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  1. I stopped my membership and stopped using CC club years ago . I found them totally pedantic, arrogant and rude . ..I spend my money somewhere else, they seem to have forgotten that they rely on US for their income . Stuff em.
  2. Just like to add my five penneth of experience if I may I live in Lancaster so I went to Hull and got the ferry to Rotterdam on a weekend as it was cheaper, drove through Holland and up to Frankfurt where I stayed for a couple of nights I was intending one but liked what I saw, then to Innsbruck overnight (bought the vignette at a Garage ) and via the Brenner pass into Italy, apart from the approach to the campsites if was all dual carriageway and I did it in February . The original post I think was made from Stoke so it's worth looking at . ..and the Ferry was big and beautiful it was a little mini cruise, it takes overnight and you arrive at the other end early in the morning and fresh as a daisy.
  3. And his tips are not anything anyone who is experienced would already know.
  4. Google translate is sufficient for most people in most situations but as pointed out not perfect, there are anomalies but it's way better than it was . Its Spanish and French are much better than most people's grasp of the language and in fairness twenty five years ago I had to learn the language . ...so it's easier then that. Weather? I don't use an app I just look out of the window.
  5. Whoops maybe I ate most of the stock !!!!!
  6. Snow on the hills in Puerto de Mazerrone in Mercia this morning, blowing a hooley and pouring down . ...forecast to clear on Sunday
  7. If you go to any major journey or shopfitters they always have Hafele accounts, sure you could order through them if you ever get stuck
  8. Well played ! At last someone who is able to communicate the real joy of caravanning, and your grasp of the German language most awesome is . ..........you don't happen to speak fluent Klingon do you, we could spend many happy hours in conversation.
  9. I have been thinking about having my freelancers TD4 done Phil . I have a pal who had his Audi done and was well pleased . I am told that his MPG improved as well as the emissions . ..any comment ?
  10. Interesting post regarding the Spanish bobbies! Pleased about the weather too am arriving puerto de mazerrone on Friday afternoon between us we will be astride Cartagena
  11. Bloom in heck Gas, that's right up my street ! She is big and she is beautiful,I could do some damage with that . ...and she is bright Red so others could be forwarned of my approach . ......perfect . ....
  12. Agreed on all points Gaz, I got amazing service from the Rover because I made sure she was serviced properly and any obvious faults attended to pretty well immediately, the will be applied to the latest acquisition, especially as I do lots of miles in my tow car ( as you probably gathered from the first post) I travel throughout the UK in the Summer as I spend 6 months of the year working at many events, Ascot. Silverstone, Goodwood and many others living in and travelling with my Caravan, I then spend most of the Winter (in most years) heading to somewhere warm . ..so both tow car and caravan have a harder life than I
  13. I have grown used to the cut and thrust of the open subject forum on this website but for goodness sake guys I merely posted about the passing of my old and trusted Rover and noting what I replaced her with . I appreciate some of the comments regarding the old girl and wishing me luck with the new one but in true webwarrior style some of you guys seem to be unable to post unless it contains a barbed word or sarcasm I scrapped an old car I bought a newer replacement which suits me after taking my needs into account . ..end of story thank you all for your interest.
  14. Regrettably I do not have any contacts in the REME,and as I bought second hand I doubt they would have appreciated a request for a Military discount ( could have been worth a try though ) I never buy new since I retired from my business, it's just not cost effective in my view, I did however get a good discount off the Freelander having no part ex and paying cash and buying on Christmas eve morning .
  15. Thanks for the interest guys and the comments good and bad, firstly it is a Freelander 2 it's a diesel and I had it checked by my son in law who is a serving NCO in the Marines, one of his responsibilities being the Mechanics on their Land Rovers. It's had one Lady owner and I have a three month warranty which I can extend if I wish . ..that's option is as yet undecided.
  16. It went to a dismantlers and I got way more than straight scrap value, ,it well I was happy with the,sum anyway. she was undrivable an auto that cannot change gear is good to no man
  17. It's finally happened, my old Rover 75 developed a Torque converter problem and I took the decision to take her to the auto wreckers . she has become increasingly unreliable these last month's so sadly financial propriety won the day. In the last 5 years she has towed throughout the UK, Holland Germany, Austria, through the Alps, toured Italy, crossed to Sardinia and visited France three times and Southern Spain twice . I took delivery of a Land Rover Freelander this morning, if she equals her predecessor I will be delighted
  18. I had reservations regarding Ferry costs last year I went to Spain in October and returned in April vowing to examine costs for this winter . It flies in the face of my own feelings that I have managed to buy flights, rent an apartment (inclusive ) for 3 months and hire a car for the same period for only slightly less than the return Ferry Fare and fuel costs. I have actually saved on the site fees for the three month period which is roughly £700 and that is a no brainer, I love the lifestyle in my Caravan and spend a great deal of time in mine (this year the Summer in the UK only!) but £700 buys a lot of Food and drink ! Ferry companies take note !
  19. My Children are in their forties and my Grandchildren in their Teens but I do remember that when my Grandsons used to come away with me, I was in bed a long time before them, so no problem
  20. It started in Lancaster at about mid day, its my mobile caravan service man I feel for he is out in it sorting out my van !
  21. The only time I am aware that Camping, Caravans or Motorhomes are allowed on the race course campsite is when the race meeting is being held. but it might be worth ringing the course to check . Wells House Farm campsite is closer to the village but if memory serves me right they dont take tourers.
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