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  1. just to finalize my question, thanks to all for some very helpful comments. I have bought a van, my wife fell in love with it i liked it. I bought it as i cant fault it no damp anywhere and great VFM. Its a near new Lunar CK not my much loved Coachman but until they make one i like with no rubbish bed slats, bigger sunroof then this will do nicely. I have full damp warranty by the way from the dealer. Brave or foolish time will tell?
  2. Hi i have bitten the bullet and purchased an 2018 Lunar and i wish to install a solar panel. Has anyone done this on the CK and has any advice on where the best place to fit and connections to the main control unit please?
  3. Looked at one yesterday, silver curtains plain cream seating (very poor quality see Kiaboys comments). Toilet and cooker now Thetford cream carpet. Upgrade available to seating fabric £250. Looked at both of these vans yesterday and i can see why you choose the Elddis much more VFM.
  4. Thank you guys so much for your helpful replies which i have taken on board. Any further comments will always help and i now feel more confident about making the right choice of new van. I would like to know more about the Dometic ovens and toilets if anyone can enlighten me. I have read that the ovens dont work well, something to do with temperatures i believe?
  5. I think that you will find that there is a short in the 12v system, maybe water getting in but definitely a problem that needs resolving. Disconnect the solar panel if you have one , then if its not that the fridge 12v supply.
  6. I have a 2012 vip coachman and despite initial grumbles and bits needing fixing i have found the van to be very good quality, reliable and well built to last. So 8 years old soon we thought we should look for a newer one. So far i have found to my dismay the pull out bed has been replaced with just plain bits of wood that used to be used 20 plus years ago in low end vans, dodgy sunroof blinds and front blind wont close upwards. The clothes drawers in the bathroom are so small you cant get much in them and the nearside wet locker is now a hole into the van under the bed! I can seem to find a review that is not biased in some way and it feels to me that whilst it looks good, quality of materials used is well below what you would expect for a 25k van. What i would like to do is hear from anyone who has an 18, 19, 20, vip what their views on these vans to help me decide if i should buy another coachman? Thanks in advance.
  7. i think that it is politically driven, i found the hassle not worth it when trying to establish a garage that would allow a refill. Your system looks fine but is more risky than connecting straight to the bottle in theory as a connection could fail. Worlds gone mad!
  8. can you send me your e mail address, i have photo of all the pages and are to big for this site. (Email address removed) Mod edit: Just a reminder to not use email addresses in this open forum. Use the PM system.
  9. Thank you for the offer but I have now found my originals and I am all up and running again! If anyone needs a copy let me know.
  10. i think that you will find that any potential new owner will honour warranties as they will negotiate a lower price to include this. If they did not honour them then they will effectively be throwing their money away buying the company as sales will plummet due to a lack of confidence by the consumer.
  11. Its very sad to see such a well respected brand in trouble. But surely these manufactures did not expect this bubble to last forever, where's the forecasting and forward planning? Look at the prices now, the same price as a decent new car, it could not go on forever. Priced themselves out of business along with many more no doubt, this is probably not the last one to go to the wall.
  12. Hi I have one of these for some time and i cant seem to get it to pair up. Has anyone got the operating instructions that tell you how to set it up please? i did find it quite useful and would like to get it working again. thanks
  13. you should see the grease dropping on to the floor directly beneath the shaft. Make sure that the pin in the nipple is not seized.
  14. My new Mercedes Glc needed a new differential, first major fault in 6 previous c class Estates so I was not to upset. One of the problems was 3 trips to the dealer to diagnose the problem a 30 mile round trip every time. The reason I mention this is its the same inconvenience for caravaners who frequently buy from dealers at shows and many miles from where they live. Its just not practical to return the van when something simple goes wrong that's why owners go direct to the manufacturer. Having done this many times the advice I would give anyone contacting the dealer or manufacturer is to take the emotion out of the letter or conversation. Just be brief and specific no moans (although you may well be justified) get the names of the people you deal with, use them when talking and writing to them. You will find that you may get better service.
  15. After reading great reviews on Banner batteries from the Caravan club I purchased one 4. 5 years ago with a 5 year guarantee. recently mu carbon monoxide alarm started going off. I looked this up on the web and was told to check your battery, good job I did it was really hot! Anyway to cut a long story short Alpha Battery Man Rochdale who supplied it picked it up no charge and after a week of testing a new one is on the way . The point of this that's very good service at that age and no cost to me! If you need a battery then these people are great to deal with.
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