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  1. Thanks. I've just bought one and couldn't find the switch!
  2. My posting should read, "Well, take it back". We read the MRG warranty and it says that plastic or Glastonbury panels, over 12 mont old are excluded. The warranty also states that leaks are not covered unless they come from a sealed seam. As the dealer said, bad language removed warranty.
  3. Fed up! I delivered my van to a small dealers, the other day, and hurried off to the look on getting out the car. A minute or so later, I got back and he said to me"Have you got a warranty? We'll take it back". The rear panel was cracked! Reading the warranty documents revealed that plastic and glass fibre panels weren't covered for cracks. Before you say it, a leak had to come from a sealed joint. Damn!
  4. colonel


    Whereas you can buy a T5 automatic, it is not cheap. It would have meant me partexing my van plus another £20k, not cheap, especially on a pension. Selling my camper nearly paid for my car and van.
  5. colonel


    Well, I'm back towing again. I've just had a year driving a VW, t5 camper, just me and my Westie but, due to left ankle problems, I'm back towing with an automatic car. On the plus side, I do appreciate the room and the comfort of my caravan but do miss the spontaneity of taking off just because I felt like it with no idea where I was going. Oh well, you can't have everything!
  6. I'm just wondering where the Army will plug all the tanks in when they move out of barracks.
  7. I came through Calais this morning, via the ferry port without any problems with asylum seekers. Be sure to allow plenty of time though because procedures were strict as my passport was checked three times and my van searched. There were long waits.
  8. colonel


    Brilliant weekend. Good weather forecast so, Saturday morning, I threw a few things in the fridge and shot off to join a rally at Carsington Water in Derbyshire. I had the nous to book a late Sunday carvery for my return so all was sorted. Incidentally, my problems seem to have been mainly down to depression which a low dose pill has sorted. Hopefully, I have cracked it as loving the VW.
  9. colonel


    Packing and unpacking, this time, just referred to the holiday stuff like where to put boxes of wine in a VW. Weekends are no problem because it's just a case of throwing some stuff at the fridge, bread and making sure that the dog's stuff is ok(heaven help me if I messed that up). Love driving it, high up and a smooth gearbox.
  10. colonel


    Latest news. I've booked the ferry and red pennant for a trip via Calais next month. Not sure yet whether to head for Bien Assise (which I love) or hit the aires, it could be a combination of both. SWB. LWB would be marginally better but fine for me.
  11. colonel


    Back again. Enjoyed it. Met people I had not seen for years. Did not do any touring because I have been there five times before, just loafed about, went out for lunch and went to a barbeque. Looking at the latest DFDS offers, I am now considering a return to France next month. I am stewarding on a ths in Darley Dale in a couple of weeks time. VW brilliant and as I felt unwell on the return trip (tired as been up all day) so I pulled in to a layby, got the bed out and the pillows and got my head down. The joys of a camper van.
  12. colonel


    Latest news. Just been up my local as it's pie night. Been out in the VW a few times and am catching the breakfast time ferry from Poole in the morning, en route to Normandy and friends. Must go, shower and bed beckon for a few hours.
  13. A recent stay on the C&M Club Warwick Racecourse site revealed an unexpected bonus to being bereaved as I only had one person to pay for. Made the fees acceptable. Not that I am suggesting anything!
  14. colonel


    It's a lovely vehicle and I've had it pimped. Diesel Heater, 100w solar panel, two leisure batteries, Fiamma wind out awning, underslung gas tank,an electric entrance step,had the bed changed to one that accommodates a porta potty and two single revolving front seats. There have been other minor tweeks to suit me. This had better work, but I am keen to get away.
  15. colonel


    Borrowed a VW the other week and enjoyed it. Today I took delivery of a newly converted VW T6 and it is so smart. Can't wait to get out. Here's hoping.
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