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  1. Thanks for the replies, our car tyres are on the outside, but looks like these are on the inside. Hubby will have to take a look tomorrow.
  2. Hi, Help please. ... we bought a 2011 Swift Coastline 550 caravan this summer from a dealer and we have had nothing but problems, now the tyre walls are cracking ! We have always been careful with our last caravan tyres and now these tyres, regularly moving every few weeks in storage. We have just bought some tyre cradles so we don't have to move the caravan every few weeks and whilst watching the wheel onto the cradle I noticed that the tyre side wall was cracking. We have tried to find the date of the tyre, but the only code visible is Hankook DOT 2XW1 JM H, nothing else. Can anybody help please?
  3. Good news folks, today we tried the battery again to see if we could charge it up. It took a charge and now its good to go. Took the battery to a caravan dealers and they tested the battery with a "drop test". The battery is fine. Now to find the reason for it to loose all its charge in 2 weeks in storage with the isolator switch turned off so no power anywhere in the caravan.
  4. Thanks for your replies, it tells you the charge on your battery via the charger and also inside your caravan it also tells you there. I still don't understand why its decided to suddenly stop working though when it was 100% two weeks ago
  5. Hi, in answer to all your replies the battery is a numax LV26MF 95ah, it says on the internet its a sealed battery, when we bought it we were told it was a gel battery so only quoting dealer on this. This is the battery http://www. leisurebatteryshop. co. uk/images/products/lv26mf-cutout. jpg The charger is Halfords advanced electronic battery charger http://static. autoexpress. co. uk/sites/autoexpressuk/files/images/car_photo_488869. jpg When I said my hubby charged it a little it was on 95% before and 100% when fully charged, we never go on sites without an electric hookup so the battery is always fully charged
  6. in reply to your answers, yes its a gel battery, we have had it for 4 and a half year on our old van, charged at the start of the season although my hubby said it wasn't really down much. We have a special charger for gel batteries from Halfords, the charger was about £40, all singing and dancing charger ! The battery has only ever been used a couple of time a year and never had a problem with it before. When we bought it the dealer said it was the best type to buy.
  7. Hi, we have a problem with our gel battery for our 2010 swift coastline 550. 2 weeks ago the battery was fine when we last used it, today it wont work. We tried to move our caravan with the motor mover today but it wouldn't work, brought the battery home and connected to charger and it states "battery defective" and will not charge up. This is our second caravan so we moved the battery across from the old caravan. We have only had our caravan a few weeks, been away with it and everything worked fine, put back into storage and switched the isolator button off as I had read to do so on here so no power has been drawn from the battery. My question is why has the battery just gone (is this possible?) and can gel batteries be recharged? Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. Hi, Thanks for you reply, Yes we have tried to start the car outside most of our neighbours homes. The distance seems to be about 60, 80 metres all 4 sides of our driveway. We have only found one new doorbell installation, but not all neighbours are so understanding as our "doorbell" neighbours were. We have also switched off all the power in the house and no change there. The car is still under warranty and as far as we are concerned its up to Toyota to sort it, we are still waiting a reply from last Thursday ! Thanks for your brill reply xx
  9. Thanks for all the replies, Yes we have got new batteries in both remotes, also disabled towbar electrics, not either. We have found 1 new doorbell in the area, now deactivated thanks to considerate neighbours, but there must be more as still intermittent car start and no door locking. Awaiting our dealer now getting in touch with Toyota on Monday. Thankyou everyone for the response. xx
  10. Thanks for the reply, wish it was so simple ! Dealer says there isn't a problem and there isn't . ........................ 100 metres from our home! Bring our car home and hey presto we are locked out and smart key wont start it unless its held right up to the dash. Car has been at the dealers three times and No the towbar fitter didn't disconnect the battery when changing to a 13 pin, checked that, had the car to another auto electric place today and no problems detected. Toyota says "its in the manual that things like a microwave, doorbell etc can stop your smart key working" so switched all the power off at home and still no change. We live in a town so cant go round asking everybody to do the same. Nobody has an answer for us and we haven't even got our new van yet !
  11. Hi, We need help please, Had a 13 pin socket put on our Rav4 this week by the mobile fitter who put the towbar on originally 18months ago and now cant lock/unlock the car or start the car without holding the smart key right up to the dash. Get the car 100 metres down the road and hey presto everything works as normal. Had the car recovered to dealer and nothing wrong. What can we do and anybody had the same problem? Thanks Maggs
  12. Hi, just read your link. Can you please tell me the size of insulation (bore) we need to buy as the direct link is broken. Sounds a brill idea. Maggs
  13. Hi, Is it possible to brighten up a caravan bathroom by wallpapering the walls and if so is it successful? Can anybody offer any advice, nothing wrong with the walls its a nearly new caravan with a big white expanse of bathroom wall that looks boring.
  14. Hi, My neighbour has just told me their friends are having awful problems with damp in their Swift caravan. Reading little snippets on here I gather there are some problems. Just rang the dealers where we are buying our Swift Coastline 550, 2011 from. They said not to worry as only 50 !!!!!!! ( I read many more) challengers were affected. Should we be worried? Can anyone please explain what we should be looking out for when we pick our caravan up and also has the problem affected all models? Thankyou
  15. I have loved reading all the replies. My favs are 8 ways to wear pants and the baby 9 months later. I once forgot the sleeping bags when we had a tent, but my best was all my shoes, I didn't realise until the next day and we were in the Scottish Highlands, shoe shops are far and few up there.
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