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  1. I think we have one left. 2015 Unicorn.
  2. 7.4m long (incl A frame). 2.3m wide. The only issue was the constant stream of traffic leaving the tennis club - but they were pretty good at moving over. I ended up in a convoy of 8 caravans checking in. We would have been blocking the road, so the wardens opened the barrier and sent us to find a pitch and come back to reception later.
  3. We had no problems with the Cirencester access road. It has been widened and the passing spaces made larger. It'll be a problem when two caravans meet, but otherwise no drama. The site had 97 departures and about the same number of arrivals yesterday
  4. I've spent most of my life working with scientists. Very few have fixed ideas, especially on something new. Instead they're always looking to learn more. Much better than them saying "I've made up my mind, please don't confuse me with (new) facts"
  5. We only tend to go off grid during the summer months, so cope perfectly well with a 75Ah battery. We used to have a big one in the days before we had a solar panel. May-Sept, our battery is usually fully charged by 10am. https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/15966143/numax-lv22mf-12v-75ah-sealed-leisure-battery-15966143
  6. I suspect that most caravans are overloaded. By the time a mover and battery are fitted, plus 10Kg for an aquaroll and wastemaster, another 10Kg for crockery and cutlery etc, there is astonishingly little left. Some people arrive on holiday, and their caravan contains multiple pushbikes, awning, beer fridge etc. Some people weigh everything that goes in (at least the first time, so they know what 'loaded' looks like). Some people take the caravan to a weighbridge. Most of us try to be sensible and hope we're ok.
  7. There are three tyre manufacturers in South Korea, so Kias and Hyundais tend to be fitted with one of the three. Hancook, Kumho, Nexen. All are decent mid-range choices.
  8. I was reading that there have been very many fewer people with colds this year - probably due to fewer people mixing, social distancing etc.
  9. First thing to do is check what's happening at the car socket, with the caravan disconnected. Do you have a volt meter?
  10. Nurses not wearing face masks or staying two metres apart led to an outbreak of Covid-19 that shut an A&E unit after 70 staff at a hospital had to go into quarantine, an inquiry has found. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jul/15/covid-19-nurses-not-wearing-masks-led-to-ae-closure-inquiry-finds We have a couple of friends who caught the virus a couple of months ago. She made a rapid recovery and is back at work. He's been left severely compromised and tires very easily. He's not been able to work since. Both about 50 years. Neither needed to go into hospital so were not in the worst categories. I'll wear a mask as it helps to keep this virus down. I don't want to get it, and if I do, I don't want to pass it to others.
  11. I agree. It's nice to have one annual bill which stays contained, so that I don't have to play the utility/insurance industry games of switching each year.
  12. You won't save quite that much. If your stay was £100+VAT=£120, and is now £100+VAT=£105, your saving will be £15 on what was a £120 stay. Or 15/120 = 12.5% less.
  13. I do the oil changes on my 10-year old MX-5. It only does a couple of thousand miles a year. I alternate - one year I suck the oil out and change it. I don't even bother changing the filter. The following year I do it through the sump, and change the filter.
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