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  1. Having owned loads of caravans over the last 50 years, the answer is easy, Coachman all the way. Although I have, in the past, owned a VIP I think the dealer special is the way to go or a Pastiche.
  2. The simple rule, is not to run more than two items, that use a heating element, at once. Saves doing your head in with calculations.
  3. Time to review my van. I've noticed some of the tins are getting rusty on top!
  4. Stop drill the crack, dissolve a small piece of plastic (Lego blocks are good) in acetone (nail varnish remover) to a thick slurry and dribble it in the crack. Pour yourself a double G&T and for get about it.
  5. To stop the fridge shelf jumping out, put a small piece of bluetack on one edge of the shelf before you insert it. Works for me.
  6. I had my drive made the width of a road so that I could park my caravan and still drive past it to my garage. However, all my preparations pale into insignificance twice a twice a day because there is a junior school, with its rear drive next to me, and I would have difficulty getting a pushbike out.
  7. Just love the smell of new vans!
  8. When travelling, I just add a coke bottle (2 litres) of water in the tank from empty. As to top tank additive, you don't need it. Some motorhomes take their flush from the drinking water tank so, obviously, there is no pink in it.
  9. I'm just thinking about the days, over 30 years ago, when if we wanted something we just threw it in.
  10. I was also traveling, courtesy of the Army. Living in BAOR, my caravan gave me a means of escaping the 24/7 life and enjoying what the continent had to offer.
  11. I think that I was 25 when I bought my first caravan.
  12. I recently came back from a return trip from Derby to Scarborough and that was using the hilly, cross country route. My Fiat recorded 31 mpg for the trip, towing my Ariva so I was impressed. Next time I'll try it without the Aircon on.
  13. Having had a couple of trips out now, one on ECU and one on battery, I'm quite impressed with the build quality of my Ariva. Last weekend, the weather couldn't have been any more foul and I was snug in a very dry van.
  14. Years ago, it was alleged that the same fitter, by not moving the trestle that he was stood on, caused a two inch gap in the roof sealant. All I do know is that Swift had a lot of trouble with roof leaks on some vans.
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