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  1. I just throw the dog's bed (normally sits in the car boot) over the solar panel. But a piece of cardboard or carpet would work just as well.
  2. Probably a loose connection in the plug/socket on the cable.
  3. As I understand it, the B1600 series of axle swing arm has 180mm travel from no load to maximum bump stop. When fully loaded, the arm should be horizontal. Except that it appears that Bailey didn't allow enough clearance in the axle box for the arm to reach the horizontal position. Hence it rubbing on the top of the axle box. The caravans appear fine when new, but the axle gradually relaxes. I suspect that many of the axles haven't actually failed as such - but there's no room left for them to move.
  4. Agreed, that's a good start. I'd also recommend "Bailey Axle Problems family!" on facebook. There's also a huge multi-page discussion here on CaravanTalk.
  5. I can see both sides of this discussion, Bailey didn't help themselves/their customers by fitting flat-top axle boxes, instead of the round top ones that most other makers fit. Others makes may have failed axles but without the same catastrophic results. If people buy a new AL-KO axle, AL-KO have relocated the brackets so that there is an additional 10mm of clearance.
  6. Yes! My wife has just been allowed to visit her mum in hospital - but only because they thought it was end of life. Her mum has had a pretty miserable year - heart attack, covid (caught in hospital), sepsis, a big bleed, C-Diff (caught in hospital), Covid (again, also caught in hospital) and now a major bleed (ulcer? cancer?). But having visited her mum, my wife is now isolating for 14 days. She's grateful that she could visit, but she'd be at the front of the queue for the vaccine if she's allowed.
  7. There were quite a few police off in our area in the spring. A quick google throws up similar for fire service. eg. https://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/18377152.12-fire-service-staff-isolating-coronavirus/
  8. Had to do this a few times - I carry two leads and a 'waterproof' container to put them in. If you don't have a waterproof box, at least get the connectors off the ground - even suspended from a (preferably) plastic tent peg or two. Note that you'll get a voltage drop over a longer cable - some electrics might not work quite as well as you'd hope. I've had to put the fridge over the gas, for instance. It's a bit heavier, but 2.5mm cable is good - you'll get less voltage drop. I PAT test for our local steam railway, and extension leads are the item w
  9. I agree with you to a point. But when I was running a business, my customers would (rightly) hold me accountable for the subcontractors I selected and used. The caravan makers get away with it because we know that they actually have very few supply choices - so they are as much a victim of the poor quality as we are. I'm sticking with my caravan for now, but don't intend to ever buy another. To be fair, the leaky roof strap was a minor issue (for me at least). No damage caused and fixed in a couple of hours.
  10. My friend first realised he had an axle issue when he found road spray inside the caravan. The tyre had made a small hole in the axle box. As well as a new axle, he had to have new tyres, new axle boxes and some rot cut out.
  11. Have they checked the axle clearance? You need to have at least 25mm from the tyre to the underside of the axle box.
  12. Whatever you do, buy from a local dealer. The market is not like cars, where you can get problems fixed at your local dealer - your rights are purely with the organisation that sold you the caravan.
  13. But they should be installed in the campers in line with BS EN 1949:2002. Things like "cylinder compartments shall be sealed from the inside living accommodation". etc.
  14. Some of the campervan crowd use these - you may find more help there? Perhaps the motorhomefun forum?
  15. Very true. And motorhomes can be even worse, as manufacturers do all sorts of dodgy things to keep within 3500Kg (the maximum that can be driven on a 'B' licence). There's a 4-berth motorhome on the forecourt of my local dealer which has 240Kg payload. The allowance on motorhomes includes 75kg for the driver, but nothing for any other passengers, water etc. Many motorhomes are now coming with a smaller fuel tank (60 litres), and some without a spare wheel to keep the weight down.
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