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  1. My previous van was one of these but mine was only a twin bunk and it was older than a 2008 model. IIRC I bought mine for circa £9K in 2009 and it was a 2005 model. I think there were some improvements in the next version of this. So I guess the price will depend on exactly which version. edit:I think mine was the Series 5 and the one released 2008/9 was the series six
  2. When I bought my Van the CRiS registration took months to come through. Backlog with them at the time.
  3. I can't comment on the model. But: I didn't get any reduction on insurance premium. However when I was rammed by an overtaking car while performing a right turn even though the dash cam was forward facing the footing was enough to demonstrate that the offending driver must have been speeding and therefore recovered (albeit after I reject offers of 50/50 30/70 etc. threatened to go to court) my £580 excess. I've also helped a couple of people where I've recorded an accident and also managed to keep one driver away from police action and a law suit for damages after a young lady stepped out in front of his pickup without looking. She was lucky to live.
  4. I don't suppose you have a copy of the original advert for the van?
  5. Yes, I'm sure it will be fine. I do similar.
  6. Which switch did the engineer suggest had broken? I've had the piano black mains switch fail on me in the past. IF you know what you are doing you can unplug the caravan from the mains and then wire the N & L in the switch together in the same connectors to effectively make the heating on all the time. If that works then it demonstrated the switch is no good. I had a bit of a quest getting hold of a replacement as I recall. I'll see if I can remember where I got it.
  7. Mine is the same and I also think 7l
  8. NO. Different types of batteries for different jobs.
  9. Must admit, quite like the look of that.
  10. It's a little bit of old news but I happened to come across this today: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/celebrity-interviews/celebrities-who-love-caravanning/ Personally I've never met a celeb on a caravan site. Has anyone else?
  11. If I was a guessing man I think you are going to find some partially melted/burned chocolate block connecter behind the drawer/cupboard and this will be causing a partial short. As I've mentioned before, I'm not convinced the existing connectors are rated high enough.
  12. I've needed a new burner assembly as well in the past. Although before I could get the van back to the dealer they were suggesting cobwebs have been a known problem in the burner area. I think it potentially stops the spark from working.
  13. Do you know what the output current maximum of the PSU is? If it's more than 15A you might need to look to upgrade your chocolate block connecters.
  14. I've generally found if you are serious about buying then the dealer will set one up for you with a few days notice.
  15. I'd quite like to take my dog though, which is why I'm not booking anything for summer yet.
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