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  1. Thanks Mr Plodd A photo would be very helpful C
  2. Hello there. Does anyone know how this https://www.primaleisure.com/product/1998649 actually fits. The website says that it fits current range single axle Bailey vans and slots directly into the wheel spat extrusion but I don't see how this fits! Has anyone used one or can tell me how it fits. Many thanks C
  3. Remember that is the Hot water capacity. The hot is too hot to use by itself so you use some cold as well! C
  4. The reason to connect the negative to a vehicle earth rather than the earth terminal on the battery on modern cars is to allow the car's battery management software to monitor the charge so it "knows" how charged the batter is!. This is certainly the case on new Landrover / Jaguar cars. C
  5. The other easier option, though it does leave you without an alarm, is just to take the fuse out of the fuse box. If you want to use the alarm when you are on EHU just put the fuse back in C
  6. Very straightforward to fit. Not sure how to make them last though!! C
  7. Have had my Evoque serviced a number of times and some interim software updates. Never had a problem with the tow bar electrics after having had a dealer fit tow bar fitted on purchase. Cant see that I would pay for an update that deleted something that was bought and paid for!! C
  8. It could be the LED itself. I have had one fail. The ATC is probably working fine but the LED has failed. They are easy to change with a plug in connector. C
  9. We regularly stop at Wetherby due to the good caravan parking which is reasonably near to the services area. It does get busy but is a large modern services and copes well with the number of people using it. C
  10. Hello I have only been to the CC site so can't compare but the CC site is a newish site and is a typical CC site. We like it as it is within walking distance of the town whereas the C & CC site is older and too far to walk into town. Banard Castle is lovely town and well worth a visit. C
  11. I think the red light merely signifies that the system is "Calling for Water" ie the pressure switch or a Tap micro-switch is trying to energise the pump. C
  12. Strangely I have had to replace a couple of these on my Valencia. They are relatively easy to change. As I recall it, you need to unscrew a couple of screws that fasten it to the "Glass" and remove and replace the pins, all of which are supplied with the new catches. Hope that helps. C
  13. Whoops Sorry for that, Guess my geography needs some work. We are on the way to Cornwall so I missed Glastonbury in a blur of M5 darkness. C
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