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  1. Funny you mention that, I followed his fault finding chart which suggested contacting him which I’ve done. Did you get a universal type remote that you set up to be the correct type? I’ve been looking at the those. Thanks for the response.
  2. They didn’t have any mobile engineers so I’ll probably be taking this into the dealer.
  3. Hopefully there may be a Truma TE expertises out there. I have a Truma TE mover that has a problem. The handheld remote connects to the main control unit in the caravan correctly. After a few seconds the remote LED goes solid green and stops making a beep noise. At the same time the main control unit LED goes from slow red blinking to rapid red blinking. No error codes are shown by the LED. None of the buttons on the front of the control unit have any effect. The rollers will not engage when both buttons are held down. The rollers will not spin when any of the manoe
  4. Hi Steve

    My fridge in the caravan will not work whilst travelling, the control is fault 10 saying no power. The light is on in the fridge But only getting 9volts whereasthe car is pushing out 14v plus.

    1. SteveMilner


      Hi Roy. 

      You may be better posting this in the main forum. Include more information such as make and model of the fridge and caravan. 

      I would suspect corroded connectors between the car and the van or a faulty split charge control unit. 

  5. Thanks for the info. Yes we are on one of the super Shore pitches directly overlooking the rock pools. Superb new area. I did spot Harper’s but I expect they’ll want me to bring the van in. I’ve left them a message.
  6. Hi. Im in need of someone to do a repair on my Thetford Midi Prima Mk3 oven in Hopeman. The spark electrode seems to have failed and the burner unit seems to be a little loose on the left hand side. Is anyone available within the next week to assist? Regards, Stephen.
  7. Camping à la Ferme Michel IssenHausen Basic facilities - nothing flash, just a field and no pool, but cheap.
  8. If the above fails then there are some obvious things you can look for on a PCB, and if you are comfortable with a soldering iron then have a go - Nothing to loose. Disconnect the mains and battery and then remove all connectors and get the board onto a well lit surface. Look carefully on the solder side of the board for any obviously dodgy connections to the wires - Try and gently wiggle components. If anything is suspect, re-solder the joint. If you haven't found anything then move onto a full board inspection, but if you need to do this and find any probl
  9. As I understand it - That was a simulation and it was up to 65 million https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/1237240/coronavirus-latest-symptoms-china-coronavirus-world-health-organisation-sars-outbreak
  10. I'm not sure the 36 year old was in good health. I don't think that's been confirmed one way or the other.
  11. If you google for 'Coronavirus 65m' you get a Daily Mail article with the words up-to in the sentence.
  12. The reasons China is in lockdown is to prevent the mass movement of the best part of 1.4 billion people moving around the country for the New Year, with the subsequent public health risks that entails. For those of us with kids of school age we see a mini 'epidemic' of colds etc. as the kids come back to school from summer holidays. It's China being cautious I would think. Reported today are 81 deaths and 400+ requiring critical care. It's estimated, that based on confirmed cases, there are about 10,000 or more unconfirmed cases (I didn't hear the Today Pro
  13. It seems that although the Chinese believe the virus can be transmitted before a person becomes symptomatic, this has not been corroborated by anyone from WHO. Death tolls and infection rates do seem to be rising along predicted lines of a 1.4 ongoing infection ration. It's unlikely that goods shipped by sea will represent an infection risk. Recirculated air on planes passes through a filter - Assuming the virus is transmitted by air, it will be transmitted within minute water droplets caused by coughing/sneezing and these water droplets will be trapped by
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