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  1. I have fitted one in the last four weeks and it is reasonably straight forward. Just make sure that you push the pipes fully home and you won’t need to worry about future leaks. Andrew
  2. Doses it happen if the fridge is starting up on gas and the hot water on gas and the heating on gas? Andrew
  3. The reason I am asking is that I suspected that my on board pump was on its way out, as it didn’t seem to have the rate of flow that I had last season. So I have changed it for an external pump and I am only getting four litres per minute, using a measuring jug and the stopwatch function on my phone. Andrew
  4. How much water per minute are you getting from your taps your caravan? kind regards Andrew
  5. Alsace is very picturesque and not too far to go to get there.
  6. Get a tag it’s simples I can guarantee that you will be pleased kind regads Andrew
  7. If it is an MPK roof light like the one in the link then that is about as far as they open. https://www. leisureoutlet. com/roof-lights-and-vents/spares-and-fittings/caravans-and-motorhomes/12744-mpk-opaque-dome-roof-light--beige-280x280mm?gclid=Cj0KCQjwjtLZBRDLARIsAKT6fXwySzx6fX2Te_5xmrqvZkChEoEgU8MtZZsfHvGvJKKR8hkbmKuhZ74aAp1xEALw_wcB
  8. Hi Pete if it is anything like mine the Part that is attach to the glide rail comes out of the rail. So I have to unscrew the rail until it is in such a position that I can slide the attachment back on again. Andrew
  9. Welcome to CT Have you thought about trying a caravan breakers to see if they have what you require? all the best. Andrew
  10. No need to worry about the battery running out, I placed my tag in my car when I received it in 2014 and there it has remained for the last four years!
  11. Hi Perky Welcome to CT. My tip for keeping the cable of the ground is to use a bungee as per photo.
  12. Thank you for your wonderful reply’s I have no intention of buying any cheap old thing that doesn’t fit into the original surround. I need to find out how to get it out so that it can be repaired or replaced with a matching one. Kind regards Andrew
  13. Hi I hope you guys might be able to help. My microwave oven is working in all respects except that it is not heating up! kind regards Andrew
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