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  1. Just to update my dealer partially reopened yesterday and my service has been rearranged for later this month. So the van will be coming out of storage after all probably the weekend before it’s due in to give me a chance to check it over.
  2. Hi the cables to both motors need to be the same length hence the surplus being clipped underneath.
  3. My year two service and Alde fluid change was due/ booked early April. Whilst Im sure I will not have to wait until October ( hopefully) . It would mean my year three service could be 6 months later with the caravan having practically no usage in between services apart from towing it back to storage. Will have to wait and see what transpires.
  4. Just to give an update been along today and paid my storage fees. Site is only open 2 days and people visiting are being discouraged unless paying fees etc. Did however check the van over and it’s standing OK not as filthy as previous years. So decided to leave it where it is for now.
  5. Yes I’m in the same situation. Year two service was booked for April no contact yet from dealer for a new date but I have at the moment the 4 month extension .
  6. Thanks for the comments I’m in good old County Durham. I’ll give it some thought. No rush it would just give me something to do!
  7. Evening all . My storage site fees are due and the storage site has texted to confirm they are open Monday and Friday. So I was going to call in and settle the fees for the year. Whilst there was contemplating taking the van home it fits on the drive ( we are just over a mile away) as it hasn’t moved since last year . That would give me the opportunity to spend some time cleaning etc. ( I’ve run out of things to do in the house). Given the current restrictions am I being reasonable?
  8. On my 2018 the back panel/bumper was replaced as it was damaged whilst in storage. It’s held in place with screws behind the number plate and lights. The top edge though just sits behind the strip that runs across the back below the grab handle. My dealer tried to get the new panel to fit tightly at the corners but ended up finishing of with sealant which looks better than a gap.
  9. I ran a Pajero as a tow car several years ago. Towed superbly no problem with a tow bar fitting same as Shogun. Parts not a problem either it even had a dealer recall for a pitman arm replacement.
  10. I’m sure that since it’s introduction the Pegasus has GRP inner walls. The only place you can check is the floor which is still wood.
  11. Hmm my unicorn 4 was manufactured April 2018 and has a Daewoo M/W and I received the same letter.
  12. Inside the van is a lever which shuts the butterfly to the outside vent
  13. Re the connection problem I had this model and once or twice this happened and it lost the signal. The whale booklet should show a reset procedure to enable it to re connect.
  14. On my unicorn 4 the switch is in the panel by the door
  15. We have a 22 inch tv fitted in that position using a short arm bracket and it doesn’t cause any problems
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