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  1. Port de Critiques in Argles sur Mer for 5 nights . We are now further East in Serignan until Monday morning. Then it either Further East to Frejus or possibly I'll de Rue finishing off in Honfluer, back Sunday afternoon via the tunnel. Weather has been a mix of sunny spells ,only rained yesterday in the morning and always above 25 degrees . Border control was a serious anticlimax and wondered what all the fuss had been about. British are here, you're not on your own. Really pleased it all came together, and yes covid app and masks activily enforced, which has been reassuring. Les Critiques de Porteils, and not as the description above!.
  2. Same here. We re-booked our Mediterranean site this week, with France's status changing. The campsite offered a Covid insurance policy covering all bases which was something the CMC were unable to do, only offering the campsites usual terms and conditions. We have ordered a new Emovis tag, waiting for a new Crit air certifate and now need to work through the testing requirements, hopefully not too ardulous.
  3. Thanks for the postive feedback. I also posted on a motorhome forum this morning, it appears that many people are also waiting and remaining hopeful.
  4. Morning all, basically as above. We still have the tunnel booking for the 4th September although the campsite booked through the caravan and motorhome club was cancelled this week (balance became due) so hopefully if things open up for travelling and not resticted to quarenteening on arrival or returning home a holiday in France this year is still possible. Who else has the same optimism? .
  5. Measured everytime with BF. Never checked with the tunnel, P&O or Dfds., over a twenty year period. To be honest it rather affended me at the time.
  6. Hi, if the pools important, I would look elsewhere prsonally. The brochure pictures are possibly misleading. Its quite small, runs parallel with the site road and is really just for the kids. However, the onsite lake beach is excellent and is where all the naltic activities are based. Soft beach shoes recommended though, the bottom of the Lake is muddy and silted (to be expected) so the feeling underfoot is a bit unusual. Its a popular site, with excellent views. One year we managed to get a lake side pitch, making it the best pitch of all time for us. A real one off. Regards Paul.
  7. Hi, another vote here for Le lac bleu. Initial 3 day stay to check it out returning from the Med, returning twice in the last three years. With 7 days last August. We cut this year's initial 2 week stay short and carried on down to Agde due to persistent rain and at times pretty average tempertures. Mountain weather can be changeable. Excellent location, used my Zodiac rib every day and explored much of the Lake. Annecy is very touristy with numerous locations to eat etc. Also ventured up to la Clusaz which was an excellent location for exploring without the snow, bobsleighing on sleighs (artificially )and an air bag jump. We will return but had missed the reliable weather of the Med.
  8. Hi, a reading of 20 and above is the level of saturation of the wood/substrate which is beginning to rot. Basically you need to be sub 20 and clearly reducing in my opinion.
  9. Hi, Interesting topic reference to Bf and measuring the outfit, slightly off topic but I would still like your feedback please. Over the past five years I have used BF twice, Dfds once from Dover and once from Newhaven, several times with P&O and solo with the tunnel. The only operator to measure on both occasions was Bf, typically I watched 2 caravan ahead go through ahead unmeasured! They're obviously very keen commercially to ensure that they don't miss out on any further charging if applicable. Personally it did get my back up and I went out with the attendent to ensure that all was measured correctly. The 2nd time(following year) i waited for her to return into the booth, to say oh everything was correct.
  10. I have caravanned for nearly thirty years. They have previously been rather elderly and British. Two of them bought with damp and repaired personally. This gave me the opportunity to identify the problem areas from panels lapped the wrong way around making water ingress more likely on eventual mastic failure, through to missing mastic and rotten steel screws, allowing panels to separate. I eventually had the opportunity to buy at the time a six year old Hymer Nova, seven years later, stored outside without any covers its still dry, and in excellent condition. There is absulutely no agenda to change.
  11. Hi, I can,t comment on the proper side from the extensive list populated, but my Hymer was a uk spec one so it matches the British caravans for door side orientation. Hope this helps if it's a problem. Travelling in Europe we end up being on the wrong side ! It's not a big deal, you either nose in or nose out, motor helps though.
  12. Hi, I have a 2006 Hymer Nova, just put a new battery on it this weekend. Everything still works, with just 2 micro switches for sink taps, one replacement winder for the big roof light, and that's in 7 years of ownership (2nd owner). I also feel that the European vans don't get the regular body design changes to keep everyone upgrading, although each to their own! The brand new one at 37k + still resembles my model. Not that I am fussed either way. I have no plans to change any time soon. I do check for damp once a year using a damp meter, and it's bone dry, and also has a sensible load margin. I moved to the Hymer after 4 previous vans which all had damp, but to be fair they were all at least 5+ years old, Hope this helps, it's all very emotive!
  13. I towed my current Hymer 545 Nova, which comes in at 1800kg + with my last car a Vw Touareg for 6 years at a long term average of 27 mpg with most of it with a light foot and sensible runs. Towing was at best 22 mpg with most calculations more like the 20 mpg. Lots of trips to the Mediterranean and throughout France. I have recently changed to a Mercedes 3. 0 tdi E Class. Long term average a clear 10 + mpg ahead although possibly only mid to late twenties towing, which did surprise me. I do however think at its possibly down to driving faster because I can. If you read most of the tow car reviews it's surprising how much towing affects consumption even with super high achieving solo mileage vehicles struggling to return 30mpg when towing.
  14. Hi, my Zodiac weighs in at 35 kgs with outboard about the same. Whilst I can pick these up singulary it's not ideal over any distance. I have used a retactable light sack barrow for the job which also transports the grey water container. The Zodiac also has retractable wheels which drop down from the transom which work well on semi hard surfaces, but will dig into the sand if it's soft. The zodiac has a V keel which needs to pumped up to a significant bar pressure. I find that I can manage this with initially a foot pump finishing with a high pressure hand operated pump. Basically it all doable, trust me it certainly less hassle than trailering or lifting a boat up onto the roof rack. Nothing quite like messing about in boats!
  15. In my exprience (Zodiac and 9. 9hp outboard) you will be fine on the sea. Its gets a little more complicated on inland waters, with permits etc. Depending on where you are ? It can be tricky launching due to busy beaches etc. I have also found it quite bouncy, there's always a jet ski or speed boat passing close by so you're forever bouncing over wake. For me though it's always been worth it, I get bored very quickly just sitting on the beach. Strapped a Laser pico to the roof rack one year, and put up with racket from the roof all the way to the Med!
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