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  1. We went last year and were disappointed. Fortunately we were staying on the club site so didn’t have to pay the parking. The weather Didn’t help as it was unseasonably warm and drizzling but I thought it was expensive with quite a limited choice of stalls etc. Although plenty of them. Others may obviously have a different view.
  2. It’s in the Alde control panel above the kitchen socket outlets. I’ve just fitted a remote sensor in the rear bedroom as there is quite a difference in temperatures where the heating goes off before the rear is warm. . I’ve also covered the fins under the front windows to try and reduce the heat into the front area so hopefully more controlled and a bit better balanced output.
  3. MPG

    Forced Tow Car Change

    Thanks for all the reply’s. I’ve had the previous generation Jeep and it served me well, although it wasn’t as well put together as it’s competitors at the time. Having looked at the newer one it’s not far off the VW considering they were about the same ages and I felt the drive was better as it had air suspension rather then the steel springs of the Rline. With regards to the theft it was nothing to do with keyless entry or that. The Mrs had her handbag stolen whilst she was out, car key removed from the key ring, bag dumped afterwards and car driven off. The police feel it was a targeted theft by an organised gang! As with all these things we are the ones having to deal with the outcome! Thanks again. Mike
  4. MPG

    Forced Tow Car Change

    You might be right, but after insurance can’t really stretch to a Treg of the age / mileage we want and having driven a GC with the air suspension it’s much better than the Rline we had with springs!
  5. Having had the Touareg stolen last week and the insurance paid up I am now on an urgent search for a replacement tow car. I have narrowed it down to a Jeep Grand Cherokee (ideally a 2016 face lifted model) or a similar aged Audi A6 allroad (which appears to tick the boxes but I have yet to test drive). I would be interested in any real world advice or experiences of towing with either cars - especially a twin axle van. Thanks in advance. Mike
  6. We started off with a Bailey Pegasus 546 Youngest was 18 months when we got it and no 2 was 5 and no 1 8. It served us very well for 6 years. The triple bunks with the dinette gave them the own space. The only draw back was the wet room bathroom which meant we never really used the shower. When the triple bunks became a bit cramped we changed to a Pegasus 4 Ancona which was great - other than it was 5 berth and no1 despite not being very tall outgrew the dinette bed as it’s not full length (check the dimensions!). We've now got a unicorn Segovia which fits the bill and sorts all the shortcomings we had with the Pegasus. We were lucky with the first one but it’s very easy to make a mistake as for some reasons some things just don’t work! Mike
  7. Thanks Alan First time we ever stayed here we couldn't get into the cul-de-sac so we stayed in the bays at the front which are also designated caravan parking bays. Since then we’ve always stayed as I can literally pull in unhitch and crash for a few hours without having to risk driving into the cup-de-sac area and finding it full again. I appreciate that might be different to what others do but it suits us and is a designated caravan parking area. It was also the area one of the other posters to the thread was asking about hence the photo! Mike
  8. Thanks Ashey, having a great time. Been here a week and it’s been 30 C everyday! hope you have a good holiday as well.
  9. Sorry for the tardy response, I’ve been relaxing too much since we reached our destination! We arrived at about 01.00 French time and there was only one other unit there. All the spots in front of the building were open although the road layout has changed and a load of Tesla charging points have gone in since we were there 2 years ago! Photo is just after we got the legs down. Safe travels.
  10. Hopefully before midnight but I will be in the hands of the motorway gods coming down from the northwest! What about yourself?
  11. We are intending to stop there on the evening of 7th August following our evening train crossing. Only time we have seen it full is on a Friday night and I now avoid travelling anywhere south in early August on a Saturday after a truly horrendous journey to Benodet on a Saturday!
  12. Thanks everyone, some lunchtime research for me!
  13. I am looking for a site near Dijon we can overnight at on our return journey from Fréjus to Calais. Ideally I would like something close to the autoroute. Thanks in anticipation.
  14. We have progressed from a 3.5m deep awning when we first went to France to just the fiamma pull out canopy. Admittedly we go further down south than when we started but no longer see the need (or the time and effort in putting up and taking down) for a big awning. The canopy works just fine for some shade and a cover for a fridge etc.
  15. We did a couple of trips to camping du letty in benodet The site backs onto a beach and it’s about a 20 minute walk into the town it has a pool / small water park and excellent takeaway which did a lot more than the usual burger and chips or pizza.
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