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  1. No - the van electrics will be fine. You need to connect the hook-up in order to determine if there is a reversed polarity. Most modern caravans have a polarity warning light as part of their electrics control/fuse box - well mine has anyway, but I still use the plug-in one as well. Fortunately it is an easily solved issue if it happens. Cheers, Ralph
  2. We previously kept our 'van at a CASSOA "Gold" site - it was very secure, excellent facilities and not too expensive. It was, however, some 40 miles away (round the M25/M23) from home so popping there to do something in advance of a break was a bit of a pain. The local C&CC site has storage facilities (10 mins away) so we moved there when a space became available - it is not CASSOA registered but there was no change in my insurance premium. Cheers, Ralph
  3. Last year there was a great real ale bar in the show and the prices were not too bad (speaking as someone currently paying £3. 30 a pint at my local!) - the wife was driving home
  4. Thought that there was something strange in the price - oh well, I expect that they will have corrected it by tomorrow morning :-(
  5. Went in to the Tescos Homestore in Staines today and noticed that the CADAC Mini-Chef had been reduced to only £5. 00 (yes - five pounds!). Having just (last week) been given a Safari Chef by the wife as an early Birthday pressie - she would not let me purchase the two mini-chefs they had out on the shelves! :-( Cheers, Ralph
  6. Thanks LDSundance - I had already found the second of your suggestions but dismissed it as to blingy! However, I did not see the Maplins one for which I thank you - a trip to my local store tomorrow is in order - it looks just the ticket! Thanks also bristolroversfc (a fine team!) but it needs to be solar in order to keep running for long periods of time. Cheers, Ralph
  7. No, although those do look handy (if expensive)! What I am looking for look like this. ...... http://www. thetoolboxshop. com/0-170-70-12v-24v-amber-led-side-marker-lamp-8100-p. asp but have a clear 'lens', are solar-powered and have a single (red, but any colour will do) LED in the middle that flashes once darkness falls. Oh how I wish I didn't leave it in the van when I sold it! Cheers, Ralph
  8. Mornin' all, Many moons ago, when we had an Autosleepers Trident I purchased, from a stall at Shepton Mallet show, a small solar-powered LED light. It was about the size of a van's side marker light but was solar powered and flashed red when it got dark. It was an ideal warning light to stick inside the van to add to the alarm warning light that was not readily visible. The thing was marketed as a warning light to stick on barriers and pitch markers etc. Now that we have our Sterling Europa, I am looking for the same or similar, but google is failing to find such an item. It was about two and a half inches long by an inch and a half wide and half an inch thick and could be stuck on with double-sided tape or attached with a screw each end. Has anybody seen these recently and know of a supplier? Cheers, Ralph
  9. Seeing this offer almost made me cancel my airshow plans and go back to La Tournerie! The wife and I were there a few weeks ago at the same time as "Indoors" and we can only agree about what a gem of a site this is! Cheers, Ralph
  10. AS it turned out, we arrived at Dover early and, as there were delays for all sailings, we were asked if we would like the earlier ferry (that eventually left about 15 minutes before our original time!) so we went on one of the old "Pride" boats. On our way home however, we did go on the Spirit of Britain (Calais-Dover) and enjoyed the experience. We were not directed up the "waterslide" ramps but were on the deck below that accessed by them - the vehicle lanes seemed wider on the Spirit compared to the Pride. The ship seemed quite empty (11:40 sailing on a Friday) so no queuing in the self-service restaurant, bar or shop. The lounge areas were bright and spaceous and no problem getting a table. The only queue was to get back on to the car deck, but that was mainly caused by a teacher in charge of a school party stopping the kids from going out to the coach until all were present, thus blocking the stairway. As regards caravan-specific issues - there were none. Indeed, the only thing I noted was that the "big feet" on the corner steadies did not bang when negotiating the ramps! Overall, a very nice crossing (sea was like a mill pond which always helps) and I would not worry if we were to use this ship in the future. We had overnighted at the Camping Les Erables in Escalles which was only 25 minutes from the port - a lovely (though busy) site with great views over the channel to the white cliffs but somewhat basic (but clean) facilities. Cheers, Ralph
  11. I too have used viamichelin site for planning - don't forget to tick the car+caravan box in the "more options" section as car+caravan pay Class 2 tolls on the autoroutes. Cheers, Ralph
  12. We are off on Sunday to France/Spain and have booked to cross with P&O on their new super-ferry - the Spirit of Britain. I have read an article a while ago in one of the club magazines about what it was going to provide, but has anybody actiually taken their van on it yet? My understanding is that the caravans/motorhomes are now on a different deck from the trucks and coaches and access this via what look like waterslides on each side of the ship. Cheers, Ralph
  13. Thanks indoors (though it seems a shame in this weather!), We have travelled down through France many times in the car and in a VW T4 (Autosleepers Trident) so are happy with the tolls etc, but this will be the first time we have dragged anything behind us! I have planned a route that avoids tolls as far as possible - as you say, it is a holiday and we should relax - we are away for two and a half months, so time is not a real consideration. For example, I have planned three night-stops between Calais and Narbonne (where we are spending a week) and only intend to use the peage to circumnavigate large cities so as to limit our financial exposure! I found the space (and height of kerb) somewhat restrictive when using the Trident which is why I asked the question as regards peage lanes for caravans, but consensus here (and on other sites I have browsed) is that the normal car lanes are wide enough (but not always high enough) so that is reassuring. Being a novice tugger, the van always seems wider than it is and the wife (navigator and toll-payer extrordinaire) is even more worried :-) Cheers, Ralph
  14. Don't the unmanned ones still have the "bucket" type collector for payment with the correct amount in coins? Cheers, Ralph
  15. Thanks for the replies! So the advice is stick to the right and avoid lanes with the height barriers. I know to use the lanes with the green man with the funny hat as we wont be using CC or Telepeage cards/transponders. Cheers, Ralph
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