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  1. I think that they snap into a plastic strip. The tip about the hair dryer is a good idea.
  2. If my memory serves me correctly, they are just snap in.
  3. I now have a smaller caravan which I tow with a mini camper. One for the weekends and one for longer stays.
  4. As usual, things have gone right off topic. I would check rear tyre fitment, do rating are best and consider fitting something like mad suspension assistance. Other opinions are available!
  5. My panels are performing well. The regulator is usually showing about 13.9 as I'm putting my bedding away. I have 180w because the aerial would be shadowing another 100w panel. I've had semi flexible panels on camper vans with no problems and, as you say, they are lighter.
  6. Silver sides, I just love them. I didn't buy a newer van because it meant boring white sides.
  7. I've added two, semi flexible , solar panels to the roof (180w total) and have just added some usb charging points near the TV socket .
  8. As there is now only me and my Westie, I downsized into a used Pursuit 400-2 and it's brill. No more towing with a 4x4 , a two litre fiat Doblo fits the bill. Just to be on the safe side, my Doblo is actually a micro camper so best of both worlds!
  9. Agree as to roof strap. A friend had the leak whilst on holiday. He just sealed it with gaffa tap until he got home. Upon inspection, the strap was just held on with a self adhesive strip, though not any more! A used caravan dealer that I spoke to tells me that he always reseals that strap as it saves him warranty work.
  10. Thanks. I've just bought one and couldn't find the switch!
  11. My posting should read, "Well, take it back". We read the MRG warranty and it says that plastic or Glastonbury panels, over 12 mont old are excluded. The warranty also states that leaks are not covered unless they come from a sealed seam. As the dealer said, bad language removed warranty.
  12. Fed up! I delivered my van to a small dealers, the other day, and hurried off to the look on getting out the car. A minute or so later, I got back and he said to me"Have you got a warranty? We'll take it back". The rear panel was cracked! Reading the warranty documents revealed that plastic and glass fibre panels weren't covered for cracks. Before you say it, a leak had to come from a sealed joint. Damn!
  13. colonel


    Whereas you can buy a T5 automatic, it is not cheap. It would have meant me partexing my van plus another £20k, not cheap, especially on a pension. Selling my camper nearly paid for my car and van.
  14. colonel


    Well, I'm back towing again. I've just had a year driving a VW, t5 camper, just me and my Westie but, due to left ankle problems, I'm back towing with an automatic car. On the plus side, I do appreciate the room and the comfort of my caravan but do miss the spontaneity of taking off just because I felt like it with no idea where I was going. Oh well, you can't have everything!
  15. I'm just wondering where the Army will plug all the tanks in when they move out of barracks.
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