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  1. I applied it to th grooves but its not improved it much.
  2. Thanks for all the answers
  3. 5yrs 2 month I did think of Silicone spray but would need to be very careful so not to stain the blinds
  4. The window blinds on my Coachman 565 VIP are very hard to pull up or down , anyone have a solution.
  5. Thanks for all the Replies.
  6. Cant fit a handle door opens on the other side and window wont allow enough room . Thanks for all the Replies
  7. I have a fully automatic motor mover on the van , if I left the rollers on the wheels would it do any harm to the mover or tires , thinking it would be extra security to stop it going missing.
  8. I have a Coachman 565 VIP , I wanted to fit extra door lock when my van was serviced the engineer told me they would not fit because not enough room on the inside for the covering plate, anybody fitted any extra door security and what type if you have fitted one.
  9. Update one caravan was recovered because it had a tracker fitted , the owner had to wait 6 hrs before the police would go on the site to recover it, they would not look round the site for the other van, They have not been to the storage site to look at the TV images that show a male and a female in detail with good pictures of there faces, No one been charged with anything .
  10. If you are retired , you are not commuting to work so insurance should be cheaper.
  11. The site is a Dog boarding kennels fenced all round with 7ft high steel gates , they cut the locks off the gates and took both vans in less 10 minutes , because of Covid the kennels are empty , the dogs go mad normally when I go to the Van
  12. My storage site phoned this morning to say that the caravans either side of my van had been stolen, I went down to check my Coachman 565/4, no damage and not been touched , My van had a AL-KO wheel lock on, the other 2 vans had ordinary wheel clamps on they had been cut off along with the hitchlocks, one van was only 2 months old but it had a tracker fitted , its been recovered on a travellers site in Bolton, the other one is till missing. Think the AL-KO lock saved my van
  13. Thanks for that it as a fitting on the back ,its thea different mount that I need Malc
  14. I have just part x my Pastiche for a 2015 Coachman VIP 565/4 the brackets for holding the TV into the wall near the entrance and in the bedroom are different to the one I have , I need a Link to the correct TV bracket if anyone knows of any
  15. Thanks for the reply its the socket that the 13 amp houshold plug goes into .
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