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  1. You had better start with a look here, it may help explain some things for you https://www.practicalcaravan.com/videos you'll need something to store your water for the caravan, aqua roll or jerry can, and don't forget to pull it through and have both hot and cold running properly before turning on your water heater or it will burn out.
  2. If no luck finding a used one try https://eeco-ltd.co.uk/ for a custom made one.
  3. We owned a 1999 land cruiser and kept it until 2013 apart from its standard service cost it cost me a battery in all those years, it was replaced with a 2013 land cruiser which has cost me just the standard service costs so far. Towing our Hymer 570sl gets me 25 mph and the 2013 model is a lot more comfortable on road than the old one, i've never passed a broken down land cruiser so they would appear to be reasonably reliable no matter what the vintage.
  4. Remember to pay at least a little on a credit card or HP to benefit from the added protection of the consumer credit act!
  5. you will probably have a 15amp fuse in the battery/fridge line check its not blown, it often does when the caravan is connected /disconnected when the car is running.
  6. Bleach is Chlorine hypochlorite Puriclean is Chlorine dioxide, is not another form of chlorine the two compounds are completely different. Chlorine dioxide has “no elemental free chlorine” and can be used to eradicate the taste and odour of chlorine. It has world-wide approval for drinking water, high efficacy against bacteria, fungi, yeasts, algae and protozoa. It has little or no effect on human, animal or fish cells.
  7. You don't need to run the fan, the electric option will work on convection just like the gas side.
  8. It sounds like you may get away with just a new insert plenty of advice on here on how to do it, it's not hard.
  9. You have to perform a balancing act using the flaps on the other vents to reduce the flow to the front and send more to the rear, on some runs the manufactures find it easier to take the ducting down and under the floor?? to reappear where required, often they "forget" to insulate this external run thus cooling the hot air and making the vent pointless, some retrofit insulation can sort this out reasonably easily.
  10. We've had something like this for years and has worked really well. https://www.amazon.co.uk/MX-Group-5017706607025-Telescopic-Curtain/dp/B00ECMNFTU?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_6
  11. I checked with my device team last year before having my induction hob fitted, and their advice was its ok to use an induction hob but to cook at arms length and not to lean over an active hob. ICD's and pacemakers have been MRI compliant for years unfortunately the pacing leads fitted years ago are not, so I also have to have CT not MRI but the massive fields produced by a MRI are not anything like the power used by a induction hob as I am pacemaker dependent I "wear them out" quite quickly having a box replacement every 3 or 4 years this is my 4th ICD I had 5 pacemakers before the ICD became available, so I know a bit about them, I can pass quickly through an airport metal detector, use a microwave oven and even use a mobile phone all of which were big no no's when I had my first device fitted
  12. As I'm fitted with an implanted ICD and completely pacemaker dependent I can discount that urban myth, cooking at arms length is perfectly fine, they don't however recommend leaning over an active hob. So far I have had no problems using my induction hob and hope to be using it for quite some time.
  13. you could use either the outside aquaroll or the internal tank, the aquaroll could be pumped into the internal to fill it, and then switch to the internal pump to pump from it handy for showers etc as you had plenty of spare water available, I seem to remember there was a switch on the control panel to pump it in to the internal.
  14. Turn on the lights in the washroom,If the impeller is seized the lights will dim momentarily when you try the flush. If they do then take out the flush pump and give the impeller a spin with a screwdriver to free it up, and then try again.
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