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  1. We stock up on french toilet paper, as many french home loos are septic tank type, & they require disolvable papers. It is dirt cheap, & some are scented if that tickles you fancy. We usually get to france once a year & will stock up with a couple of 12 roll packs, they last until the next trip.
  2. +1 for John/Caravancare here too, I wouldn't choose to use anyone else for servicing until John retires or goes on a round the world caravan trip. For those with movers under warranty, just be aware he doesn't do Powertouch warranty jobs, despite fitting them.
  3. On the car wheel balancing used to be available when the likes of Peugeot etc "forgot" to place a centre hole in their car wheels. I recall taking my fathers 504 & 505 estate cars for new tyres and being fascinated when they wheeled out the balancing machine - looked like K9 from Dr Who, & span the wheels using a discus shaped device - not sure how they knew where to apply the weights etc though, but it certainly seemed to work.
  4. Hot water tank emptied, always, & then the toilet tank emptied & ready for next trip. Top tank I always seem to run dry evening before moving on & therefore it gets left empty.
  5. We seldom use anything but CC sites, despite using our caravan's facilities 99% of the time through choice. If you are testing your new caravan out I'd suggest heading for a CL/CS so that you can try everything out, including shower & toilet facilities before heading abroad.
  6. We stayed on a none municipal site near the Loire, and both pitches we were offered were "interesting". First was overhung with branches that took the top of the flue off, the second (unshaded, despite us requesting a shaded pitch) was open sun, bordered by "lovely" rose bushes that had probably not seen shears that season. the pitch was only just wide enough for caravan & awning, getting to the aquaroll was interesting & painful. .... That was a site with english owners, superb sanitaires but the owners seemed more content drinking the profits away at the bar - plus planning the curry night for that evening.
  7. Hi all, we're after a little advice. At the end of last year we changed towcars from a \Hyundai Tucson 4wd to a Nissan Pathfinder, the price was right & my wife wanted a heavier car to be a better match with our caravan. The nissan in question is the 2. 5 litre diesel automatic, & while we're both comfortable driving the auto solo, neither of us have towed with an auto. My big question is that when driving solo at 60mph, which is our usual (when allowed) towing crusing speed, the auto box is often on the cusp of a change down in gear - uncomfy & uneconomical. Do I overcome this problem by adjusting towing speed, or do I use the "manual" function to maintain the gear I want to be in? How do people get on using cruise control with an automatic when towing, is it a yes or no?
  8. We spent a couple of days in Kent 2 years ago, tied it in with a short trip to France. We stayed at the CC Black Horse Farm, & visited Dover Castle, Samphire Hoe & Chatham Docks. Mixed weather, but that spoiled nothing. We also tagged along on a trip to Battle, which was good, I'd leave Hastings alone, lots of sea & shops.
  9. When we started caravanning some 7 years ago, it is fair to say I was a bit keener than the wife. Her clause was that we looked at caravans with an end bathroom. When we changed caravan a couple of years ago her wish list expanded to end bathroom, fixed bed. I'll often use site facilities but sometimes it is a simple pleasure just to use the vans, & some CL's there is no choice anyway.
  10. Had one of those from Aldi. Died after about 6 months. Should've taken it back but never got around to it. Also quite big & bulky compared to a decent compressor. I hope you get better performance from yours than I did from mine.
  11. I got one from Halfords a couple of years ago, might have been a Michelin one. Has coped well with what I've asked of it, but it does state for inflations over 45 psi reduce the starting pressure in the tyre to less than 45 psi and then commence pumping. Always stresses me a bit in case I cannot get the tyre reinflaated.
  12. Go back to the depot & have a very loud conversation with the manager. In fact take the caravan so he can see the wheel damage, & park across all of the parking spaces. Saturday morning would be a good time.
  13. I recall a tip in one of the magazines of using roof bar padding, as you may use when carrying ladders or surfboards. They fasten with Velcro & have quite decent closed cell foam padding.
  14. Same here. If it offered a true level of deterrence with ease of use, and was insurance approved, I'd be interested.
  15. When we are away in the caravan we don't consider the cost of day to day living as an extra, it is a given. The cost of sightseeing etc is additional, but then we're not the type of people who would go away & sit in the caravan for a weekend. Equally we don't "do" commercial sites either, and often rely upon getting into the great outdoors as a family.
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