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  1. success the bailey bodgers strike again it seemed to be the positive wire, run a new wire from the fuse box too the back of the van to the right hand indicator and she works all light up like a Christmas tree again no dimming of the other lights everything works as it should again,we have had more trouble with a new van than all the old ones we have had,thanks for everybody's input very much appreciated,we can now look forward too our weekend away in 2 weeks
  2. flasher unit ok,the earth seems too be ok,we think its the positive wire,the connectors on the car is ok,the connector from front of van to the fuse box ok,so its somewhere between the fuse box and light,could be a break in the positive cable,we are now running a cable from fuse box to the light,will update with result
  3. hi Adam,sounds like I'm going too be a bit thick now but where could i locate the flasher unit,is it possible that there could be a break in the wire i cant see anything obvious kind regards jason. ...
  4. hi margaret,we have put a multi meter on the connectors everything seems to be ok?????realy starting to baffle me now
  5. hi all my right hand indicator and reverse light does not work connected the bulbs directly to the battery and they work so not the bulbs,when i put my hazard lights on they flash fast as if i have a blown bulb but we know the right bulb works,i'm sure i'm over looking something obvious as i'm starting too panic as we want too go away next weekend(start of the season thank god)so any help would be greatly appreciated the caravan is a bailey senetor wyoming twin axle its only 1yr old kind regards jason. ..
  6. cant wait for my next hols

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