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  1. A replacement Reich tap will set you back £130, against about £8 for a self fit cartridge replacement and 15 mins of your time.
  2. A new insert and descale would probably see your present tap leak free, plenty of how to's on youtube to guide you.
  3. Never connect up with the engine running, I've not had a problem since I followed this rule.
  4. Amazon are doing a deal on the 3 Data with legs sims over the black friday period, not as cheap as in the past but much cheaper than usual.
  5. Use the correct stuff and its a doddle, use the wrong stuff and you are breaking the law. https://mistralni.co.uk/products/lancelot-green-cleaner-concentrate-5-ddac-solution-kills-mould-algae-and-lichen-on-hard-surfaces
  6. Mine are connected to the 12v supply block using "cheap" spade connectors a clean up and refit cures the problem for a while until the connections oxidize again.
  7. Have a look at the Thetford website it gives maintenance advice both the pressure button and main seal are replaceable if necessary but often a clean and lube will cure the problem.
  8. Usually the main problem with Thetford tanks, a good clean and correct lubrication will normally sort it out, I always give mine a spray with silicon and leave to soak before it's first use each season start and never have a problem.
  9. Hi Peep's on arriving home after our last outing we found the pan drawer underneath our stove had dropped down, after further inspection the right hand side hinge pin had become detached (blind riveted into frame) I'm guessing that these frames are fairly universal as I seem to remember our Abbey GL had a similar arrangement, anybody any idea where to get a replacement frame? Photo's attached
  10. These have a shop as well as online store, and can get most bits for all vans. https://www.caravanstuff4u.co.uk/
  11. I came across a chap stood in full evening dress gazing at his flat back tyre, it was 01-30am and he was parked on Upper Parliament St, Toxteth, Liverpool. ( in the late 1970's not a place you wanted to be!) I stopped my van and asked if he needed a hand when he said yes please I jumped out and set to, being a poor student at the time I ran my van on the cheapest tyres available and could do a pit stop change faster then the JPS team at the time. I soon had his tyre changed and everything back in his boot and he didn't even get his hands dirty, he insisted I take something for my trouble but I waved him and his equally elegant wife off asking them to do the same for someone else sometime. He thanked me and told me he was the manager of the Nat West bank on Park lane and said if I ever needed a loan to come in and see him, unfortunately when I finally needed a mortgage the bank had been flattened and I got stuffed by National and Provisional with a endowment mortgage that not only didn't make a huge profit as promised but failed to make enough to pay off what would have been left of the loan if I hadn't have paid it off early.
  12. Do you actually think a dealer does a pdi check,I know that they make a charge for one, but I think they just stand back and await the customers findings, perhaps the latest legislation and a simple "no sorry its faulty I don't want it!" may start to concentrate their attention to detail.
  13. Short and simple yes! They are trying to dodge sorting you out.
  14. Are you sure he's a real caravan dealer? as the rest of us all manage perfectly well with our leisure batteries! Leoch are a big Chinese manufacturer and make lots of re-badged batteries for other people its probably a duff batch.
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