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  1. they started squeaking but didnt used to squeak when u sit down a bit but a lot more when on the bed ! may have been that the caravan had moved a bit and needed the steadies sorting ?
  2. any ideas? have a s3 Valencia and the front bed when made up from the two lounge seats squeaks. Have checked the cushions have checked the wooden slats and tried cushions face up or upside down and even put pads on the wooden benchs but still no joy! about to have two weeks in it soon and dread turning over! and not a fatty either as an excuse!
  3. hi there thanks for all the relevant and off the wall responses! was also looking at the new top of the range jockey wheel assembly and changing the whole thing as they look sturdy and the wheel a bit smaller as well - Kartt is the manufacturer anyone got experience of them?
  4. cheers geoff will what age is your Sorento?
  5. have a kx 1 65 plate and the towing is scary with only a small van on the back and at present have to remove the jockey wheel from the unicorn as it is so low to the ground using a detachable tow bar - should i get the stronger srpings installed if so any idea where to go aside from a KIA dealer?
  6. still not sure what to do here possibly may reduce the size of the jockey wheel as the main issue is the fact that the wheel could possibly come up slightly higher but it does have the "lip" of the drawbar plastic frame to contend with . the Srento is the new style one 65 plate but with standard suspension and a detactable tow bar if that helps at all - guess i could try to get bigger springs installed on the back?
  7. hi there sorry if the post was unclear yes removed it but just seemed a bit concerning doing it and was also concerned if the insurance would still be valid if it came off and nose dived - worse case scenario. Any thoughts on just changing for a smaller wheel that may help?
  8. hi there just changed to a Bailey Unicorn series 3 Valencia and it was suggested to remove the jockey wheel whilst towing as it appeared pretty low and liable to road humps etc - have a 2015 Kia Sorrento with detachable tow bar and it does appear low any thoughts? or do we reduce the size of the jockey wheel and leave it on? aware of the thread re removal and if involved in an accident apprecaite your views/ideas.
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