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  1. Hi all. Ali have a sterling Europa 2007 During the last trip we noticed a gas smell from the fridge area. The fridge has no issues when using gas supply so the 1st thing I did was check the flue via the external access panel, There was minor signs of soot but gas was flowing through, it just seems that it is trapped with the access panel area. I have tried to extend the pipe whilst I was away without hookup which seems to work but obviously not a permanent solution. Is this just a case of cleaning out the flue pipe ? Or am I staring the barrel of major £££s for a new fridge. I am a brewery engineer by trade so don't mind taking on the job of preparing the fridge it's having the time ( and knowledge from you guys) to do it. Thanks Darren
  2. Matt, thanks for the quick reply. Paul_B, only just found out about cleaning the paint from the towball ( which I haven't done),only made 1 journey so far but will clean the paint of as soon as, thanks for the heads up. Cheers dreadly, part ordered Darren
  3. Hi all, Just upgraded to a new caravan with an Alko hitch, fitted new ball no worries. Have now sold my old caravan ( with old style tow bar)and the buyer wants to meet half way. Can I tow my old caravan with my new Alko hitch. Cheers Darren
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