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  1. Thanks for the replies. The fridge now does nothing at all, no control panel or anything. As I am away and don't have my multimeter it will have to wait. Fortunately we have our portable 3 way fridge with us.
  2. Hi, my Thetford fridge is playing up, we moved site and now the fridge will not start up, the whole display comes on like it does when first switched on then it is like the whole thing is reseting it's self. Fuses are OK, van battery is fully charged, mains seems to be OK. It is doing this even just on battery but then it dies off completely. If anyone has any ideas as what the cause is I would appreciate their advice.
  3. MK 2 Diesel Alhambra/Galaxy/Sharan. Towing limit is 2000Kg and they are very frugal.
  4. We had a puncture on the return leg of our summer trip. By the time we realised, the tyre was in a bad shape with wires sticking out etc. but it was obvious we had a puncture. I bought a replacement tyre off of ebay and fitted it my self for a total cost of £15. That said, I would rather have not had to change it in a layby but there you go. My main concern is knowing you have a puncture. I have been looking at a TPMS that hooks up to the rear camera input socket on our head unit. Sealant would be fine but there are too many what-ifs from a personal point of view.
  5. My dehumidifier defaults to 60% if you turn the mains power off. When we had a damp issue in our van I set it to 40% and took over thirty litres of water out. It has been fine since, touch wood.
  6. The term for them is a POL connector Soft Nose. There are different types and some can be carefully trimmed to the right size. http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/Gas-Regulator-Soft-Nose-POL-Rubber-Ring-Spare-Parts-/111896922331?hash=item1a0d9388db:g:T2UAAMXQ3kNTjcg6
  7. http://www. towsure. com/aqua-cap-water-container-dust-cap-for-submersible-pump
  8. Yes, I agree. Comes with two covers and plenty good suction cups. They completely cover our wheels. The skirt is also good quality and longer than the awning. Other than a ground sheet there is nothing else you will need to buy to use the awning, it is all in the bag. Even rock pegs.
  9. AdBlue is the generic name for it, there are already many suppliers. It is also very bitter to taste. No one would ingest it. It does not, the reduced fuel/air mix means that the engine feels like it is running on reduced power though.
  10. Charge air is more dense giving a better burn, but that is countered by the fact you have to drive through the same dense air. The fuel is a different density, but the ECU will allow for that and put more or less in. If I was the OP I would be checking my Mass Air-flow Meter (MAF) and for leaks on the induction side allowing un-metered air in. Also a blocked air filter can have a huge effect at the middle to top of the rev range.
  11. Wow, a thread asking about the price of BOTTLED GAS becomes a Safefill thread on the second post. Well done guys!
  12. I have no issues with the Vango pump. It is not a Kampa awning the OP started the thread about.
  13. LV= are certainly not the cheapest insurance company around, but then the cheapest insurance company is probably not the best.
  14. I can find no reference to it on the internet either.
  15. And the system will not let you do more than one test every 40 or so minutes.
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