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  1. flashgordon

    mover non functioning

    Try the mover without having it on your tyres, see if it runs unloaded, the battery might be fine until its loaded and then collapse. The motor connections are only spade connectors, so it's worth checking they are clean and tight under the rubber boot.
  2. flashgordon

    Car battery replacement?

    Just pop your reg into the battery finder and it will sort it out for you, I've used them for car and caravan batteries, and claimed after 4 years on their 5 year guarantee and had a new battery shipped out next day to me. https://www. alpha-batteries. co. uk/
  3. flashgordon

    Water ingress annoyance

    Sounds like another Lemon, I'd reject the van and let the dealer do the worrying, they seem very happy to do the same to you! Remember the dealer is not your friend, they are not doing you any favours, they simply want your cash with the very minimum of bother to them, and they have already proved this by leaving you stuck with a problem and a depreciating asset for the last 3 months.
  4. flashgordon

    Batteries for mover handset

    I buy leak proof batteries they cost a little more but are cheaper in the long run than replacing the item they power usually.
  5. flashgordon

    General fit and finish

    We had a very similar experience some years ago, and when we took it up with the manufacturer we were told that all the problems would be "sorted out by the dealer in the pdi!" When I asked why the problems hadn't been sorted out in the manufacturers quality control area before being dispatched to the dealer they took a step back and looked at me as if I had two heads, needless to say all of our hard earned and quite perfect pound notes stayed in our bank until we bought our Hymer, even that came with a fault, the dealer had managed to put an extra 0 in our registration plate number despite him having the old one in his hand whilst making it!
  6. flashgordon

    Leisure Battery

    You don't - fridge works off gas or mains hook up as it would quickly flatten your leisure battery, mains sockets are just that "Mains sockets" you have to be hooked up to mains electricity for them to work, you can run an invertor from your leisure battery if you really need mains but there within lies a whole new expensive black art ! welcome to caravanning
  7. flashgordon

    Plough Lane Touring, Chippenham

    We stopped there in 2016 during our 5 week summer tour, lovely site with smashing staff and nice campers, its a pity its so far away but we will return when next in the area despite the road noise
  8. flashgordon

    External BBQ Gas Point

    They usually come with a gas valve fitted in line, ours was in the gas locker about 12" away from the external connection.
  9. flashgordon

    DSLR for novice

    We swapped from Canon to full frame Sony mirror-less, due to the bosses Carpel tunnel problems and heavy camera's, but that's probably overkill for you, there are many compact super zoom camera's available and a lot second hand at very reasonable prices, but remember the longer the lens the greater the shake so look for some in camera stabilization to help you with it, people who object to paying the monthly fee for adobe photoshop should take a look at the Affinity photo software package, a one off fee for the software with regular updates and improvements for both Mac and Windows versions and lots of youtube tutorials free of charge. A good local camera club will help you improve your photography and helpful members will allow you to try different makes before you buy.
  10. flashgordon

    Electrolux Fridge Lower Vent

    Have you tried the various caravan breakers sites? https://www. liverpoolcaravanbreakers. com
  11. flashgordon

    Problem With Enduro Motor Mover

    You could get the old one repaired and have a spare http://www. arelectronics. co. uk/contents/en-uk/d17_Sales__Repairs_On-line_Shop. html
  12. flashgordon

    Losing battery whilst travelling

    My side locker door opened on our first trip out last year, I lost my basket of lubes, wd, lithium grease, etc and a bottle of enviro loo fluid, and my bits of waste master pipes. the locker was locked but hadn't been opened since the annual service, I have since found that there seems to be two positions of shut and you can lock the door in the first position which allows the hatch to flex and open. I now lock and push hard to check its fully engaged.
  13. flashgordon


    Put a splash of bleach in and you can leave it for as long as you like with no problems, or fill it with ice and add a couple of bottles of fizz and hope that fire doesn't break out for a while
  14. flashgordon

    front window leaking

    Try https://www. sealsdirect. co. uk/
  15. flashgordon

    Window Rail End Caps

    Finally found the guy I was looking for on my facebook contacts, try getting in touch with him he can print out any small bits you may need https://www. facebook. com/TechnoGeek3D/ Best of luck