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  1. I only ever had one problem - years ago. Bell insurance told me on the phone that my towbar was listed and I was OK to tow. But when the policy documents came through there was a length restriction. I had to cancel and go with someone else.
  2. I use one of these. https://www.costco.com/frostblocker-windshield-and-mirror-cover%2C-2-pack.product.100504960.html
  3. I regret selling our senator. But it had new front and back panels after 2 years. and a half awing reseal 3 years after that. So make sure that any you buy is dry and make sure you damp test regularly.
  4. Does the caravan have enough payload to allow you to carry the bikes? Or can you upgrade it? I know that mine would not - the NCC payloads are not enough, especially if you have a mover fitted.
  5. I meant Tewkesbury - sorry for creating confusion I think they have home and contents excluding flood. ie. they're covered for fire, burglary etc.
  6. People in Worcester and Tewkesbury are very used to the flooding. Our friends live alongside the river in Worcester, and just accept it as a fact of life. The ground floor of their house is pretty much waterproofed. Furniture which can go upstairs. Solid stone floor. Electrical sockets at waist height. Ironically, rainfall in Worcester has been about average. As people have said, the rain comes off the welsh hills quickly, but as it reaches the flatter ground, it has to spread across the flood plains. The flood is currently about 4 miles across in south Worcester. The flood plain land is mostly not built on, and used for farming and leisure use that can be suspended when flooded - horse racing, cricket, caravan club site, etc. Here's the cricket ground. The water will drop quickly over the next few days.
  7. Not had any problems, and not heard of any either. That's a good forum BTW.
  8. When I changed the tyres on my last caravan, the new ones had about 5mm bigger radius - I had to adjust the mover slightly. And yes, they were marked as the same size.
  9. Tigger

    4 Wheel drive

    The first generation, yes. The second generation was based on a hilux chassis, but with a steel body. By the third generation it shared virtually nothing with the pickup it had originally evolved from, and shared its chassis with that of the Land Cruiser Prado SUV. It was a third generation that I linked to, and said was essentially a landcruiser underneath. Edited to add: The one I linked to was a fresh import, so over budget. But there are loads of cheaper ones around.
  10. Yes - I've had to do this a few times. On pitches which slope badly (and the front of the van needs to be high in the air. I also had to do it when I needed the front very high to bleed the alde after changing the fluid. Been there, done that. Very unlikely to cause damage but it does make you jump!
  11. Tigger

    4 Wheel drive

    Perhaps a Toyota Hilux surf? Essentially a landcruiser underneath. This is a new import, but there are plenty around https://www.algysautos.com/listings/toyota-hilux-surf-ref-nc3406
  12. A bad connection, usually. The fuse plugs into cheap bent metal connectors. And the connections to the fuse boxes are usually also push on connectors. If you catch them early you can often bend them back into shape, but the OPs is too far gone and should be replaced.
  13. If by 'main switch', you mean the one on the panel near the door, then that only switches the 12v. It would never have switched the power to the 240v sockets. The 240v sockets will be on miniature circuit breakers. As the lights run on 12v, you seem to have a 12v system problem. It does rather look as if you've had a bit of heat in the 12v fuse board. THat fuseboard probably needs to be replaced.
  14. They're here. https://www.baileyofbristol.co.uk/owning/weight-plate-upgrades Not much additional payload available on many of the unicorns. I'm starting to hear of U4s with axle failures. Not really surprising when the MTPLM is almost the same as the axle maximum. I've had my U3 axle refurbished and uprated.
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