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  1. The spare wheel locker has another function. One year I hadn't drained it down properly and one of the water pipes under the toilet blew off due to frost. All the water went into the spare wheel locker, lucky!
  2. How about some photos of Mayfly vans. Never seen one on the road or on a site. Would love to talk to some who has one.
  3. Nedlog


    The build quality is brilliant. The layout very good and it's easy to tow.
  4. The build quality is brilliant. The layout very good and it's easy to tow. Click here to view the caravan review
  5. Thanks every one Plenty to go on
  6. What should I use to sterilize my water system in our caravan. We have the usual aquaroll, an onboard tank and the water heater. Will Milton be any good for ALL areas?
  7. Nedlog

    Dirty Pump?

    If you've got a sat-nav then use the sat-nav holder and place it on the side of the van so you can place the pump on it when not in the aquaroll.
  8. No photo's as we store the van 12 miles away but next time I visit I will take some Thanks
  9. We have a caravan with a caravan mover but it is very old (1998) I think the rolers need replacing does anyone know if they are available?
  10. Did the same thing. When ever we looked at vans and saw a dent in the dresser top we though someones been clumsy the realized how easy it was to damage it. We had some vinyl floor planks that we had used in our kitchen at home. Just cut them to size and stuck them on, much tougher
  11. Are there any owners of Avondale Mayfly caravans out there. I have seen one at a service station but I never seem to find anyone on the internet to talk to who has the same (or similar) van as we do. I would like to talk to someone who has one Thanks
  12. I thought about this years ago but was advised by a joiner that the bonding that forms the underside of the van could react against what ever you use. After that I checked with Avondale and they said on no account should any treatment be applied to the underside
  13. The other switch is for the heater. Don't switch them both on at the same time as you may blow the electrics. Any problems send me an e-mail.
  14. Same thing happened to us. A silly idiot (with a caravan on tow) shot out of a side street and made me put full brakes on. When we got to the site a bottle had fallen out of a locker and dented the worktop. We cot some wooden flooring and put that on, super
  15. Just trawling through old posts. Did you get your awning sorted out? There is a good place in Hull that alters awnings (cost me £60 to put 12" in. Now changed van and want it out again!)
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