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  1. I can see us living in the van when lockdown ends so to reduce site fees I bought a 1kw folding solar panel for use on non EHU CLs. I have been accused of buying "another bit of tech" and I will admit I'll have to visit a lot of CLs to get my money back
  2. I have the same van and replaced my bumper. When removing the old bumper I found that as well as screws there was a fair amount of mastic holding it. The fitting of the replacement was straight forward but I had problems aligning the old with the new. As with most DIY jobs you can see the imperfections no one else can, so I had to fashion a screw and washer clamp fixing underneath to bring the joints into line. You will probably need some new screw caps.
  3. Damp found on 4th service, water tracking in from wring was blamed. Damp found on 5th service, warped front locker doors blamed. I bet the Royal Navy is glad they don't build submarines. .

    New Tyres

    Could you give me a rough idea of how much you paid as I will be replacing mine soon.
  5. On my 4th service damp reported all down one side with water coming in through the wiring as the reason, repaired under warranty with no fuss just inconvenience. 5th service just completed with damp again reported in all 4 corners and warped front locker doors as the reason at the front, again work will be carried out under warranty. I wonder how affective is the drying out process and my concern is if this carries on what state will the floor be in when it comes out of warranty.
  6. I have a 10 year water ingress warranty and a 6 year components warranty. I have to have the van serviced each year costing £200. The van is 4 years old and has just had major damp repairs done, the ATC failed and was replaced (approx. £450), cooker, fridge, electric distribution unit have all had repairs done under warranty plus other repairs to numerous to list. This sounds like a litany of disasters and I suppose it is but the warranty work has been done without a quibble. I know most warranties are not worth the paper they are written on and are just a series of get out clauses and this is the only one I have but it has been worth it if only for piece of mind and I would buy them again
  7. Thank you for your replies. I will tell her that it must be operator error and I will must therefore check the catches as well. I has been nice knowing you.
  8. On 2 occasions we have arrived with the rooflight fully up on our 4 year old Pegasus 462. I have been assured that it was secured before we left. Has anyone had the same experience or is it early onset?
  9. See if you can get your dealer to replace screws with bolts on the fuse box as they vibrate loose and damage the box. After 3 Baileys that's the only major design fault I have found. Enjoy your van.
  10. After finding loose screws under the bunk I noticed that the fuse box was loose and 2 of the plastics lugs had broken. I have replaced 2 screws with bolts and anti vibration locknuts in the hope they will last until the next service. As the fuse box is attached to a flimsy piece of vibrating plywood I am not surprised we are having these problems.
  11. I have ordered a 462 with optional chest of drawers. Are they fixed in some way, if not are they OK to travel in situ at the front or should they be put on the floor for travelling?
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