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  1. Camping à la Ferme Michel IssenHausen Basic facilities - nothing flash, just a field and no pool, but cheap.
  2. If the above fails then there are some obvious things you can look for on a PCB, and if you are comfortable with a soldering iron then have a go - Nothing to loose. Disconnect the mains and battery and then remove all connectors and get the board onto a well lit surface. Look carefully on the solder side of the board for any obviously dodgy connections to the wires - Try and gently wiggle components. If anything is suspect, re-solder the joint. If you haven't found anything then move onto a full board inspection, but if you need to do this and find any problems you will be into remove the components and replacing. Look for any obvious signs of heat damage around the component side and underneath components (both sides of the board). If you see any browning around a specific component and you can identify any markings on the component then check out google or the bay for a replacement. If google is suggesting any device is programmable the best bet might be to contact the manufacture and obtain a pre-programmed device - Otherwise forget it. Make sure you know which way round certain devices go before removing them - take a close up snap, Electrolytic capacitors can dry out - They tend to be either horizontal or vertical cylinders. If any have become rounded at their ends consider suspect. They have a positive end and a negative end and generally have their values (uF) and voltages listed on the barrel. Anything you aren't sure about drop me a PM with a picture.
  3. That's where mine is and it's designed so you can't have the mains plugged in at the same time as using it.
  4. Hi. My van is in storage and I won't have time to visit for a while. Would anyone with an Olympus II parked at home be able to measure the struts on the large side window on the offside of the van please? The windows is 1250x550 and is window number 8 on the Prima Leisure site - I have asked them, but they've asked me to measure. I think it needs 300mm struts but At £18.99 a pop I could do with some confirmation. Thanks, Steve
  5. That was exactly what my thoughts were at the time.
  6. The vet wants to do the test on the 4th or 5th of Feb so I guess I'll know about a transition by then. I had no issues last summer - Other than some mardy French woman at Eurotunnel on our return. Which, along with an avoidable delay, resulted in a refund of that leg of my journey.
  7. The switch is jiggered. However it could be because there's been a short. I'm guessing you have a multimeter. See if you can check the resistance of the lighting circuit (test +ve to -ve) If it's very low, as in less than a few ohms then you will need to trace the fault.
  8. Hi. We are once again planning on visiting the EU this summer with our Dog. At our dog's annual checkup at the vet we were told we would need blood tests (rabies titre). Surely, after the 31 Jan, we will be into the transition period and the current rules (Pet Travel Scheme) will still be in force. Or have I missed something?
  9. I've got one of these at 5m length. https://www.leisureoutlet.com/canopy-and-rollout-awnings/caravan-awnings/awnings/32557-quest-elite-rollaway-caravan-privacy-room They are great in all weathers as long as you use the tie-downs and also peg the feet suckers. I had a bent support pole once as a learning exercise. They are OK as just the canopy too and have used jut the canopy in the UK in summer and winter and all over europe in summer. I don't think you can get them any more but you might be able to find one on fleabay.
  10. Fair enough - Although I didn't specifically check the before and start last time they were running the offer, I needed to fill up, didn't have a voucher and it was 4p per litre more than the Sainsbury a few miles down the road. I filled up at £1.249 for Diesel on Tuesday in Sainsburys
  11. The cynic in me says check the price of fuel today and see how much it goes up by shortly before the offer.
  12. Never had a single problem with my D3's towball. Plenty of other issues mind.
  13. I love Normandy and we have stayed at le Colombier. However it looks like it has been taken on by Huttopia and no longer has the beautiful outdoor swimming pool. Edit: New pool opening for end of June.
  14. Done that. Got 5 miles down the A55 before I pulled over in a lay-by and checked.
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