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  1. I was under the impression that this was Caravan Holidays Abroad....
  2. Had a chat today with the site we are booked with in mid August and they said they had heard rumours that they could open to the public by the end of June/beginning July, fingers crossed....
  3. We are booked mid August for South West France and Spain so fingers crossed things will be open and running by then...
  4. I was made redundant by my company on the first day of lock down so lost my company car the same day, I need transport so went on the hunt, found something I liked not too far away so went through the pictures and watched a video of the vehicle made by the dealer, checked out the mileage via DVLA website and was give a 48 hour money back guarantee following delivery. I'm keeping it.....
  5. Pity, now have to see what else is on offer from the other companies, well they did well out of us as over the 10 years we were members we never had to call them out once....,
  6. Talking of crossing borders, the people of Scotland have been coming into England to take advantage of our cheap booze since they increased their tax on alcohol....
  7. Toyota Landcruiser Amazon...
  8. I currently have a 540 Premium but prior to this I owned a 640 VIP which was over 7 meters in length....
  9. Over the past 10 years I have had 2 x accidents whilst towing a Hobby with a length of over 7 metres and on both occasions claimed successfully with no questions of an illegal trailer length and both had insurance estimators to visit and write their reports...
  10. I can recommend this site, clean, quiet, lovely pool and excellent home cooked food at the restaurant... https://www.marcodebignac.com/
  11. Thanks for your replies...
  12. Can anyone recommend a decent site near Dunkirk for a night before the morning ferry? Thanks
  13. Yung, you spend too much at Tesco...
  14. Congrats, the new van is looking good, and I agree Ray North in Leighton Buzzard is an excellent Hobby Dealer...
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