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  1. I have always used a combination of adhesive pad/thick tape and great big dobbs of silicone, the only other thing that will work if these fail is a combination of what I have already suggested and 2 small self tappers. Bonne chance
  2. I can fully understand your concern. I think that what you need is to buy a pair of fully adjustable axle stands such as these: - http://www. paddockspares. com/pad1106-6-ton-axle-stands-pair. html Although Paddocks are all about everything to do with Land Rovers, I can assure you that they have to be one of the very best businesses for supply, they are brilliant. As for lifting the wheels off the ground and removing all weighting off the asxles, there is absolutely nothing better than you can do for your caravan apart from taking the time to remove the wheels and have them balanced at the same time. Bonne chance
  3. Exactly and who is to blame ? Blame it all on the ECHR and the goody goody you can't ever be competitive beliefs that were forced onto the teaching profession. Muddywheels you were no doubt scared stiff of ever getting a clip around the ear by the local plod, and now poor hard done to plod isn't allowed to say booooooooooooo to a goose!
  4. Beggars belief doesn't it, why the hell buy any of the spineless magazines ??
  5. When I was a Councillor back in the UK this kind of thing often came up, you are best advised to not even consider doing it most especially on security and vandalism grounds alone, the local youth would have great fun with spray paint etc.
  6. I have read quite a few of the threads. ................ I have a question to ask As this is such an exceptionally important issue which would appear to have been going on ever since this amazingly leakie and under-developed kind of construction was launched onto the unsuspecting public. Has this matter been reported in the magazines and most importantly of all the CC mag? If it hasn't, then thank heavens for the forums I say. Bonne chance
  7. No I haven't Comfygirl67, but I simply had to look at your post as I hadn't got the foggiest idea what the title was suggesting. I hope you don't take exception to me suggesting that when you post a thread you should have a more indicative title and the one for this one should have been something like "quillan,la sapinette,languedoc" ?? bonne chance
  8. Most of the people on arriving here are totally bushed after what has been for most of them, an excptionally long days drive. ................ but Wendy and I are always there to help. So for most of them, they simply hook up to the electrics, fill the Aqaroll and that is basically that. But for some of them who feel that they might as well carry on whilst they still have breath in their bodies, they do buckle down and put up the awning so that from then on, they are here, they can relax and they can totally veg out and speaking personally that is what I have always done.
  9. I will watch the replies to this post with great interest.
  10. I am sorry but I do come from the era where I had to do what my Mum and Dad wanted to do, and if I resisted I received a hard slap around the face. Because I didn't know any better I brought up my daughter the very same way, she had to do exactly what we wanted to do and you know what. .................. She doesn't have any children yet - thank heavens, but she is now an exceptionally strict but sympathetic and understanding person with all of her staff who respect her to bits [95% of whom are male engineers] and almost all of them would follow her anywhere. So although I do honestly sympathise with people like the OP, it actually is quite a good thing at times to say a very firm NO, live your own life, and make the kids follow.
  11. Yes so sadly a great British and enthusiastically run entrepreneurial effort went to the wall. Hopefully the original blokes behind the company will be able to take stock of what went wrong and start again in as stronger and healthier fashion. So there are some brilliant value products there to be picked up.
  12. Meg55 see if you can find yourself a large industrial/factory car park well away from the madding crowd. If you can find yourself some traffic cones or flags on bases and use these to put out some make believe garages and practice away to your hearts content. In my view, use the mirrorsa and don't start craning your neck around to look over the shoulder as that I most humbly believe makes reversing more difficult and after a long day in the saddle when you are feeling more than a tad tired it can cause cricks of the neck. Bonne chance Also as I wrote earlier, try putting a front tow hitch on, you will be amazed how easy it is to push even the shortest wheelbase trailer around with one.
  13. I am sorry to say that none of the super or hyper markets aro,und here have any and neither do any of the chemists we have been into, furthermore, most of the French people we know think we are taking the proverbial when we tell them about the new law. Tis enough do do yer ed-in !
  14. Considering the OP's predicament and his truly excellent tow car, if it were my money I would have a removable front tow hitch fitted to the Freelander. Try this company http://www. watling-towbars. co. uk/front_towbars. html You will be amazed how often a front hitch comes in handy! Bonne chance
  15. If you make contact with Swift and give them your CRiS number etc, they will be able to tell you exactly what size awning to buy. And when it comes to buying one, you might be lucky and find an excellent condition 2nd hand one on Preloved http://www. preloved. co. uk/adverts/list/3530/caravan-accessories. html?keyword=awnings we have a couple of people who store with us and they both purchased awnings off this site and you honestly wouldn't know that they weren't brand spanking new and for a fraction of the price of a new one from a dealer. When you buy your awning, there are some absolute shockers out there when it comes to quality, so always go for a well known recognised make and not one of those own-brand ones marketed by some of the large on-line and shops. I recently put up a brand new one from this kind of location and I kid you not, it was dire!! Bonne chance
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