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  1. Tigger

    2018 VW Tiguan

    I wonder if the caravan is slightly nose up (ie. the Tiguan's hitch is slightly higher than would be ideal).
  2. I dropped mine off at 9am and they rang at lunchtime to say it was ready. I did have to wait a few weeks for the parts though. In the meantime, I found that if I stored and pitched it very slightly nose down the leaking pretty much stopped.
  3. That's good practice, and what I do. I have heard of one caravan becoming detached at speed, where it was correctly hitched up, but the hitch head had a crack which had opened up sufficiently to come up over the ball. But that's very rare, fortunately. Edited to add: The suspected cause of the crack was towing with a non-alko approved ball, which had fouled and put pressure on the casting.
  4. Is the chain short enough so that the caravan hitch stays clear of the ground? If so, surely it stops the caravan brakes being applied? I think that most decouples happen at low speed (ie. where the caravan wasn't actually secured to the towball), so your solution may prevent damage to your car or caravan. But I'd be interested on what would happen were it to uncouple at high speed. I'd be interested to know why you think this. Without the chain, the cable would have gone tight just after the caravan dropped to the road, and applied the brakes?
  5. You're welcome to find a more up to date list. All I was trying to do was help the OP.
  6. www.caravanclub.co.uk%2Fmedia%2F1022847%2Fcar-hire-with-towbar-and-towing-services-mo.pdf
  7. They hiked mine, so I went back to my previous insurer.
  8. A couple of postie's discarded elastic bands?
  9. I have a 2016 Kia Sorento auto, which is very similar. Its a good towcar. Self levelling suspension keeps everything level. I've read of a few people burning out the clutch, so I'd go auto. The real life MPG is very similar. On the Kia's you also get autohold, which keeps the car still on the brakes and you can take your foot off - makes town centres a breeze. I tow in 'sport', so mostly in fifth. When I've put it into sixth the mpg seems about the same, but in sport there's less switching between gears when you reach a slight incline. I don't know about the Hyundai, but on the 2015-2017 kia, only the kx3 and kx4 got android auto/apple car play as an in-service upgrade. Later on, all the models got it. You can tell - if the car has a voice button on the steering wheel it'll take AA/ACP.
  10. Sure - you don't have to load it to MTPLM remember. Put the heavy things in the car.
  11. That sounds sensible. 1487 is a pretty useful figure for the car weight, so keeping yourself to about 1300Kg MTPLM should be very safe. I recommend the caravan club practical towing course - I learned loads of things when I first started out - from how to hitch correctly to practical reversing. The Caravan and camping club does something similar too.
  12. OK, lets take this one step at a time. Assuming your car is fully loaded, the maximum it is allowed to tow is 1600Kg (the difference between the first two figures). Now let's look at your licence. Without a towing test, you're limited to maximum plated weights of 3500Kg. For you, this would be 1978Kg for the car, leaving a maximum of 1522Kg for the caravan. However, it's recommended that people new to towing only tow a caravan that's 85% of the kerb weight of the car. You don't quote that, but I believe it's around 1400Kg. That would give a maximum caravan weight of around 1200Kg. So a caravan with a MTPLM of around 1200Kg would be fine. Possibly a little more once you've checked the kerbweight of the car (it's often on the V5). Someone will be along to check/criticise my figures in a moment!
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