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  1. We have progressed from a 3.5m deep awning when we first went to France to just the fiamma pull out canopy. Admittedly we go further down south than when we started but no longer see the need (or the time and effort in putting up and taking down) for a big awning. The canopy works just fine for some shade and a cover for a fridge etc.
  2. We did a couple of trips to camping du letty in benodet The site backs onto a beach and it’s about a 20 minute walk into the town it has a pool / small water park and excellent takeaway which did a lot more than the usual burger and chips or pizza.
  3. Thanks Everyone Unfortunately we are 2 adults and 3 kids which appears to be the bulk of the cost plus the booking fee. Baie de Somme is my usual port of call but we are going in the other direction once we get off the train so not an option this year. I've also used Black Horse Farm in the past as well but I can be 2 -3 hours further up the road if we stay in France for probably an extra hour or so the day before. I will try the CMHC and see if its any cheaper booked through them. Thanks again.
  4. Having checked with the site we can enter late at night after getting off the train. However i have just gone to book and it’s coming out at €72 for the night including a €10 booking fee, which seems ridiculous for a few hours sleep. Is there any other options for a late night arrival off the train? Thanks.
  5. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. The site to the north of Lyon looks spot on. Does anyone one know what the latest time you can check in to Bien Assise is? I’ve looked on the website but can’t see. Thanks in anticipation again.
  6. We have stopped off numerous times in August when getting a late night train. Its very busy on a Friday but in recent years we have been staying on a Wednesday night getting there about 1 am an I usually just park up in the bays in front of the building as the actual caravan spots at the back fill up early evening. we have never had any problems as it’s regularly patrolled and on a toll road rather than open motorway. It also serves both directions of the A16. Mike
  7. I am a bit late but, planning our trip to France this year! We are staying near Frejus which is a different route to what I normally take so my well worked routine of where to stay on route wont work! I therefore have 2 questions to ask.... We normally get a late evening / night train and stay at the aire at Baie de Somme on the A16 which allows us to get a flyer the following morning - is there a similarly safe aire on the A26 going the other way or will I need to just bite the bullet and stay near Folkestone and get an early morning train and accept we will be a couple of hours later on the move in France than normal. Can any one recommend a site just off the A6 near Lyon which seems a good point to stop off before the final leg to Frejus? Any assistance greatly appreciated. Mike
  8. I towed a Pegasus 546 fully loaded with a 2.2 tdci auto fully loaded for several years without issues. It did used used to sit down a bit at the rear end but it never bottomed out!
  9. I have cross climates on my Kia Rio and crossclimate suv on the Touareg. The only difference I can see is that the gap on the treads looks larger on the SUV but that may just be due to the fact they are 275 45 R20 rather than the much smaller 16 inch rims on the Kia. The Kia has done a full year and performed great in all weathers, Touareg has only had its new boots for a couple of months so not been properly tested yet but much better in the cold than the OEM Pirelli Scorpion Verdes it came with. Mike
  10. I’ve given up posting a picture, it won’t work from either of my fruit based contraptions! The screws in mine are 20mm long hope this helps
  11. Please see attached. Excuse the ruler, I had to nick it off one of the kids (honest!) Sorry - photos won’t upload. Will try again when I get home
  12. I will unscrew one of ours and let you know. Just beware the TV does stick out a bit but I can’t find a smaller bracket either (the Avtex bracket we had on our original Pegasus would have been perfect!)
  13. Thanks everyone. Looks like the vredesteins don’t come in 275 45 r20. I have cross climates on my car but it’s over a grand for 4 of them on the treg. tuningdrew what are the nexans you have?
  14. It’s going to be time for new boots shortly as the original Pirelli Scorpion Verde 275/45 20 are nearly done. As the Pirellis are a summer tyre they were next to useless in the snow this winter so am looking for suggestions of a decent all season tyre suitable for the tregs 20 inch rims Thanks in anticipation
  15. I had exactly the same when the Jeep got water in its socket and I changed it inadvertently crossing the relay controlled and permanent live over. This is caused the atc to self test every time I slowed down or stopped which was a nightmare when we got stuck in Frances black Saturday traffic one year! Easily sorted once I realised what was causing the brakes to keep operating at low speed
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