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  1. Thanks Fred, to be honest, we came so close to just binning the whole caravanning/motorhome thing all together, so sickened were we by all of the problems. We blame ourselves really because our last 2013 caravan was an Elddis and it was a story of woe as well. We gave them the benefit of the doubt with the Buccaneer, hopeful that such dire build quality must have been improved in the interim years. Sadly they had learned nothing. We considered at one stage a different UK brand but I think it would have been a frying pan/fire thing going on. It was really my wife who refused for us to be bullied out of something that we loved to do because of poor manufacture and even poorer after-sales. The Black Horse independent assessor who came to to verify the reported faults said that he had an Adria MH and that they were thoroughly recommended. This guy has a great reputation in the industry so that was good enough for me. i loved caravanning and hope that I grow to love motorhoming too! Alistair I can't believe the damage caused to caravans and motorhomes by 'prospective customers'. Cupboard doors wrenched off, taps and knobs stolen, kids being allowed to jump over the upholstery and sit on extension flaps etc. , cupboard latches all smashed because people tried to force the doors. Yes there are manufacturing defects in new display caravans and motorhomes, but I would venture that the majority of damage is caused by people who think that is OK to damage other people's property with impunity.
  2. Happily, after our rejection of our 18 month old 2017 Buccaneer Cruiser was approved by Black Horse (although refused by the dealer), an agent came to our home this week and took this heap of junk away. Seeing it being driven off down the road was tinged with some sadness, however it was a was a massive relief to know that our time with it was finally over and after repairs it will soon be someone else's problem. A very selfish attitude I know, but the whole experience with this caravan has made us ill. The main moral of the story is if you are buying a Buccaneer or any other caravan, use a credit card for part payment or take out a minimum amount of credit. Without Black Horse we would have had a major fight on our hands with our Derbyshire-based dealer. If you are considering a Buccaneer Cruiser 2017 and one does appear shortly at the Derbyshire-based dealer, please feel free to PM me for further details. So armed with a full refund of the price paid we have decided to give up caravanning all together and we pick up our Adria Motorhome from a highly reputable dealer in a few weeks. It has been a pleasure chatting with some of you over the years about our Elddis/Explorer Group/Erwin Hymer Group high's and lows. Those of you sticking with them, can I wish you the very best of luck. I think that you will need it.
  3. It wasn't too much of a fight at all. The shocking state of the caravan pretty much won the fight for us. To be honest though, we were expecting an offer of a replacement and that would have had us appealing to the FO. We feel really down now. Caravanning was our hobby which we really loved. We worked hard to buy the Buccaneer but we really dare not buy another as we no longer have the heart to fight dealers who don't give a toss, and manufacturers who think it is OK for people to fork out their hard won cash for substandard products. I really don't think that there is an industry in the UK where we the customer have been conditioned over time to accept poor quality as the norm. Maybe the rise in the popularity of caravanning has created an industry who feels that they can push out more rubbish at the expense of quality. If we want to pursue our hobby then we are at their mercy and that of their dealer network, whose attitude after the sale is rather like Jekyll & Hyde. We will be very sad when the low loader comes to take it away (unsafe to tow according to BH engineer). Maybe we will take up cruising😁
  4. We received confirmation today that our rejection of our 2017 Buccaneer Cruiser has been upheld. Full refund and compensation. We'll done Black Horse! That is it for us now. The stress and worry of owning an Elddis has taken its toll and after many years we are giving up. It appears that a well built, dry caravan is beyond the abilities of UK manufactures, no matter how much you pay. Best of luck to you all with your caravans. Some of you are sadly going to need it.
  5. Totally as expected. Last year I introduced myself to RQ, who totally blanked me. That was before I even mentioned anything. Damn nearly cancelled my order purely on those grounds, and I wish I had. You live and learn.
  6. We tried to get an answer for some problems on the open day, but they were not at all receptive. I wouldn't hold your breath for any kind of useful input from them. I am still searching for someone who will make us a complete set of new seating to replace the junk in our 2017 Cruiser. The seating in our 2013 Affinity looked as good as the day it was picked up three years later when we traded in. This stuff looks like it has had 5 years wear in less than one season, and we are occasional weekenders. I suppose I could complain about it but what am I likely to get? Probably the same again so what is the point.
  7. We have a JML Dri-Buddy. Great for drying clothes in the awning.
  8. If we go we will look out for you Ian. We would likely have the Westie in tow
  9. Couldn't agree more. Absolutely nothing to set them apart from the competition and no improvements over last year. In fact in some cases things are even downgraded such as the polished stainless steel on the cooker being replaced with a painted black finish. This is the case even in the Buccaneer. There is no improvement to the thin paper-like blinds in the roof lights that blow and rattle even in a slight breeze. Whatever happened to the silvered pull-across blinds? Are the the manufacturers driving costs down to the point where the suppliers such as Seitz Heki are being forced to reduce the quality of their products? Where some manufacturers have moved forward, Elddis have certainly been content to stand still. We were going to the open day, but TBH, we have seen enough.
  10. Our Buccaneer Cruiser is 6 months old and probably the worst living experience in a caravan, ever! Bum hurts on the seats and the mattress is very uncomfortable. The wife and I wake up each morning feeling like we have been run over. We decided that we may like to change for the Clipper - back to single beds. . yay . Our local dealer wanted £8K to change and the dealer where be bought the current caravan wanted £10K! Needless to say it ain't going to happen. Hopefully it will get knicked over the winter and we can start again!
  11. We had a flat on our first outing with the Buccaneer. Changed to the spare in a jiffy using the self-levelling. Recently while touring, twice we arrived on site during very heavy rain. We uncoupled and levelled the van from the comfort of the car. .. absolutely priceless! The latest episode involved getting the jockey wheel jammed in front of a paving slab while taking the caravan out of the garden using the movers. I didn't see the JW sink into the soft ground as I was at the back of the caravan and kept on moving it out. The JW shaft bent. Without the self-levelling it would have been almost impossible to raise the caravan to remove the damaged JW and fit a new one that I just happened to have in the garage (as you've probably guessed, I have been here before ). So for me, the extra £10k is well worth it in terms of convenience, not to mention the very cool beeping sound when the self-levelling is in operation.
  12. I spotted this on ours a few weeks ago. It looked like water was getting in between the layers that the locker is made up of but when I had a closer look it turned out to be just a strip of protective film that should have been removed. I pulled it off and it is fine.
  13. Sounds like a bargain to me.
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