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  1. hi Pebble thanks for the heads up we had a flexing floor with a lunar special edition e had and it did not feel very well put together..
  2. cheers Sandy - have been to see it and have to be honest the single beds were too small for us and it felt pretty poor quality for the price so have decided against it!
  3. hi there is anyone able to give me any feedback re the above as we are hoping to look at one tomorrow. Have seen the comment re windows cracknig which is a concern - are there any other things to look out for or should we steer clear? many thanks
  4. hi Dave thanks for the feedback will see how it gets on just seems to struggle to be honest previously had a santa fe and seemed to have more grunt!
  5. hi there thanks for the feedback it may be it would feel better with a twin axle on the back! but will keep on as is for the time being
  6. Hi there towing with a new shape KX1 with no self levelling suspension any one doing the same and any feedback? have to admit does not feel the most solid of set up compared to others i have used like santa fe/freelander 2 etc or it just me? towing a Bailey series 3 Pegasus Valencia
  7. hi there many thanks for the detailed reply will investigate whilst on holiday!
  8. update: have purchased off ebay a longer alko threaded screw which i have installed which looks like the jockey wheel may be able to go higher as the red handle is no longer right at the side of the jockey wheel - fingers crossed!
  9. hi there the above i think worked first time we went out but no longer! have checked to see if separate fuse but no, so any ideas if easy to replace as i dont really facny removing and breaking and seal that is there.
  10. they started squeaking but didnt used to squeak when u sit down a bit but a lot more when on the bed ! may have been that the caravan had moved a bit and needed the steadies sorting ?
  11. any ideas? have a s3 Valencia and the front bed when made up from the two lounge seats squeaks. Have checked the cushions have checked the wooden slats and tried cushions face up or upside down and even put pads on the wooden benchs but still no joy! about to have two weeks in it soon and dread turning over! and not a fatty either as an excuse!
  12. hi there thanks for all the relevant and off the wall responses! was also looking at the new top of the range jockey wheel assembly and changing the whole thing as they look sturdy and the wheel a bit smaller as well - Kartt is the manufacturer anyone got experience of them?
  13. cheers geoff will what age is your Sorento?
  14. have a kx 1 65 plate and the towing is scary with only a small van on the back and at present have to remove the jockey wheel from the unicorn as it is so low to the ground using a detachable tow bar - should i get the stronger srpings installed if so any idea where to go aside from a KIA dealer?
  15. still not sure what to do here possibly may reduce the size of the jockey wheel as the main issue is the fact that the wheel could possibly come up slightly higher but it does have the "lip" of the drawbar plastic frame to contend with . the Srento is the new style one 65 plate but with standard suspension and a detactable tow bar if that helps at all - guess i could try to get bigger springs installed on the back?
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