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  1. Thanks. My car won't be eligible for a Green Euro4 sticker and it appears that only green stickered cars are allowed in Enviromental zones now. So, with or without sticker: It's Park and Ride for me.
  2. My V70 resume button was more like launch control! The XC90 is a little better, but I put that down to it being much heavier and diesel. To be honest, I look at resume exactly as an accelerator; else why have it? If you have to manually accelerate back to speed and then hit the button, you may as well hit the cruise set button when you get there.
  3. I've read about these, and reading again, it appears that I don't need one. Mine would be the Yellow (Euro 3) badge, but in controlled areas only Green (Euro 4) badges are permitted. So, do I understand correctly? Badges are only required in controlled areas, and even then only green ones. SO if I can't take my car into a controlled area, then I don't need a badge. ??
  4. Thanks all. So, basically, keep my eyes open and drive carefully. My journey is to Vaals, near Aachen. Google says to go past Ghent, Brussels and Liege. But I've been advised to go Lille, Mons and Liege. Technically it's longer, but apparently less congested.
  5. Hi guys. Well, the time is drawing near, so I thought I'd best find out if I need to know anything specific about driving in Netherlands and Germany. We are driving from Dunkirk, through France (done that before), before turning left, across Belgium, into Netherlands and staying on German border. Never been to any of these countries before, so it'll be an adventure. Any tips, hints or warning gratefully accepted.
  6. Well, while they are talking about this, they are leaving some other poor sod alone. !
  7. Well. My "MAX Upgrade Kit" arrived today. Got to admit, it's left a bitter taste. 2 x MAX Upgrade decorative stickers to put on my van. ...if I want to. One piece of card with information on, not specific to my van. One new weight "plate" sticker. Again, no chassis number etc, so an off the shelf sticker. I reckon the whole kit cost them about £10, including postage. So, as I see it, £50 to put them in an envelope and stick them in the post. I'd have been better off keeping their email saying it is permissible and printing my own "patch" to go over
  8. Yeah, but I had to interpret it seeing as they wouldn't tell me. As it is (to my understanding) VOSA who usually pull vans over to check, then they must know on what criteria they would then deem an offense to have occurred. Else they are just interpreting it arbitrarily. As you say, not very helpful.
  9. This is interesting as last time I weighed a caravan I then contacted VOSA to confirm how I assess the weight. The question was simple: Is the Max weight the weight on the wheels when un-attached, or the the weight when attached. The answer was less conclusive. All that they would confirm is that it was the weight in "Normal Use". As it isn't in use as a trailer when not attached to a towing vehicle, I took that to mean I could subtract the noseweight from the weight of the caravan (being that this is a load on the vehicle.) Oh, And I paid up my £60 and haven't been asked for any
  10. I agree. No-one is forced to pay, but I wonder what production costs actually are. Maybe I was naive. I expected about £30 or so and wouldn't have blinked an eye. Still, it will make us legal without having to get silly about what goes in the car. Ratio will be 65%, so that's fine. I might wait until next month though. ....
  11. Thanks guys. Towcar can handle the extra, and more. Van is out of warranty. I did read somewhere that the sticker isn't a legal requirement and, if not fitted, the axle limit will be used to determine if it is overweight. I wonder if a defaced / damaged sticker would suffice? (Just thinking aloud here). I know the axle is rated at 1500Kgs and current sticker weight is 1458. I might do some more homework. .....
  12. I weighed my caravan over Easter. Glad I did, it is, like me, overweight! We haven't even got everything in it. I already do the logical stuff, awning in car, convince the Mrs that we really don't need three week's worth of shopping etc. So, I contacted Bailey and they say I can have another 42Kgs payload, which will be more than enough. But it'll cost me £60 and all I seem to get is a new sticker. Surely there is more to it than a sticker? What's to prevent me modifying the existing sticker? I'm probably going to buy this, but I'm curious to know if there is mo
  13. To add my two penneth worth. What also needs to be remembered is that people are at different stages of life. 11pm could be quite late if you've finally got a toddler to sleep who refuses to, only to have them woken an hour later by somebody's music. But on an adult only site, 11pm isn't really all that late, although I'd find it a little annoying by that time of night. Lots of sites ( in my experience) have a 10pm quiet time and I think this is a fair compromise. Maybe it's because I come from a camping background, but I am always aware of any impact my noise might ha
  14. Unfortunately we are limited to peak season. Just as the kids get ready to leave school Mrs Ted gets a job in a school! Doh!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Yeah. Generators were our first thought, but we had hoped to find a solid state solution. Looking likely that it will end up generator though. Still, I'm learning a lot by just looking into it.
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