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  1. It's mainly down to the weather, I think. At the moment, I am running a Temporary Holiday Site and normally I would have about 60-70 vans on at the moment but have only 15. Lovely location, cracking price but bad language removed weather.
  2. I once had a shower hose crack, at the tap connection, because I hadn't drained it properly so not so daft a thing to do. Nowadays, I use an Aquaflo so it's not a problem.
  3. After wasting money on a cheap charger, I've fitted a Ctek to my microcamper and it seems fine.
  4. Thinking selfishly, is now the time to buy a nearly new Lunar as people panic and offload?
  5. Just turn the bottle off is all that is required.
  6. My answer, and I use it myself, is to make up a short fly lead with mc4 connectors on one end. Connect the other ends of the lead directly to the battery using ring connectors and there you have it, a quick and easy way to connect up on site. I have modified my fly lead in that I have added a 10amp fuse in the positive side. There you are, easy to do, neat and easy to use.
  7. I'm glad I read this topic. As it's not raining at the moment I just nipped out and had a look under my old Pursuit. Most of the back edge was ok apart from in the middle where it was contacting the floor. As a temporary measure I've just propped the plastic bodywork open with a couple of bits of plastic. This fault reminds me of the days with Elddis etc, where the water used to track down the rubber infill strip and onto the floor. They solved it, quite successfully, simply by putting a thick plastic washer between the strip and the floor where it was screwed on.
  8. A long time ago, when I was an Army aircraft technician, in Aden, they fitted fatigue meters to Beaver aircraft. After a few weeks, due to the rough ground that they landed on, the meters were showing that the airframes were fatigue expired. Answer, take the meters out and carry on! Those same airframes are still flying, mainly in Canada, over thirty years later.
  9. colonel

    Xplore 304

    Good for you! Almost bought one of those for me and Tommy (my Westie).
  10. My twopennorth, go down tonHalfords, buy a radio that you fancy, go home, plug it in and job done.
  11. I've got a compressor, top loading, fridge in my micro camper. It's actually a a fridge freezer depending on what temperature you've selected. So far, I've only tried it on the drive but most impressed.
  12. When catching the early crossing from Cherbourg, I just booked in the night before and sat in the queue.
  13. I think that they snap into a plastic strip. The tip about the hair dryer is a good idea.
  14. If my memory serves me correctly, they are just snap in.
  15. I now have a smaller caravan which I tow with a mini camper. One for the weekends and one for longer stays.
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