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  1. I can recommend this site, clean, quiet, lovely pool and excellent home cooked food at the restaurant... https://www.marcodebignac.com/
  2. Thanks for your replies...
  3. Can anyone recommend a decent site near Dunkirk for a night before the morning ferry? Thanks
  4. Yung, you spend too much at Tesco...
  5. Congrats, the new van is looking good, and I agree Ray North in Leighton Buzzard is an excellent Hobby Dealer...
  6. It's a company credit (fuel) card. ..
  7. Has anyone used their Am Ex at French petrol stations? Thanks
  8. My two claims were made on the caravan insurance ( 2 different companies) and were related to towing accidents, my insurers were aware that the caravan in question was a Hobby 640 VIP. ...
  9. Has anyone ever heard of or should I say known someone who has had an insurance claim refused because they were towing a caravan over 7 mts?
  10. I insured a 640 VIP Hobby caravan ( over 7 mts ) in the UK and have claimed once in France and once in the UK for extensive damage, never had a problem and was paid out in full both times. ..
  11. Gordon, go here. ... http://hobby-owners-club. co. uk/index/
  12. +1 for Lickpenny and a great chippy not too far away. ....
  13. Unfortunately not, the Hobby Owners Forum has been stolen by some guy called Graham Pigney so I'm unable to gain access as he has blocked myself and Bob Wesley, Bob asked for his help when he had a heart attack a few years ago and apparently he has moved the domain to his own. ........
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