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  1. SteveMilner

    Teppanyaki electric grill

    Perhaps I shouldn't be using my Cadac in the awning!
  2. SteveMilner

    Tow Bar Electrics and Silicon

    After doing that on the inside, cover the outside of the socket and wire with self amalgamating tape. Also if you can make the cable behind the socket dip down a little and add a tie-wrap at the low point it encourages water to drip off the cable and not travel along it.
  3. SteveMilner

    Adding USB sockets

    Should be OK as long as you one run separate cables to each outlet from the fuse box/battery Don't try daisy chaining them
  4. SteveMilner

    The unit at the front...

    Front drawers? Something like this? https://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/Bailey-chest-of-drawers-with-fold-out-table/292924826045?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC. MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D20140107083358%26meid%3Dfb96813cafa2421691a9109c76aab23b%26pid%3D100011%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D2%26sd%3D301654611263%26itm%3D292924826045&_trksid=p2047675. c100011. m1850
  5. SteveMilner

    Scotland, is it worth a visit?

    Scotland is awful. Stay away.
  6. SteveMilner

    Semi-flexible solar panel

    If your roof is aluminium it will act as a good heat-sink.
  7. SteveMilner

    Petrol smell in caravan

    Has anyone heard from Jane?
  8. SteveMilner

    Adding an internal water tank

    My view exactly. I think you would be better keeping 10 litres in the aquaroll and then travelling with the 10kg weight over the axle in the van.
  9. SteveMilner

    Petrol smell in caravan

    I have contacted the CMC local centre, given one of their facebook admins the details of this thread and asked if any of his members could assist, but I've not had any reply yet. My view is that a an experienced set of eyes could quickly come to an assessment if it can be fixed by them or needs professional help. It would be a shame for Jane to have to take out a loan for service (and probably remedial work) if it could be resolved easily by someone else. Jane, has the smell of petrol abated yet?
  10. SteveMilner

    Petrol smell in caravan

    Agreed £225 sounds expensive and looking at the electrics for the battery box there may well be some remedial cost on top of that.
  11. SteveMilner

    Petrol smell in caravan

    You need to approach this in an ordered way. You are getting a replacement battery - Good. You need to verify that your charger is in working order, if it is not it will ruin the new battery. You should purchase a cheap multimeter, if you are visiting Halfords you will be able to buy one there. Check the reading at the connectors to the battery without the battery connected but with the charger on. If you get a reading of less than 15v, connect the battery and check again. An initial reading over 15v or a reading over 14. 5v when connected to the battery would indicate a problem with the charger. If you have a faulty charger then you are going to need some professional help to sort out your electrics. If you still smell something petrol like then follow the fault finding options suggested earlier by happynomad: And get a working carbon monoxide detector . The results of these tests may require you to take action which you cannot afford, however the advice you are being given here is for your own safety. Gas and electrical problems are dangerous and potentially fatal. Better switching things off than exposing yourself to that risk. Would you post where you are situated? May be there is someone who can help nearby, or failing that a member of the local Caravan and Motorhome Club centre could ask around their local members for someone competent who could come and help you out. If it's as per your profile here is the CMC centre Facebook group. https://www. facebook. com/groups/gloscentre/
  12. SteveMilner

    first trip abroad

    I've often travelled from Yorkshire and stopped at Abbey Wood and picked up a mid morning ferry the nest day.
  13. SteveMilner

    Fuel consumption

    I get exactly the same MPG with my Shogun
  14. SteveMilner

    Route / Site advice req'd - Spain to UK

    I would, and have gone from Med coast of Spain up the A9, then the A61 to Toulouse and the A62 to Bordeaux. Nice site in Agen to stop off en-route: https://camping-moulin-mellet. com
  15. SteveMilner

    Extra bass from Caravan stereo

    You'll also be shocked at the price!