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  1. Inside the van is a lever which shuts the butterfly to the outside vent
  2. Re the connection problem I had this model and once or twice this happened and it lost the signal. The whale booklet should show a reset procedure to enable it to re connect.
  3. On my unicorn 4 the switch is in the panel by the door
  4. We have a 22 inch tv fitted in that position using a short arm bracket and it doesn’t cause any problems
  5. I tow with a Kuga titanium x sport ( 64 plate)with low profile 19 inch alloys no problem very stable caravan is a 88% match.
  6. Should already have one installed my 2018 Vigo has ( it’s behind the cutlery drawer)
  7. Hi I own a2018 Vigo and the bed has the infill at the head end. I understand Bailey reverted to this last spring
  8. Just had a look at my 2018 Vigo wires are connected to both sides of the fuse panel I’ll try to take a pic
  9. Hi I picked up a 2018 Vigo in the spring reasonably satisfied with it. Had one or two minor problems all sorted by dealer. However I have had from new rust marks around the top edge of the stainless steel sink Dometic ( the supplier) claim it hasn’t been cleaned/dried properly any one else had this problem? Also check your graphics mine on the offside have been applied about an inch to high meaning that the “swoosh” around the front side window is noticeably higher than the window and doesn’t line up with the top black graphic. Looking around my dealer it’s not uncommon. Bailey have agreed to replace. Anyway bAck to enjoying the van.
  10. Hi I had a 554 from memory the easiest way was to leaver off the speaker grill which will reveal the small screws holding the speaker in place.
  11. Hi have had one of these for a number of years was first fitted to my Peg 554 and was transferred to my GT 65 Verona. Warranty at the time was only two years no problem it still works well . Only have to replace the rubber boots twice. Bolsover caravans great to deal with . Mover has stood up well now showing some signs of rusting in places but a spray with duck oil before winter layup keeps it right.
  12. Had an Antara exclusive 4wd (63) for about a year with 15k on the clock Good tow car bur check for oil leaks from engine (which is why I got rid)
  13. Just to confirm not fitted as standard
  14. Not sure on the o ring location I'll ask the dealer although they did seem pretty sure it was pink fluid
  15. Update van back today seen the picture with toilet assembly removed the floor had a pink tinge so toilet was leaking ! has been dried out and reassembled possible cause an O ring fitted incorrectly
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