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  1. Yep,had identical prang with our peg 534 3 years ago. It had to go to bailey for a new extrusion fitting on the front o/s corner. it had a new wall and roof fitted as it creased the panel on the side of the outer offside front window. not much but a crease is a crease. My local dealer could have done it if it wasnt a roof renewal. Good luck
  2. I used to do this with our 73 swift danette. Progress eh
  3. jonbev


    This was near Selby, N Yorks
  4. jonbev


    Im saying the muppet towing the caravan failed, tried to beat the barriers. Fortunately he had some sense and phoned signalman who stopped all trains. 2 hours later when services resumed and about the same for the local gridlock on roads to clear. Hopefully they chuck the book at him !!
  5. 2 happy years on from getting rid of our appalling pegasus S1, damp n all, im amazed to have a peek on here at the bailey section and see its still an issue . Good luck one and all with wet baileys.
  6. jonbev

    Oh dear

    epic fail
  7. jonbev

    What Auto ?

    Some great info there,thanks
  8. Touching lots of wood mines over 130000 on clock,original dmf / clutch, exhaust and suspension. Other than 2 occasions when theres been no ignition meaning recovery to ford its been reliable. Hope it lasts til spring 15 when im looking at changing. Liking the look of the new model but i do think cars are getting too complicated and this seems to have lots of electronic gadgetry to go wrong.
  9. jonbev

    What Auto ?

    Must admit to being worried about the dual clutch set up and of course the bill when it goes wrong, But suppose not much difference from a failed dmf / clutch on a modern manual or a failed conventional autobox
  10. jonbev

    What Auto ?

    Cheers for the tips. Quite like the insignia estate tbh think interior looks more moden than our 57 mondeo too. Had mondeo 4 years so maybe time for a change of make and heard of plenty of negative powershift experiences. Didnt consider volvo but maybe worth a look when the time comes. Wife likes the seating position of sorrento, likes to be up high but doing 12000 miles a year i think it could be pricey at the pumps. Not rushing into anything yet, probably change feb / march time
  11. jonbev

    What Auto ?

    ok, due to wife struggling with osteoporosis it looks like we will need an auto as our next car. Put off by powershift, dsg or whatever and will have about 6k to spend plus whatever our 7 year old mondeo is worth. What has a reliable autobox that is coupled to a diesel and capable of towing up to 1500kg ? A 4x4 maybe an option, sorrento maybe but as we dont tow a huge amount these days could be expensive option for everyday use. Any advice appreciated.
  12. At nearly 12 year old and paid 3k for the full set up, motormover etc included i dont really care. its already exceeded expectations and weve had no issues other than floor delamination near kitchen,repaired for £20 by myself. Wouldnt have a new van from ANY manufacturer. lose too much money and sleep worrying about what will bust next. once bitten and all that.
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