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  1. A company in our village buys "wholesale" lots of tires from Germany (one mans muck is another man's brass). Search with Google, you can bid for some "lots" yourself if you want. The quantities are vast, it is truck load and truck loads a week. They sift through them and extract those premium tires with sufficient tread (5mm+), and no repairs or damage. The rest, and those you leave with them when you buy a tyre, go to Bolivia (or some other country with even more lax rules that us). The last pair I bough were newer that the exact same premium tyre a franchised dealer put on my car to sell it with. The guy who runs the company is very open about how the whole system works. He will even take requests, look out for what ever you are after, and put them aside for you. So these are not sourced from UK insurance writoffs, they are simple tires that sill have plenty of useful life left in and are being "re-cycled". As others have said, every vehicle you travel in is on used tires and apart from your personal vehicle; of unknown precedent. These tires have exactly the same chance of having some "history" all all the other vehicles on the road, no mre and no less. So in these days of rising CO2 emissions and dwindling natural resources it is the green option and makes financial sense to uses every resource we have to its max, before we throw it away. ...
  2. I agree, that is the "fools and their money" concept, but it seems to apply to all products across all sectors. If people's argument is "You should not buy product X because it is possible to waste you money", X can apply to every product there is, and so we would never buy anything. ... As the saying goes "Caveat emptor"
  3. Who's talking about 1mm for 25%. My own calculation is that I will go for a premium part worn, sourced en-mass from Germany, if it has 5mm or more, no repairs, I get to inspect it at fitting, at about 50% of the price per mm of a budget tyre. So for one car I own a part worn as above is £60, a budget £70 and a premium upto £200. So that car has budget tyres on. On my other car, a part if £60, a budget £150 and a premium £200. So that car gets part worns. ..
  4. That doesn't help at all. Your simply changing one subjective view ;the perceived quality; for a proxy; what I feel I can afford. Neither is really measurable or justifiable; unless you can tell us otherwise, while they are nice words, your advice adds no value. ...
  5. How do you define "afford". I think I have about £0. 5M equity in my house, but on the other hand still don;t own it outright. So on the one hand you might say I could afford any tyre on the market, but on the other I am still in debt so can't really afford even the cheapest the market has to offer. .......
  6. I would only buy a budget tyre if it was better value ( £ per mm of tread ) that a part worn. Never bought anything other that a part worn or a budget in my life. .. I once had a car, and was towing, and had a blow out. The car had 4 different tyres on it. 3 budget, one "premium" brand (from previous owner) . Which do you think was the one that went. . Answers on a postcard to www. budgettyresarefine. co. uk
  7. I still don't see why you think that would be better than my £9. 99 fan heater. How will storing the heat and releasing it later be any different to my fan heater set on low with a thermostat to cut it in and out as required? What heats the room while you were storing it? Where does the heat released later actually originate from? A 600W Ceramic radiators seem to be £199 on ebay, fan heaters start at £4. So that's £196 it has to save. As we've already seen that it costs less than 8p a day to heat a room, so even is it used zero electricity that's 2450 days or almost 7 years to break even. ... How can that be better? I'm sorry to be so hard on this one, but heating our houses should be so simple, but is never ceases to amaze me that people are still out selling snake oil to vulnerable people who could live quite warm and happy if it wasn't for the lies and misinformation peddled by the purveyors of such products </ rant over >
  8. . . and where does the energy in the moving air end up. .... exactly. . 100% efficient
  9. No assumptions, in this case the application and environment is stated. Daytime usage in a domestic home office with electricity available. So in this case an electric heater (say putting a 60W bulb in a standard lamp on your desk) is both cheaper and safer. .. The original claim was that it was cheap. We have shown there are many cheaper ways to heat a room. How many house fires have been started by candles and how many by light bulbs? Yes both have started fires but I'm willing to bet candles have started many more. So the idea presented is more expensive and more dangerous and is been presented as an innovative good idea! Really? The article is very poor science and very poor journalism.
  10. Pure snake oil. All electric heaters are 100% efficient, from the cheapest £9. 99 fan heater to the most expensive one you can find to buy. ...I can think of much better ways of wasting my money, or saving it for that matter too Not quite. A 60W light bulb would be both cheaper and safer.
  11. In fact further research shows anyone can do better. Based on 8 candles over 8 hours is an average power of 60Watts. If you took an old 60W light bulb and ran it for 8 hours, at 15p a unit ( a high estimate) would be 7. 2p. So the article should read, Waste 0. 8p a day and risk burning your house down. .... Using the central heating on gas would be 50% cheaper still. . so remarked to 2/10 . . See Me. .. Assuming 5g each and 45MJ/Kg 8 tea lights is 60Watts, so you are close
  12. I can do 8p a day better. He says 8p plus the electricity to run his computer. In my home office, in our properly insulated Scandinavian designed house, even with snow on the ground outside, just the computer will make it so hot it's shorts and tee shirts to work. I'd give it a 7/10, could do better.
  13. I've read the thread whole thread, well actually I didn't need to I know what you'd all be saying, and it looks like good news to me. It seems there are a lot of people out there who quite literally " know the price of everything and the value of nothing" When I choose a site, I'm only interested in the value of the whole package, but even more I would hate to have to spend a week at the pot washing hearing people moaning on about the price of this that and the other. So it seems that after I've paid my double axle supplement, awning supplement, extra child supplement and dog supplement, and still find the whole package good value, I can have a nice sensible conversation, "Where did you go today?", "Nice weather today. ..", in the sure knowledge that the moaners will all be together on some site elsewhere. ... Happy dayz. ...
  14. I have never registered a van and it has never even been mentioned in various trades I have done, certainly never been a problem. I don't even bother responding to the letter CRiS have sent me. That would cost me a stamp and more importantly time I will never get back. However their letters are good for starting the fire. As others have said the £15 is better spent on champagne
  15. Usually it's the other way round. A truly objective trial goes to great lengths to remove bias from the results, something like a randomized, double blind approach with a large sample set. ( neither the person doing the test or the person administrating the test know which item is being tested and it is impossible for them to find out during the trail, until the whole test is over ). Having gone to these great lengths the author is usually rightly proud of how "true" their result are and will give full details of their randomization and blinding in the report so the reader is also sure of the results. If a report doesn't detail how bias was removed, the only conclusion is that it wasn't and that bias is present in the results and they cannot be taken seriously. If you want to know more try Googling "Publication Bias"
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