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  1. I found the same with Aviva if you do it online. And they often waive it if you phone them too. When my new car was delayed by a day (the garage totally underestimated the time it would take to fit the towbar), I rang them up and they said "that's fine. I can waive the charge"
  2. When I wanted to be absolutely sure the dealer had wired my towbar correctly [they'd mucked a few other things up], I bought a 13-pin tester from a company on ebay. I tested the wiring before signing the car off. If we lived a little closer to each other, I'd lend you mine. Or if the garage are an MOT station, you could get them to show you on their rig, but that would probably only show road lights.
  3. This will always happen to some extent. There is a body of air pushed by the HGV, which first hits the rear of the caravan, pushing it away from the lorry, then pushing the front away - so creating this swaying feeling. It's worst when a car transporter passes for some reason. Or if you're towing downhill (when your car+caravan is less stable anyway). With a bit of experience you learn to move over slightly in your lane - even a foot or two makes a huge difference. As to whether your outfit does it more than most, you'll only know if you try a different towcar, or take someone more experienced along with you. But if the combination is stable under other conditions, its probably normal. As mentioned above, there are a number of things which may help - such as tyre pressures, nose weight etc. PS. that's quite a big caravan for a surf to tow, so you'll get some 'tail wagging the dog'. I'm assuming you have B&E on your driving licence, as it'll certainly be over the weight limit for someone on just a B licence. To get B&E you will have either passed your driving test before 1997, or have taken the trailer towing test.
  4. So the poor sods around you who aren't part of this party are kept awake late, and woken early???
  5. We've mentally decided that when our caravan dies we won't replace it. Annual costs include £480 storage. £120 insurance. £150 annual service. £200 or so running a bigger/thirstier car than we'd otherwise need. £100 a year contribution to towbar (assuming £600 towbar, and keep car six years). So over £1000 a year - and that's without the caravan having any axle, damp or other repairs. Add in the caravan depreciation (probably another £1000 a year), and that's a significant contribution to a different style of holidaying.
  6. https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/club-together/discussions/information-technical-tips-advice/towcars-towing/range-rover-detatchable-tow-bar-recall/
  7. True, but a naked flame is prohibited at petrol stations, motorway service areas and in many tunnels. I prefer to travel with the gas bottle off.
  8. I wouldn't have parked like that - your car is on your neighbour's pitch! I can understand the wardens challenging it. If parking in front is such a big deal, move the car to the car park.
  9. And what's your source for this claim????
  10. That might not help. I suggest you start with the basics. What height is the centre of the towball from the ground, on level ground with the car laden but the caravan not attached? What is the noseweight of the caravan? Do the car shock absorbers seem worn out? Are the tyre pressures correct?
  11. This is a great supplier of all things auto electrical - I've used them a few times: http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.EU/product.php/978/57-amp-7mm-sq-97-0-30 The dealer went to great pains to get the cables the same length on mine, but the two motors run at slightly different speeds.
  12. 2015 Unicorn 3 Cadiz. Had the leaky roof strap, but everything else has been pretty good. We bought the 10 year anti-damp warranty extension, but wouldn't bother another time. Its great having a caravan without all the problems of awning rails needing to be resealed on a regular basis. We loved our Sanator but it had to have new front and rear panels at two years old, and then awning rail reseal at six years.
  13. That's not normal. I'd be concerned that the case could rupture and spill/squirt sulphuric acid everywhere. But I'm confused - you Talk about a battery being 3-4 years old, then Talk being new. Which is it? If new, I'd be speaking with the supplier.
  14. We looked at Toureg and Sorento in 2016. Whilst I loved the engine in the Toureg, pretty much everything else in the Sorento was better for us. We went for a kx-3, which came with everything we wanted, including aircon in the boot for the dog (designed for the third row passengers, but cools the boot nicely when the third row seats aren't in use). I also love android auto (a £25 upgrade on kx3 and kx4 from 2015). I do recommend getting an auto though - well worth the extra money. It goes in for its first MOT next month. I'd normally be looking for its sucessor after three years, but will stick with the sorento for now - it does everything I want. I had a couple of wheels changed under warranty (minor corrosion) without quibble. Otherwise, no issues.
  15. Tigger

    2018 VW Tiguan

    I wonder if the caravan is slightly nose up (ie. the Tiguan's hitch is slightly higher than would be ideal).
  16. I dropped mine off at 9am and they rang at lunchtime to say it was ready. I did have to wait a few weeks for the parts though. In the meantime, I found that if I stored and pitched it very slightly nose down the leaking pretty much stopped.
  17. That's good practice, and what I do. I have heard of one caravan becoming detached at speed, where it was correctly hitched up, but the hitch head had a crack which had opened up sufficiently to come up over the ball. But that's very rare, fortunately. Edited to add: The suspected cause of the crack was towing with a non-alko approved ball, which had fouled and put pressure on the casting.
  18. Is the chain short enough so that the caravan hitch stays clear of the ground? If so, surely it stops the caravan brakes being applied? I think that most decouples happen at low speed (ie. where the caravan wasn't actually secured to the towball), so your solution may prevent damage to your car or caravan. But I'd be interested on what would happen were it to uncouple at high speed. I'd be interested to know why you think this. Without the chain, the cable would have gone tight just after the caravan dropped to the road, and applied the brakes?
  19. You're welcome to find a more up to date list. All I was trying to do was help the OP.
  20. www.caravanclub.co.uk%2Fmedia%2F1022847%2Fcar-hire-with-towbar-and-towing-services-mo.pdf
  21. They hiked mine, so I went back to my previous insurer.
  22. A couple of postie's discarded elastic bands?
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