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  1. I have caravanned for nearly thirty years. They have previously been rather elderly and British. Two of them bought with damp and repaired personally. This gave me the opportunity to identify the problem areas from panels lapped the wrong way around making water ingress more likely on eventual mastic failure, through to missing mastic and rotten steel screws, allowing panels to separate. I eventually had the opportunity to buy at the time a six year old Hymer Nova, seven years later, stored outside without any covers its still dry, and in excellent condition. There is absulutely no agenda to change.
  2. I towed my current Hymer 545 Nova, which comes in at 1800kg + with my last car a Vw Touareg for 6 years at a long term average of 27 mpg with most of it with a light foot and sensible runs. Towing was at best 22 mpg with most calculations more like the 20 mpg. Lots of trips to the Mediterranean and throughout France. I have recently changed to a Mercedes 3. 0 tdi E Class. Long term average a clear 10 + mpg ahead although possibly only mid to late twenties towing, which did surprise me. I do however think at its possibly down to driving faster because I can. If you read most of the tow car reviews it's surprising how much towing affects consumption even with super high achieving solo mileage vehicles struggling to return 30mpg when towing.
  3. Hi, my Zodiac weighs in at 35 kgs with outboard about the same. Whilst I can pick these up singulary it's not ideal over any distance. I have used a retactable light sack barrow for the job which also transports the grey water container. The Zodiac also has retractable wheels which drop down from the transom which work well on semi hard surfaces, but will dig into the sand if it's soft. The zodiac has a V keel which needs to pumped up to a significant bar pressure. I find that I can manage this with initially a foot pump finishing with a high pressure hand operated pump. Basically it all doable, trust me it certainly less hassle than trailering or lifting a boat up onto the roof rack. Nothing quite like messing about in boats!
  4. In my exprience (Zodiac and 9. 9hp outboard) you will be fine on the sea. Its gets a little more complicated on inland waters, with permits etc. Depending on where you are ? It can be tricky launching due to busy beaches etc. I have also found it quite bouncy, there's always a jet ski or speed boat passing close by so you're forever bouncing over wake. For me though it's always been worth it, I get bored very quickly just sitting on the beach. Strapped a Laser pico to the roof rack one year, and put up with racket from the roof all the way to the Med!
  5. Hi Nelodemus, We also considered le Grand Bornand for this February but eventually I gave in to pressure from the wife and daughter and booked an apartment in Valmorel. I would be really interested in how you get on? It's still on the to do list one day. We are seasoned ski -drive travellors and would agree that roads are kept clear generaly with the only issue when it's actually snowing. My last three cars have all had snow chains, and they have only ever been used on the driveway in practice. Just bought a new low profile set for my current car, costing £300 and you can bet they won't be used ! If your Sorento is anything like my last car (Touareg) then it will still perform in snow as though it's still on tarmac?. You should be fine. I'll look out for you, travelling out on Friday 15th. Regards.
  6. Hi, I would suggest talking to Mercedes first. It must be a printing error? Had a similar issue years ago with a Vw Touran, which didnt have any reference to Euro 4 on the log book at the time. It was compliant (even quoted in the sales brochure) but my company would'nt accept it company car tax wise. I eventually got Vw to look into it, who then offered a letter of assurance to DVLA who eventually updated the log book, and i claimed the extra allowance. The E class is an excellent tow vehicle. A computer or operator somewhere has got it wrong.
  7. I have the 350 bluetec AMG sport estate bought it last August, after towing with a Touareg for over 6 years and 90k+miles. First impressions was 40+ mpg was easily achievable and high 30's on average. Car weighs 2107kg on a recent weight bridge, with 2 adults and a quarter tank of fuel, although mass in service was around 1950kg from memory quoted in the log book. Basically weight wise the 3. 0 TDI is a different animal. As a tow car I can tell the caravan is certainly on the back as far as the suspension is concerned, (caravan weights 1800kgs) bounces a bit, but with self levelling suspension it rides level. Its most certainly in charge. The power delivery whether towing or solo most certainly makes you smile! and solo the car can make swift progress with 620 Nm of torque. Best car so far personally, with reasonable economy. 90k miles at 27 mpg with the previous Touareg and around 20 mpg towing was starting to wear thin. Thoroughly recommend the car.
  8. Hi, Thank you for your reply, I'll checked availability yesterday and it was still offering bookings. The wifes now not so sure about the using the van, and would prefer an apartment. Had,nt appreciate that it would be so popular although I reckon most of the use is from motorhomes.
  9. Hi, we have chosen l,escale in le Grand Bornand (France) which is quite close to Annercy, although not booked yet. This will be a new exprience for us, although it's been on the to do list for a long time. Can anyone suggest an overnight stop on route from Calais please that will be open and not to far from the motorways. Thank you.
  10. Hi all, thank you for your replies. This is now most definitely on the short list. (need to book this week)I am aware of the french requirements in regards to using small boats on inland waterways. However other than proof of ownership and public liability, and the option of using a smaller outboard,(3. 5 hp) together with vhf, from experience you will not be asked for anything else, if you are ever asked in the first place. Regards Paul.
  11. Hi, a 3. 1m inflatable boat, with a 9. 9 hp outboard in my case,which will do 22 mph . Great fun.
  12. Hi all. Looking at the above campsite In August, and like the idea of being able to use my small Zodiac to get to the beach. Any views good or bad please. Regards Paul.
  13. Hi, Does anyone have a site recommendation for the Bordeaux region, never been there before. Not too busy, although we do have a 14 year old teenager to occupy! Arriving 2nd week into August. Ideally I would like to make use of my canoe and possibly a small Zodiac with outboard, although the Atlantic surf will be too much for either. Always been the Med up until now. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you. Regards Paul.
  14. Hi, Drove down to Honfleur from the tunnel Saturday morning with a 30+ group of fellow mx5 enthusiasts. We were aware of the problems prior to the trip so basically started topping up from the Somme service station (toll road) and one other before arriving in Honfleur with full tanks. Basically the problem has been compounded through panic buying, particularly by the locals. So the local garages where either closed or down to restricted delivery. On the way back we experienced longer queues, which do resemble the South of France in August, so no real panics on the motorways (certainly no closed signs) Rouen, again much the same as Honfleur locally. So fill up as you leave Blighty and fill up on the motorways where you can. I also Checked the tunnel for carrying additional stored fuel, and 30 litres seems the maximum allowance, all helps and does give you a small reserve. Hope this helps Regards Paul.
  15. Hi, we used a site in Vias Plage called Beach Farret last summer which is part of a large french chain (Yellow village) which are generally large All singing and dancing venues which have,nt really suited us for a while. However, Beach Farret is detached from the main site by about 200 metres, there is mix of static holiday homes and general camping, with some of the pitches now facing the beach. No shops, clubs or amusements just excellent toilet/shower facilities with the main campsites siting the pool complexes, restaurants etc. We have used this site mainly for the direct beach access, using previously a small sailing dinghy and this year a small Zodiac lauching just just outside the campsite which was really convenient, Although just a word of warning, we have pitched literally on the beach for two summers in a row now( Costa Brava last year) and it can be busy with teenagers partying on the beach at 3. 30am it's quite surprising how far noise travels in the dead of the night. Although it was excellent literally sited on the beach albeit behind a chain link fence the noisy nights ruined the wife,s sleep so we personally will sit further back in the future, I guess the fact that it was the height of the season possibly contributed? Regard Paul.
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