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  1. Its white solid plastic. White all the way through.
  2. Really? its an 18 month old van and its on the white plastic trim. Nothing else just the solid white plastic trim along the bottom and no pink cloth or pink clothes were worn just pink cleaner.
  3. i thought that i would try Fenwicks caravan cleaner for a change, did it well but left it a bit flat. Any way the next day i noticed the the white trim along the bottom of my Lunar Clubman had pink patches in places. I cant get it off and i wonder if anyone has any experience of this problem? As usual the product was mixed properly and the van well rinsed.
  4. I am very pleased with mine, you will find it smaller inside to your e class and definitely consider the 250 over the 220. It has a nice but firm ride and amazing torque.
  5. The price between a 2012 Ml and a 2015 Glc would be similar all depending on miles. So worthy of consideration in my opinion for the op.
  6. I would suggest that you look at the GLC, great towcar better size for your wife and lots of power in the 250 and above. Best towcar i have had.
  7. The red light is a 12v supply from your battery only. the systems runs on 12v, only 230v for the electric heaters. so if you have power how do you know that the water is not heating? in settings you have 1.2.3.kw what setting are you on and has the electric been set to prefered power elec z sign? if you have shut off the power the settings may have changed. if you have done all of this it may be the heater element. As i have already said it should function on gas. there is a thermal fuse soldered to the control panel, you have to remove the panel to get it and it requires soldering to
  8. check that its not tripped out on your main fusebox. The system will operate on 12v you can try gas it should work.
  9. I carry a small hydraulic jack which you would place under the chassis near the wheels. You have to make sure that it cant topple off using chocks on the other wheel. The 2 ton jack is quite reasonable, e bay Or amazon .
  10. This topic has been well covered for you but one thing you must consider as well is loading your caravan, check the nose weight and make sure that all heavy items are over the axles. Keep the speed down and if you have ATC fitted all the better.
  11. Yes as the lunar uses the Alko chassis still so you should not have a problem.
  12. All of these parts are accessible on e-bay or Amazon. You can fit them yourself if you are handy with tools. The canvas strap you can make up and the studs are on e bay. The a frame cover may be more difficult but again a competent handyman could repair yours. good luck and have fun.
  13. Travel as light as possible, have frequent stops making the journey part of the holiday. Games in the car such as, how many red cars can you count changing it to lorries or buildings etc. I spy of course and make them as comfortable as possible they may sleep a lot (if u r lucky). You may consider seeing if there's a singles caravan group, most people will help out on site and dont be afraid to ask. I cant imagine how you must be feeling with your tragic loss, persevere and it will get better for you in time.
  14. The tv is fine, i will check all the aerial connections and cables as suggested as a first resort, if that fails back to the dealer! thank you for your helpful replies guys.
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