I and many,many other caravaner's have never lost a wheel or even come close too losing one so why say it has a "habit" of happening ?? peter.
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