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  1. Got a SF 66 wiggins edition 2 years ago december, faultless, always had Shoguns before never thought l would find a better tow car than the good old Shoggy. Looked at the new one the other day looks real good, reason l bought the Sante Fe instead of the Sorento was purley looks as some one said same running gear and engine just a different body shell
  2. Don't like where the wardrobe is situated in the 460 vip, draws at the bottom near the toilet, think we will stick with our 2014 460 vip lay out
  3. Nidge4

    Bikes on A frame

    l am looking to putting the bikes on the A frame, the only one l have come across is the Thule Superb short V14 that will take two E Bikes maximum weight 60kg. The problem l have is that l don't know if l have enough clearance between the locker and the jockey wheel, according to the manuel l down loaded it says the minimum distance is 49 mm is needed. l have Coachman 460 VIP when l measure the distance between the locker and the jockey wheel is way less than 49mm, plus the fairing comes in two halves, l would have to remove the the back half, or am l missing something. Any one out their fitted one.
  4. l have a Maxview precision satellite dish with Maxview receiver the receiver is around 8 years old. The problem l have is it picks up so many channels it takes for ever to put in your favourites. Now here's my delemer, should l purchase a Avtex television with built in receiver or go for a bog standard Humax. I can get a Avtex television for around £350 where as a the humax is 100 quid. One thing with the Avtex l assume is less clutter with cables, where as with any receiver you have cables to cope with, it will cost me around 250 quid for for the Avtex, not sure which way to jump on this one, is the Humax compatible with the Maxview sat dish or do you need to reprogramme, l have heard this is the case, any help would be appreciated. Nidge 4
  5. Thank You been persuaded to go for the new precision tripod maxview dish,
  6. Anyone one know of installers in the North west that can install Maxview crank up sat dish on a a coachman 460 VIP. Dealer reluctant don't no why seen quiet a few on vans
  7. Cheaper to get the new maxview precision dish than have the vision plus fitted, that's my next move the twig on my 2014 Coachman VIP 460/2 has never worked, get a better picture with coat hanger
  8. My 2014 VIP 460 bed strut once stuck when l lifted it to high once but managed to get it down, not happened since butl am careful not to lift it to high
  9. Changed my good old Shogun 31st of Dec 2016 for new wiggins Santa fe. got reasonable trade in for the 2007 Shogun but got £ 5700 off the SF if l took it before the new year. looked at the Sorento nearly the same car but the SF looked better and the boot was fractionally bigger so much so can get two electrical golf trolleys plus two cart bags in without dropping the middle seats. After 12 months use and towing a Coachman 460 Vip well impressed, never thought l would find a better tow car than the Shogun, still finding all the bells and whistles it has. Road tax now £220 instead of £520 extra 8 mpg when towing, solo 30 mpg round town 39 mpg long runs. The auto box just has smooth has Shogun, obviously won't be as good off road has the Shogun, but comfort makes up for that. Others will swear by the Sorento which has 2 year extra warranty but l have five with 5 year deal on servicing. Has the saying goes you takes your pick and makes your choice
  10. Be Careful when removing the panel it can crack. l had a problem with the led screen intermittently closing down couldn't see the display. Mine is a 2014 had it replaced under warranty which l would advise you do. My dealership did everything for me admitted it was a 6 week wait for the new control pane (BCA 12v master control panel) but if yours can be fixed by the tech then go down the dealership route, if you damage the BCA master panel its a whopping £180 bill for new one dealer showed me the invoice from BCA
  11. About the pan door not had a caravan that stays shut, l added a toddle switch to my 420 VIP problem solved did it with the 2 Clubmans l had and the Bailey Madrid. After having 4 new vans over the years we went for a 26 month old van this time Coachman 2014 460 Vip, with the intention that most of the niggles were ironed out. on collection we pointed out that the master switch LED screen kept going out and the front Blinds were tight both put right, new master panel replaced and 3 new blinds from Coachman replaced the tight ones. all done under warranty. Up to now no other problems arisen well pleased with the van as l said before on other posts wished we had chosen the Coachman from the start and not been frightened away by the price. Really well built in comparison of all the other vans we have had
  12. Typical of the caravan industry today, while people keep buying they won't change. If it was like the retail industry where the weights and measures, health and safety are called upon they would soon changed their manufacturing process but until they brought to task, they will plod along as usual, while you and me are stuck with a load of garbage. What annoys me is they monitor these forums and still put two fingers up to us
  13. The reason l have Santa FE is that it fits all my needs, yes l could have gone for the one down a Tucson but l would have lost the boot space, secondly l am sick of being lied too and your quiet right my Politics are my own, quite true their are lots of places in world far worse than here but has far has l am concerned l will not vote for liars, cheats and politicians that abuse my vote. So its my right in free Country use it how feel fit, like l said will take what comes with no come back from me
  14. Thanks JTQ a little more relieved now, though my rant still stands as its just not about road tax, its everything that politicians do today. The manifestoes they all produce before an election is not worth the paper its written on, remember Gordon Brown buy diesels they less polluting. Your not telling me they didn't know a bout the other pollutants, it was just another ploy to extort money from us in the future. The programme Yes MInister is more factual than make believe
  15. l have a 2016 Hyundai Santa FE which is in Category H for road tax, the way l read it my tax will increase by inflation, it now sits at £220 a year, l take it from April 2018 it will rise by 3% or thereabouts, am l correct. l think the SF is a euro 6 diesel but not sure. The reason l traded the Shogun in last December for a new Santa FE was because l was sick of paying absorbent road tax, approx £530 a year. Really frightened l will be back in the same boat. Like l said early in a post their is no difference between politicians today than those in the 15 century, probably worse, liars, cheats, fraudsters and corrupt, never thought l would be saying this of my beloved Country, l am so dismayed l will never enter polling station again, will sit out my retirement and take what comes
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