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  1. I think the 6m rule only applies to gap between caravans. I don't think there's anything in the rules preventing you from parking a car between 2 vans 6m apart.
  2. So the EU haven't standardised everything yet!
  3. Nothing has ever been stolen from my pitch. My daughter had a pair of trainers stolen from a site in France - They were stolen from the pool changing room - Lockers weren't big enough to fit shoes. Campsite staff unhelpful. Lots of permanent residents on site. It was the last night abroad and left a bitter taste at the end of the holiday. I've had the caravan broken into twice while in storage.
  4. In my old Bailey Senator Carolina I had a similar issue. The front runner would gradually creep backwards during the night, occasionally become slightly diagonal and then fall down. I used Apple Linch Pins (which fold flat) and drilled holes - Worked a treat.
  5. Although I never leave the outfit unattended I find my dog acts as a deterrent to people getting near the outfit.
  6. Someone should take a good long look at the cycling clubs that tend to be out and about on the roads this time of year. Trying to overtake a 'peloton' of cycles up to 4 across and about 100 yards long is nigh on impossible on the smaller country lanes near me (which is in the TDF route area when it came to Yorkshire) And I don't mean those involved in a race - which is normally supported by signs warning of a cycle event - These lot seem to be just on a club ride out.
  7. It should charge when on EHU and should also charge up when you are towing.
  8. Personally, since about 2009 or so it seems like I've had to replace my tyres much more often. Prior to that it seemed like I could drive years without needing new tyres, now it's every 2 or 3. I'm a high mileage driver, but I always have been.
  9. Probably not far off the mark
  10. Just be aware that Three have a fair usage policy for European (Non GB) use. Last time I checked it was 15GB for PAYG (per month) and 19GB for Pay Monthly (per month)
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