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  1. There was absolutely no danger of over-heating.
  2. This will no doubt cause an outcry.... I have wound the excess mains cable round my aqua-roll before putting it in the insulated jacket. It kept things liquid down to minus 11. I also put the whole thing on a spare caravan step. That was on my older less well insulated caravan - The pipes in the back of the cupboards which were next to the caravan skin did freeze though. Had to stuff a fan heater in the cupboards on a daily basis to keep them free. And the waste did freeze up to some extent - Left that in the campsite washing up area for a few hours to unfreeze.
  3. This time of year I would only put up my awning if I was staying more than a few days - A week minimum. However I generally put up my canopy, just to offer a sheltered space from the raid outside which may be of benefit to you. The problem will be rain and condensation - I use a squeegee to remove the water from the canopy and a dog towel and invariably will take it down a day or two early if there is a natural break in the weather. I would take it - Put it up if you have a few dry days in the forecast, just for practice. Otherwise don't bother. Being inflatable it should be very easy to put up.
  4. My experience is that they are fine until 100K miles. Despite proper maintenance mike developed all sorts of issues post 100K miles including EGR, Turbo and most expensive a gearbox rebuild. My advice - They run like a dream - Trade in at 85K Miles
  5. Mine lasted less than 5 years. Not impressed.
  6. I'm surprised the sockets have been put through a 10A MCB on a 2007 van - I would have expected a 16A to have been fitted as standard originally, but you should check. Someone else could have fitted a 10A replacement in there previously after the result of an earlier fault. This link is dated 2009 so may not be relevant but section 8.4 suggests a 16A MCB - I would contact Elddis regarding your model to verify that this is the same for your van. http://elddis.co.uk/documents/Brochures/2009/omega-handbook.pdf Finally, I would buy a kettle that goes on the gas ring and has a nice whistle as the current drawn by home kettles is significant and lower power kettles take an age to heat up the water.
  7. I would be checking the heater ductwork to make sure that something hasn't disconnected. A good check would be to turn the heater on full, leave the fridge off and go and check the temperature of the vents outside. If they are toasty and warm it would suggest the duct work has become detached somewhere.
  8. It came from CMC who were reimbursed by Eurotunnel
  9. I would like: Available from anywhere, on a smart phone app or via web-page: Current and Historical: Indoor Temp Outdoor Temp Battery Voltage Battery Charge Indicator (charge or discharge amps) Water Level Waste Level Gas Level Toilet Remaining Capacity Toilet Flush level Alarm Status GPS Position Movement Detector Status. Smoke Detector Status CO Detector status Controls for: Heating Water Heater Lighting Alarm (switch on/off) GPS Geo-fence Safety Features: Contact on Alarm (Intruder/smoke/CO) Contact on GPS Geo-fence breach Connectivity: 5G/4G/3G/2.5G/GPRS/Wifi Low Power Mode If the caravan battery is not charging or below a set voltage then put the smart unit into a low power mode, reducing monitoring intervals, but waking on either alarm or movement to normal monitoring. Smart re-charging of the unit when there is spare charging capacity of the main caravan battery I have no interest in voice control.
  10. As an update.... I wrote an complained to Eurotunnel about these problems - 3 weeks later they wrote back asking for my booking reference, which I supplied. They said that since I had booked with CMC I should complain to them. I passed my complaint to CMC along with the correspondence from Eurotunnel. 4 weeks after the complaint I got a refund of my return journey costs. Result!
  11. The trick is to keep it insulated from the ground - As far as I know that's equally important as insulating the roll. Polystyrene blocks or similar will do. We have a spare caravan step that gets pressed into use.
  12. I've had both. Olympus for me.
  13. I thought Andy was talking about a side dinette??
  14. Hi Andy, curious as to the reasons why. I can't say I'm there biggest fan either, but I'd be interested to know your thinking.
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