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  1. Hi Martin, Yes my subscription expires on the 31st March 2021. The link is basically the same as you show but only for remote monitoring only and gives three rates, one year, two years and three years. I have not received any other specific notification of this from Swift or Sargents regarding updating but I did know about it from earlier information on the new site. Dave
  2. Hi, I have just logged in to Swift Command using the link from MartinJB above and it has given me the rates for updating the limited subscription, however mine is a 2016 van and therefore only these rates would apply. Dave
  3. Hi Madasaman, the temperature should be displayed even with the power button switched off. It always did on mine and still does using the old app. Using the new website it shows -273 degrees. I have reported to Sargent’s who have replied that it will be corrected in an update to the website. Dave
  4. Hi The 2018 Swift Elegance was fitted with Reversing camera high up on the rear panel just below the high level stop light. I believe that the connection from the camera drops down behind the rear panel to a point between the number plate lights where there is an access hatch to allow access to the Bluetooth transmitter. You should also have a dedicated receiver and screen for mounting in the car. There have been many complaints about the operation of this system a nd its poor performance. I would suggest that you contact Sargent Electrical in Beverley as they supply the product to Swift. They are very helpful. Dave
  5. Hi, useful site to look at, catches for various roof lights. I do not have any affinity to site other than a satisfied customer. https://moho-bits.wixsite.com/manchester
  6. Hi, I had a 2008 Swift caravan with a similar arrangement. When one of the lights had an intermittent fault my dealer told me that there were two alternative ways of accessing the rear of the lights to unbolt the light (who designs a light fitting with the fixing nuts hidden behind a fixed panel with no access) :- 1. Remove the rear panel from the caravan, or 2. Remove the large circular reflector and cut a circular hole smaller than the reflector but large enough to allow a hand through the panel to access the fixings behind. The reflector could then be stuck back to hide the hole. Decided to leave alone as did not wish to pay for rear panel removal and did not fancy having a large hole cut into rear panel. Dave
  7. Does your caravan have fluorescent strip lights above the cupboards. If I remember correctly it should have, however previous owner may have had problems with them and removed them. I believe that they were switched from the control panel. Please check to see if there is a switch and if the wires become live if switched on, make sure wires are separated first.
  8. You also have to be careful with the longer sweep from an extension to ensure the mover has locked into position on the wheel. One day I put the mover onto the wheel and thought that I had locked it in place unfortunately the handle was fouling the ground and when I let go it swept back and hit me across the face and eye. Two hours in A&E but fortunately all was well. Never used handle fully extended after that. Dave
  9. Hi, Early January booked via the CMC for a P&O return crossing , Hull / Rotterdam for the end of May, return early July and paid deposit. Remainder of cost due to be taken from credit card eight weeks prior to departure (end March / early April). Spoke to CMC who agreed to put a stop on the automatic deduction until they were able to discuss with me alternatives . They were unable to do so at time as busy repatriating member from abroad . Following later discussions with CMC I was offered the chance to rebook for later in year or a full refund of the deposit I had paid. Accepted refund as not sure what our situation would be later in year. Not sure if we received a refund due to having taken four nights camp site vouchers as part of the deal (made crossing cheaper than P&O direct cost). Possible that this made the transaction classified as a holiday. Not sure if this helps but hope you are able to deal with it to your satisfaction. Dave
  10. Hi, I suspect that with the age of your caravan that the roof is not bonded and that the insulation is laid loose on the ceiling board and the aluminium outer skin then placed over this and fixed by the awning rails. Check to see if outer skin shows signs of rippling or can be pushed in and out. If so roof will be as described above and therefore no need to worry about insulation etc. Dave
  11. When we last traveled through Switzerland we were stopped at the border where the officer sold use two vignettes which he then stuck to the inside of the car windscreen.
  12. Hi, try this website for a wiring diagram https://orbit.brightbox.com/v1/acc-jqzwj/Swift-Group/handbooks/pdfs/000/000/271/original/2018-Touring-Caravan-Technical-Handbookv2.pdf?1525272701 Do you have a 12volt socket on the front binnacle for a tv, if so you can connect direct to that via a fuse. I did this on my 2016 Conqueror and have been very pleased with it. Dave
  13. Hi, How’s this for a vinyl wrap. Dave Freel2com - View topic - face lift.pdf
  14. Hi, purchased the same awning at about about the same time from a major caravan dealer. When delivered I erected it in my garage as I have an awning rail mounted on the wall to allow me to dry out awnings if necessary. The bladders were twisted in the two legs and one of the legs would not fully inflate the last 500mm at floor level. Phoned dealer immediately and advised that I wanted to return item as it was not fit for purchase. Dealer refused and said that all air awning have minor problems and that it was their policy that the awning be returned to the manufacturer for checking. Advised dealer that they could return it to the manufacturer but I was seeking a full refund as awning not fit for purpose as it would not fully inflate. Manufacturer collected and I received an email from them advising that they had rectified the problems and would return the awning to me. Refused to accept return and advised the dealer that I had requested a full refund and not a repair. After numerous argument with dealer (all recorded by email) I advised my credit card company of the disput to be advised by them that they would not refund my purchase but that the dealer was willing to Talk to me. Phoned dealer who asked which awning I wished in replacement I said I wished a full refund, dealer still tried to say I was not entitled to one as no fault found on awning (claimed rectification different to a repair) but upon threat of reporting to trading standards and/or legal action finally agreed to give refund. Dealer said refund would take 14 days to be auctioned I told them that it was unacceptable and that unless refund in my bank next day I would report them. Money in bank by end of day. This all took three months to settle. Will never buy from this dealer again. Dave
  15. Hi, My last caravan was a 2008 Sterling and had twin electrics which I converted to single 13 pin electrics. I obtained a replacement socket from a Swift dealer who ordered it for me. Cannot remember how much but not a lot. Worked very well for about six years before we changed the caravan. Dave
  16. Hi, Alf the Aquatest had a remote LED then this device could be fixed to the side of the toilet flush water tank a a suitable height to give a warning that the water level is low. Dave
  17. Hi, Fully agree with Fireman Iain and Moorgate.
  18. Hi, To confuse matters even more Swift Technical Handbook 2018 gives two values for the Maximum Technical Permissable Laden Mass one is classified as the “lower limit” and the other as the “upper limit”. The following endnotes are added at the bottom of the table containing this information “The Maximum Technical Laden Mass (MTPLM) is the maximum mass allowed when the caravan is fully laden. WARNING: Under no circumstances should the MTPLM be exceeded” It is contradictory to have two MTPLM’s as you can only ever have one Maximum.
  19. Hi, Where in the DVLA information does it state that the wearing of glasses is notifiable. The requirements appear to be that provided you meet the standards of vision (see extract 1 below) with or without glasses that you are able to drive. At my last appointment with my optometrist consultant I specifically asked if I had to advise the DVLA and he said no as my eyesight more than meet the requirement for driving when I wore my glasses. This would also appear to be confirmed by extract 2 below. I was surprised when I was queried about this when applying for a replacement licence as I have not seen this requirement or been advised about it before despite asking the consultant at the hospital. Dave 1. Standards of vision for drivingYou must be able to read (with glasses or contact lenses, if necessary) a car number plate made after 1 September 2001 from 20 metres. You must also meet the minimum eyesight standard for driving by having a visual acuity of at least decimal 0. 5 (6/12) measured on the Snellen scale (with glasses or contact lenses, if necessary) using both eyes together or, if you have sight in one eye only, in that eye. You must also have an adequate field of vision - your optician can tell you about this and do a test. 2. Driving eyesight rules You must wear glasses or contact lenses every time you drive if you need them to meet the ‘standards of vision for driving’. You must tell DVLA if you’ve got any problem with your eyesight that affects both of your eyes, or the remaining eye if you only have one eye. This doesn’t include being short or long sighted or colour blind. You also don’t need to say if you’ve had surgery to correct short sightedness and can meet the eyesight standards. Check if you need to tell DVLA about your eyesight problem by searching the A to Z of medical conditions that could affect your driving.
  20. Hi, Just applied for my licence to be renewed at 70 and when completing the form I stated that I had to wear glasses to meet the eyesight requirements. I received a reply back stating that I had not previously advised them that I needed glasses for this purpose and could I please confirm this. On confirmation application was processed, so from this I am assuming that this requirement is recorded somewhere on the licence and in the records. Will compare with old licence when I receive the new one. Dave
  21. Sorry should read Foreman not Foreman. Predictive text. Dave
  22. Hi, I have a Foreman porch awning, not sure which model, however the front awning pole does not have any adjusting clamp. The pole can be extended by pulling the inner part out of the outer part. This can be very tight and you may need to twist the end as you pull. The two parts seem to get stuck together when left for some time. If you look carefully at the ends of the pole you will see a reduction in the size of the pole. Hope this helps Dave
  23. Hi, The only experience I have of Sargent Electrical Alarms is a factory fitted unit to a 2008 Swift. This unit is still operating fully on the original battery although it is suggested that you change it after five years. No problems at all with the alarm, key fobs or the sensors. Works first time each time. Dave
  24. Hi you could try Sargent Electrical http://sargentshop. co. uk/epages/eshop328964. sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/eshop328964/Categories/ShopHome/Alarm who provide alarms to Swift and Coachman. Dave
  25. Hi, Rather than lever the light off try using fishing line to cut the adhesive behind the light. Remaining adhesive will have to be cleaned off before new light fitted. You could try using a hair drier to apply heat which may help to cut the adhesive. Dave
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