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  1. Hello everyone, my name is Paul ( ex - Gingerbreadman ) and I'm returning to this forum after a period of absence, It's good to see a few names that I recognise from before and quite a few names that i've yet to get to know, I look forward to getting back upto speed with the forum again, thankyou for having me back, Paul Tia & Family
  2. When we first started touring we only had the basics with us and found that if we needed it for in or outside of the caravan, we'd take a jaunt into which ever local town we'd be near and get that item whilst looking around . With such tight restrictions on just how much weight or payload you have, just having the item's in there you'd would physically use is much better than item's kept in the back of cupboards for the " Just in case " and eating up valuable kg's . .. anyway, enjoy your caravan, all the best Gingerbreadman
  3. Thank you for your reply's so far, this definitely is a lesson learned . I would normally carry the item in the front locker, yet the last time we we're away I stupidly placed it into the under-cupboard in the bathroom, don't know why . This is the consequence of my actions . . I've used jay's fluid on the caravan internal walls and these have come up a treat as well as all of the pipework, luckily none of the soiled area is outside of the unit, except the small drips that fell off the door when I opened it onto the carpet, which as explained before, my wife took care of straight away . The internal shelves are effectively covered plywood and the thought of soaking them excessively worries me a bit . It's the back of the doors, similar to run's you'd get in paint and the upper and lower shelves that took the brunt of the splash back and a selection of sponges we use for different reasons in the caravan soaked up a large portion of the spill when this fed down from the above shelf, so I think although I've still yet to find the right cleaning solution, I've been very lucky overall, thank you again, Gingerbreadman
  4. Hello fellow members, I've got a question for you, How do you get " blue " toilet additive of internal fixture's within the caravan ? . . I ask because on the journey to the Brecon Beacons my almost full bottle of blue additive split it's side and emptied it's contents throughout the inside of my bathroom cabinet . How it split, I don't know ( have heard of replica products of this kind on the market a few years ago ) but this particular bottle was bought in a caravan supplies shop we've used for years and don't think it could be from there . I've mopped up with several sponges the worst, but it has sort of dyed the shelves and back of the doors blue . I'm now faced with clean up, my wife has tackled the removable carpet in the bathroom with cleaning agent and that seems to have worked on the carpet but the unit's won't budge and I don't wan't to make it worse with with using the wrong cleaning agents, it literally looks like a hand grenade has gone off in there . . the bottle was not trapped or put under any pressure with other things put against it so why would the bottle split do you think ? Awaiting replies from those in the know, all the best, Gingerbreadman
  5. Hello dannut to Caravantalk, Gingerbreadman
  6. Hello and welcome to Caravantalk, Gingerbreadman
  7. Some really early bird's on here today . . A very warm welcome deb usher, good luck with the search for your caravan, Gingerbreadman
  8. Would like to welcome you to Caravan Talk, plenty of helpful people on here to answer your questions, Gingerbreadman
  9. A very warm welcome to the best caravan forum on the internet, ask away . ..
  10. Hi, I changed from a 2003 Nissan Terrano 2 to a 2005 Mitsubishi Shogun and I find very good on fuel ( diesel ) and tow's very well with it's manual gearbox . . £5,500 bought me a 2005 registration vehicle with 83,000 on the clock . . all the best with your search, Gingerbreadman
  11. Simple question, If your suspicious that the garage may not look after your car whilst in for it's service, why not ask friends or family for recommendations or search on the good garages guide for a reputable garage in your area . I understand that you must feel confident that the garage will not abuse your car whilst it's in their care, but surely there are way's you can talk to the service manager and express your concerns, explaining past experiences, best regards, Gingerbreadman Edited for spelling mistake . ..
  12. Now trading as Diamond Camping & Angling Supplies Limited, Unit 7 Tower Court, St Davids Road, Swansea, SA6 8RU ( based behind Smyths Toys ) . . Used to use ABC Camping and the same people are running this place, hope this helps, Gingerbreadman
  13. Hi MJOAP, the best thing for security of any caravan is Insurance. With most company's accepting just a hitch lock or wheel lock as meeting their requirements for cover, then anything else that we as owners can do to slow down or even hinder any chance of someone taking your caravan can only help. I've heard of people using ground anchors and chains or hitches attached to walls, even facing you caravan up the driveway can help if possible. Gingerbreadman
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