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  1. They are quite expensive for what they are, but a caravan salvage company would probably be your best bet for price or your local dealer for convenience or https://www.caravanparts.co.uk/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=dometic+cover&search= for people who don't mind the internet
  2. Don't be daft, they cant identify ringed cars with ANPR people own them for years before finding out they've been had. How are they going to do with caravans? Swift have 5 caravan ranges all of which have the same rear, and that's just one manufacturer, throw in the dealer specials and it becomes impossible, if a camera can't read a number plate with a customized type font, how will it know the difference between a swift sprite and a swift challenger ? or between a written off challenger plate and a stolen challenger plate.
  3. Our caravans are treated as an extension of the towing vehicle and use matching number plates, unless a separate number plate is issued to the caravan it wouldn't be recognized by ANPR, and even if it was assigned an individual plate, one white wobble box is pretty much the same as another how would ANPR know it was the right plate for the right van? Mr thief just buys a write off and swaps plates as he drives around nicking his chosen van type
  4. Mix up some vanish and spray or wipe on to affected areas, a rub with a tooth brush will bring it off, pat dry with some paper kitchen towel when clean, and bob's your mothers brother or so they say!
  5. No tv, and if we are going to be off grid we use a portable radio not the installed all singing and dancing head unit. we do have an all LED light set up and heating is confined to purely the gas fire no blown air, showers are turn on get wet turn off soap up, scrub up and turn on and rinse. We do the same festival every year so we are well used to rationing our usage, but I knocked the blown air on to just minimum one time when I was switching the water heater on you couldn't even hear it going but it put a dent in the power calculation so now we turn the power panel 12v switch off when
  6. We have a 110amp battery and normally get 5 power careful nights off grid with no backup, and definitely no hairdryer!
  7. None, there that was easy wasn't it, caravan serviced in February ready for our first trip of the season at Somers Wood for the photographic show at the NEC only to receive the dreaded vulnerable letter and stay home instructions. Car filled up in Feb and still full, good job I use redex we've done about 8 miles in 11 months back and forth from the doctors surgery for blood tests and checks so far I'm getting 11 months to the gallon that's some sort of record for a landcruiser economy record - roll on the jab
  8. My friend had one of the earlier netgear units and used it plugged in and powered up most of the time, he started to get poor service with wifi often cutting out. When he checked it the battery had swollen and cracked the pcb he discovered that he could have used it without the battery installed, just by having it plugged in as usual and used the battery only when necessary. It may be worth checking to see if this applies to yours.
  9. I use Winx HD video converter deluxe and can convert a dvd to an MKV or avi file to about 800mb for reasonable quality or 1.2 - 1.6 gb for pretty good quality my LG tv will allow a usb stick of upto 128gb to be used and the tv will play MKV or AVI's quite happily but not all will play both formats you'll have to check, if you don't have the option of usb then a hd media player to hdmi input on your tv should work and play all formats as well as music and photo's from sd cards, pen drives, compact flash etc.
  10. I did a 4 hour off road driving course in my landcruiser fitted with the scorpions and got through with no problems whatsoever crazy ups, downs, water, mud the lot, they don't have the sidewalls of the at's but they do have curb protection but as I spend 80% of my time on road they work just fine for me.
  11. Had the at's on a land cruiser, and replaced them with the scorpions much better (quieter, cornering and stopping) on road and had no problems off road and so far seem to give good wear life.
  12. For a quick and easy slice of toast I would be prepared to turn off my electric water heater or caravan electric heating for the 3 minutes it takes, most domestic toasters are 800-1500w depending on how many slots they have hardly a major drain on an electric hook up and certainly easier than dealing with the lumbago encountered when trying not to turn bread into carbon using the gas grill method. I use a Tesco 1500 watt electric kettle when on hook up and have never tripped a bollard but it does involve a bit of common sense and co-ordination of appliance use. (I suspect it should have read .
  13. A which best buy https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/toasters/moulinex-4-slice-lt305e41
  14. https://www.roadchief.co.nz/image/cache/data/trcfp01_001-55699-900x500.jpg These are what mine look like, the shims (washers) on my originals were steel, I replaced them with stainless steel when I changed the friction liners you have to ensure that the stem is seated correctly into the locating hole when you fit them otherwise they stick out too far in to the tow ball receiver and willbe broken off or jam up the mech.
  15. Doesn't happen on camping and caravan club sites as pitches are allocated by the wardens on arrival.
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