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  1. Actualy it would cost me more for 2 weeks at home for our holiday,Villa is my neices holiday home so who am I to refuse it for as long as I like for nowt lol.
  2. I will be sitting at the pool at a lovely villa in Spain
  3. Yes it's very frustrating when people don't turn up,I'm sure people like myself who have in the past taken names for a rally etc and organised a decent price with the site owner,who thinks they are getting maybe 15 pitches booked out. Some people don't even answer messages to say whether still going on the rally and it does make you feel bad when you turn up on a site only to say you don't need the 15 pitches. I much prefer for the site owners to ask for a deposit, although some don't for a rally when they know you quite well from visiting their site.
  4. I would love to see in that wee van Dave, I love the look of it
  5. Terry, Jim had his tester with him at Linwater when in working in Jimmy's van, wish you had mentioned about the battery then
  6. loved reading your blog and think you have done a great job on the vans. I loved the shape of the units in the kitchen area, what kind of paint did you use for the units ? it realy brightens up the van,A few weeks ago I was spending time looking at the website on vintage caravans for hire and would love to have my van like that but although I liked the flowery curtains etc I'm a bit OCD so the thought of sitting looking at different patterns of curtains with an assortment of tiebacks would probably freak me out lol. Keep up the good work will keep looking in on your blog from time to time
  7. my wooden caravan table can't be used anywhere else except in the caravan it attaches onto the set of drawers at the front window and I realy don't know anyone who uses a wooden table in the awning it's either been aluminum or plastic. ..so I'm of no help whatsoever sorry
  8. well there you have it folks, this piece of equipment can take the fattest of caravanners :lol:
  9. this is similar thing to what we use for extra seating etc http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/ProDec-Aluminium-Work-Stand-Anti-Slip-960mm-Lightweight-Platform-Hop-Bench-Step-/180836505698?pt=UK_H_G_Ladders_RL&hash=item2a1ab21862
  10. certainly sounds like you have left something on built in radio maybe ? sorry I'm no help, hopefully someone will be along soon with advice
  11. thanks for sharing your photo's it looks a lovely area
  12. we only have a small van so always have the awning up and we take a plastic folding table for use in the awning,we also take with us a very lightweight aluminium work bench with a couple of little cushions it is ideal for sitting on,or without cushions we put a BBQ on, and have also used it in a party gazebo as a table for drinks as its long and narrow it takes up less room when there is a big gathering . I think it only cost about £17 but has proved to be one of the best pieces of equipment we have bought
  13. this kind of post annoys me, the OP only joined the forum in April give the guy a break . Maybe you should practise what you preach if you don't like it don't join in the topic of discussion. John I'm not a member of the CC but I have heard from posts in other forums where people have said they too had problems booking .
  14. Well done Rita, I love to hear stories like this, ordinary members of the public going out of their way to help others . ..
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