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  1. Thats most odd, im insured with cc for our isonzo and I live 5 doors away from frank pickles and they gave me a price back in January. ?.. must be your post code . ... move to LS21
  2. Odered a new awning from Obelink on Monday afternoon, arrived this morning.
  3. Evening all, I'm looking for sites for under a tenner a night around Yorkshire !
  4. Has anyone used Camping Don Cactus near Calahonda ? Starting to think about retirement ! Thanks in advance.
  5. They will be as they are fitted with the 2015 runner system, and smaller on 2016 modles.
  6. Yes we had the same problem, I put a 3mm packer in the catch, but the main thing were the rollors kept on bending. Ended up with the 2015 draw pack and runners, not had an issue with them since.
  7. Some desent ones on auto trader under 10k with under 80k miles.
  8. I'll stand up for Adria U. K We had an on going issue with our kitchen drawers. It took a year to sort be they were very helpful. Unlike the dealer. ...
  9. I have an 08 swb Worrier, towed a t/a Bailey 624 now towing and Adria Isonzo. Have to say the Adria tows much better. Go to Spain every summer no issues at all. Its had a re-map and and a few other engine mods getting 23. 4 on the Mways, on A roads we get 21. We had an 05 3. 0 Patrol awesome tow car got the same mpg as the Shogun. Wish I still had it.
  10. Hi all, looking coments on Cloverfields, Buxton please.
  11. Hi, yes, same think happend to our Isonzo earlier this year. its a solenoid in the pcb fuse board. You can hot wire with a live feed from any other working feed on the pcb, thats what I did then you need to get your dealer to order a new one. Very had to get one unles your trade. P. S it took 3 of us 4 hours to work it out . .. and your fridge only works on 12v when hooked up to your motor good look
  12. digger65


    Ok, so would P. C plod really know if you were towing tourer at 8. 75mt . + A frame. Or is it down to some other government department ? To implement fines ?
  13. I could be wrong, but just seen an AWD one parked up outside our local curry house. ...
  14. Im of to buy me a big John Deer tractor, has anyone seen how fast these things go towing 8t + and running red . .... its the way forward . ...
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