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  1. I'm looking for Thetford door spare parts as well and again - It's buy a new door for the sake of a couple of bits of plastic. Disgraceful that all of the rest of the door will end up in landfill, let alone the cost.
  2. Stoppers on my current Bailey. None on my old Senator. I used 2x apple keep lynch pins and drilled holes.
  3. I would suggest not. It begs the question, how did the van get in the tight spot in the first place?
  4. It's worth noting that if you are off grid (battery or battery & solar) the pump may need to be slightly adjusted compare to on EHU.
  5. Google Street View shows the Fireside Shop at that address. Apologies - Should read the whole thread - someone has already given that info.
  6. I agree. Half the holiday will be travel. The roads will be very busy
  7. Actually, now I recall, I have been asked not to use a certain group of pitches, owing to soft ground.
  8. Yes, it's similar to the FD3, but with more pins round it. Can't find the pins as a spare part anywhere.
  9. Picture 7 shows the inside of the locker that I am discussing here: https://www.practicalcaravan.com/reviews/caravan/27959-bailey-olympus-460-2 I've zoomed in a bit. The arrow points to one of a number of white dots round the edge of the locker. These are the pins I am referring to. They are half and inch long (some shorter) and the tab at the end has an inverted L shape. The pins are much clearer around the edge of this photo. https://www.picclickimg.com/00/s/OTE3WDExOTk=/z/sDAAAOSwhdRYWVj-/$/Thetford-Bailey-caravan-motorhome-toilet-locker-flush-door-_57.jpg
  10. Sorry not the clips - I'm not sure if my door is any of the ones listed in the pdf file above. Edit - It's either the FD3 or similar David, they are the hinge pins so not what I'm after. I'll take a picture when I'm next at the van. Thanks for trying folks.
  11. Same for me on the site I have used before.
  12. Seems like I'm in good company: I might just pull the door apart and use a mastic type sealant to glue the infill back in place.
  13. I've probably called them the wrong thing, because if I'd have used the correct terminology I would have found them for sale via eBay or google or whatever. One of my front locker doors on a Bailey is a little bit delicate. The locker has a stiff outer surround and a panel mounted in the centre. If I try and close the locker by pushing in the centre it often pushes in a bit. Looking at the locker door from the inside, it seems that there are some plastic push in pins (probably the wrong word) around the edge of the stiff plastic bit that seem to hold the centre firmly in place. I've at least 2 missing and I've some long ones in short holes. Can anyone point me in the right direction to buy replacements?
  14. Measure the voltage at the controller and the battery. If there is more than a drop of 0.5v at the controller the problem is in the cabling between them.
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