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  1. I had a snake a couple of weeks ago. First time ever. I normally tow my Bailey Pegasus twin axle with my Mitsubishi L200 4x4 but as it has a turbo problem I had to switch to my VW Passat estate at short notice for our family holiday in Cornwall. The Passat has much more BHP that the L200 but has a smaller mass. I put on the roof box, loaded the car as much as I safely could and reduced the luggage/etc in the van, but I reckon I was still over 100%, but not by much. I've driven with a caravan for over 20 years so had lots of experience. We'd driven from Sheffield with no problems, taken our time and had lots of breaks. On the A30, about 10 miles from Redruth with car on cruise control at 55mph. Started going uphill and catching up to an old VW camper. Decided to overtake and was getting level at the top of the hill at about 60 mph. I then decided not the overtake as I didn't want to be doing over 60 on the other side downhill. So I pulled in behind and used the gears to control my decent as it was a 7% gradient. Near the bottom of the hill I was doing 50 mph. The next part of the road was over a bridge and just as I reached the bottom of the hill, I caught a side wind which started the caravan snaking, not very violent, but enough to cause all chatter in the car to stop. At this point, the caravan's brakes came on and caused us to slow down to about 20 mph. All I did was steer us in a straight line hoping no one was going to rear end us. I understand the ATC came on for the first time (or at least the first time I noticed) in the 3 years I've owned the van (thankfully!). On the way home, I took out the caravan battery (230 Ahr jobbie as we always go off grid) and put it in the car. What a difference that made.
  2. I have a Pegasus 624. One of the first things I did was to get all four wheels balanced. What a difference it made.
  3. could you tell me what those blue boxes are under the fixed bed? Are they part of your solar set-up? We are currently near Leyburn, Yorkshire Dales, and it snowed all day on tuesday. The solar panel was only working at a fraction of its normal output. The snow was lying very thickly on it. Luckily I had an extendable rubber broom so was able to clear the snow by standing up through one of the roof lights and because it was rubber it didn't damage the panel.
  4. I have a Bailey Alutech and apparently I can walk on the roof. ..but I won't. It will support my weight but will leave dents. It works out cheaper and more convenient to do our own washing than taking it to a laundrette.
  5. Interestingly, we caravan for 15 weeks in the year. 7 weeks in the summer, 1 at each half term, 1 at Christmas and 3 at Easter. I have a 190W solar panel on the roof and an AGM 230Ahr battery under the bed. Have never ru out of electicity, either in the summer or winter and my power uses are rather large. The money we have saved from not using EHU has already paid for the cost of installing the battery, panel and all the extra 12V sockets but only because we use the van so much. Still use gas for fridge and heating though the 240V towel rail runs off a 300W inverter. 4 laptops, 3 phones, shaver, TV/DVD, LED lights, electric toothbrush, washing machine off the inverter, internet router. I know it sounds like a lot but the money we save has already paid for the all the upgrades, including the washing machine.
  6. Keep an eye out for those triangular warning signs for cross winds. They are very accurate. Just slowing down by 5/10 mph makes all the difference. . .......and don't grip the steering wheel too tightly!
  7. Zoom 3G wifi router so all four laptops can have internet when required
  8. I'll try and get pictures at the weekend. The battery goes under the fixed bed at the back. ......reduces noseweight as well. The battery has never run out. It replaced a 110 AHr and 100 Ahr carbon fibre battery which were wired in parallel. They didn't run out either. But I got the 230AHr on ebay for £100 and then sold the other two for £50 each so they paid for the multicell 230 AHr AGM. If we go to a CL with electrics I take the big battery out as I don't like taking the extra weight and replace it with a small battery, 85AHr that I have as a spare. Was given this one by a caravan accessories place as it was dead. Took two weeks to bring it back to life. The panel is rather large but is on the roof out of the way. This was another "relatively"cheap purchase on ebay for £180. I'm very mindful of the weight of the van now so I tow with the 230 AHr in the boot of the car. Not had a problem for 15,000 miles.
  9. I have a Pegasus 624 and have put a 190W solar panel on the roof. It was "sikaflexed" down last year and I have no problems with it. It charges a 230 Ahr multicell AGM battery and we have never run out of power. TV, 4 x laptops, 2 x mobile phones, 1 x 3G Zoom router, straightening iron, shaver, LED lights. ...and 240 V inverted twin tub washing machine, those portable blue ones. The cable gland was drilled through the roof by our Bailey dealership.
  10. Hello why don't you buy another 4W solar panel and connect the two panels in parallel? Cheaper, lighter and easier.
  11. 1. 190W solar panel "sikaflexed" onto the roof in July. Cost £180 ebay. 2. charge controller, 20 Amp MPPT, £70 ebay 3. 7 weeks on non-electric CL's in Cornwall, West Sussex, Hampshire, Peak District, cost between £4 to a maximun of £6 per night. 4. 7 x 7 = 49 nights x £6 = £294 (maximun payable. In reality less than this) Compared to £10 per night with EHU at CL = £490 saving £196 Compared to £25 per night at CC site = £1225 saving £931 5. with this panel able to run: 1 x TV/DVD film per night 3 x laptops 2 x mobile phones lights/pump/washing machine with inverter/4 x electric toothbrushes/electric shaver Great
  12. Good morning thinking about next years holiday and wanting a bit more sun and hopefully less rain. Six weeks in Cornwall/Devon/Sussex with variable weather, mostly dull and wet. Does anybody know if there are there any Clubs/Associations/etc. . similar to CC/CC&C that offer small CL's/CS's in France Germany Spain ? Any help, advice, links would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Both my aquarolls go in the boot of the car, an estate, so when we turn up on site my two sons have an immediate job to do. .....find the water and fill them up!
  14. . .......Dear God. ...................! on another note, not all mobile phones charge at 12V so in fact the "cigarette socket" plug could very well be a transformer.
  15. 110 AHr battery connected to a 190W solar panel on the roof. I run TV, 3 laptops, 2 mobile phones, 300W inverter for the twin tub washing machine (I'm not joking) and the Royal three way fridge (gas at night, 12V if the Sun is shining). When the battery is fully charged, normally about 9 am, the excess electricity goes into all the laptops, mobile phones, camera and camcorder as I have 12V adapters for all of them. In 5 weeks of using non-EHU CL's, we have never run out of electricity. I had to put in an 5 extra 12V sockets and a fuse board but the costs involved have already been paid for by using non-EHU between £4 and £6 per night. I won't expect to use so much in the winter months though. .....the washing machine will have to be left at home!
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