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  1. I did something similar but I took the power from mine from the number plate light. I bought a cheap WiFi reversing camera from Ebay is it very good.
  2. Hello everyone, The awning light on our Coachman Pastiche 2016 is failing. 3 of the 10 leds are off. I think water has got into it. The caravan has a bonded construction so I guess the light is stuck on with sealant. I have found a new light for £25. What sealant is used for sticking these things on? I have found Sikaflex EBD, 221 and 521. They all look pretty similar....
  3. You can if you would ever like to say it to my face. I
  4. They are in the shop all day. A bit of service would be nice we paid £319 for 9 boggy nights. The Club won’t spend money to fix the park after it was ‘vandalised’ last year.
  5. Hello all, I have just been told that the Caravan and Motorhome Club Wardens are not allowed to receive / sign for parcels whilst you are staying on site. ... I have orders bits and bobs from Amazon etc before whilst staying on sites without any issue but today I was reprimanded by a Warden. Apparently they are allowed to sign for parcels if it is an emergency and it is prearranged with them. I ordered a new cable for my wife’s new phone as it had a USB-C connector. .. I’m a naughty boy. ...
  6. In the middle of our Easter holiday at the moment. Tried to cook breakfast this morning and the gas pressure was really low. I thought the bottle must be empty so I swapped it over but still we had low pressure; so low that 2 burners wouldn't stay lit. .. Another regulator Truma bites the dust, our caravan is only 16 or so months old. ..not good. £55 later and all is working again.
  7. Hello Everyone and Happy Easter. We have been caravanning for 9 years and are now on our third (forth of you count the defective Swift) caravan. Our first was a Sprite Major 6, when we owned this it needed 5 battery chargers and 3 front windows replacing. Also it had a nasty gas leak because the gas manifold had been cracked and filled with sealant in the factory. Our second caravan was a Swift Corniche 19/6 (Wandahome Dealer Special), the first Swift was that bad it was completely replaced. The replacement caravan wasn't without problems. The shower door fell off and smashed the w
  8. I have just made a 'temporary' one using my printer and some wide sellotape to laminate it (badly). It should do the job I will order one from Amazon. As other said I should have got the dealer to make one, I never thought at the time. ..
  9. Hello all, We have just bought a new car and don't have a V5 for it yet. I went to buy a number plate for our caravan today with paper work for the new car but was told I needed the V5 for a number plate, we don't have the V5 yet. Is there any other way of getting a plate without a V5. ..legally.
  10. Hi, Most Caravanclub sites are 16 amp apparently: - Nearly all Club sites supply a maximum 16 amps (see note 1), which means at any one time the total of all appliances in use at an individual pitch, must not exceed 16 amps.
  11. Hello all, I took my Coachman Pastiche in today for it's first service. I mentioned that the caravan had a strange problem. When the Alde heating is on 3Kw the fridge starts flashing as if there is no mains power to it. When the heating is on 2Kw or gas the fridge is fine. I thought that the fridge could be sensitive to under voltage but this has happens even on a 16 amp supply. My second problem is that when the fridge is on 12 volt and connected to our car (and the car is running) the AL-KO ATC doesn't work and the caravan brakes stay locked on. I thought this was probabl
  12. For a full year and pay up front they charge £2,200 which works out £6 a night. If you pay per month this rises to £3,650! For 155 nights in the dead of winter when their shop is shut, we can't get across the A66 because of snow and a truck blowing over or the weather is just too nasty for Mrs T they was us to part with £1400. This is £9 a night based on 155 nights. It's a shame really. The kids used to like going swimming at Appleby Pool on a Saturday morning and the the Indian restaurant in the Appleby is very good but I can't afford £1,400. It's very expensive for a few weekend
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