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  1. Camping à la Ferme Michel IssenHausen Basic facilities - nothing flash, just a field and no pool, but cheap.
  2. If the above fails then there are some obvious things you can look for on a PCB, and if you are comfortable with a soldering iron then have a go - Nothing to loose. Disconnect the mains and battery and then remove all connectors and get the board onto a well lit surface. Look carefully on the solder side of the board for any obviously dodgy connections to the wires - Try and gently wiggle components. If anything is suspect, re-solder the joint. If you haven't found anything then move onto a full board inspection, but if you need to do this and find any problems you will be into remove the components and replacing. Look for any obvious signs of heat damage around the component side and underneath components (both sides of the board). If you see any browning around a specific component and you can identify any markings on the component then check out google or the bay for a replacement. If google is suggesting any device is programmable the best bet might be to contact the manufacture and obtain a pre-programmed device - Otherwise forget it. Make sure you know which way round certain devices go before removing them - take a close up snap, Electrolytic capacitors can dry out - They tend to be either horizontal or vertical cylinders. If any have become rounded at their ends consider suspect. They have a positive end and a negative end and generally have their values (uF) and voltages listed on the barrel. Anything you aren't sure about drop me a PM with a picture.
  3. As I understand it - That was a simulation and it was up to 65 million https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/1237240/coronavirus-latest-symptoms-china-coronavirus-world-health-organisation-sars-outbreak
  4. I'm not sure the 36 year old was in good health. I don't think that's been confirmed one way or the other.
  5. If you google for 'Coronavirus 65m' you get a Daily Mail article with the words up-to in the sentence.
  6. The reasons China is in lockdown is to prevent the mass movement of the best part of 1.4 billion people moving around the country for the New Year, with the subsequent public health risks that entails. For those of us with kids of school age we see a mini 'epidemic' of colds etc. as the kids come back to school from summer holidays. It's China being cautious I would think. Reported today are 81 deaths and 400+ requiring critical care. It's estimated, that based on confirmed cases, there are about 10,000 or more unconfirmed cases (I didn't hear the Today Programme properly this morning so I could be mistaken) The lockdown that China has in place will take up to 2 weeks to become effective, based on the incubation period, so I would suggest that a maximum peak of 150-200 deaths per day before the numbers begin to decline (Assuming a 1.4 subsequent infection rate) and up to 2,500 people needing critical care at peak. It's unfortunate there have been the dead left in corridors, but it's unlikely that this is happening in huge numbers and since the WHO are on the ground and the Chinese would be unable to hide any fatalities that are orders of magnitude larger than reported. In the west we will probably have spot flare-ups of perhaps a couple of dozen cases until the authorities get the outbreaks under control. According to the minister this morning, the NHS can cope, but not continue to provide routine services at the same time.
  7. It seems that although the Chinese believe the virus can be transmitted before a person becomes symptomatic, this has not been corroborated by anyone from WHO. Death tolls and infection rates do seem to be rising along predicted lines of a 1.4 ongoing infection ration. It's unlikely that goods shipped by sea will represent an infection risk. Recirculated air on planes passes through a filter - Assuming the virus is transmitted by air, it will be transmitted within minute water droplets caused by coughing/sneezing and these water droplets will be trapped by the filters - So it's possible that a cluster of infections would be created around the seats of an infected person but not the whole plane. But contamination of toilet handles etc., especially on long-haul flights would potentially up the infection rates as many people use the loo. However an ongoing infection ratio of 1.4 would indicate that the virus may not live long outside the host and isn't airborne, but I don't think we've had any official comment on the infection vectors yet. As mentioned before - Best defence is not touch mouth, nose or eyes and wash hands regularly. I think the isolation of the Chinese cities is a predictable measure from the Chinese authorities. My concerns would be getting food to the populations as well as medical supplies etc., but you would assume the Chinese military are on the case. The source animal reservoir does need identifying as well, and those conspiracy theorists regarding biological warfare my have something. A virus that escapes from a lab could get into an animal population and end up as 'bushmeat' in a market. Especially if it's an animal in the lab that has escaped. It's unlikely to be deliberate infection of a population though. Should we be worried? I think we should remain cautious and take sensible precautions - Hand hygiene for example. If it's a killer global pandemic like 1918 flu there's nothing that can be done - We are all likely to catch it regardless and it will be in the lap of the gods who survives and who doesn't. Generally, over time, a virus will mutate to be less fatal - Killing the host prevents further infection so natural selection will be at work.
  8. That's where mine is and it's designed so you can't have the mains plugged in at the same time as using it.
  9. Hi. My van is in storage and I won't have time to visit for a while. Would anyone with an Olympus II parked at home be able to measure the struts on the large side window on the offside of the van please? The windows is 1250x550 and is window number 8 on the Prima Leisure site - I have asked them, but they've asked me to measure. I think it needs 300mm struts but At £18.99 a pop I could do with some confirmation. Thanks, Steve
  10. I think this is because they aren't sure of the transmission method - Four health workers who were treating patients became infected so I guess they've gone for a belt and braces approach. It might also be to alleviate the concerns of the health workers who may have refused to treat patients without adequate protection. Ebola only spreads by contact not aerosol but hazmats are in use for treatment and disposal of bodies.
  11. As of the news this morning. 800+ confirmed infections 26 deaths - 25 of which are in Wuhan No deaths reported outside of China. No confirmed human to human transmission outside of China The animal reservoir for this strain of Corona Virus is unknown Human to Human transmission vector is unknown
  12. Antibiotics are no use agains virus' anyway, but the point about antibiotic overuse is valid.
  13. That was exactly what my thoughts were at the time.
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