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  1. Wow - they always said that wasn't possible!
  2. I'm genuinely pleased its working for you. I decided there were just too many red flags for me.
  3. My account seems to have been deleted. When I try to log in, I get "Sorry, unrecognized username or password". Previously I got an account blocked message.
  4. I did it myself, but it wasn't easy to get all the old fluid out. I suspect next time (3 years to go) I'll take a trip to Alde.
  5. You don't have a complete right to be forgotten under GDPR. PK have the right to keep your details for a variety of options - such as pending transactions, queries on past transactions, taxman queries etc.
  6. I too have closed my account and cut up my card.
  7. True, but that just means the caravan club are complicit in covering things up. For instance, Rowena stated that the myessocard website was just down the weekend for maintenance, when it was clear that it was gone for good. Lots of members I talked to thought they were contracting with Esso. Rowena said: "Hi everyone, The My Esso Card website has been unavailable temporarily due to site maintenance and during this time has defaulted to the Pump King website. Please note you can still access your My Esso Card account by visiting https://pump-king.co.uk/welcome and can continue to use your My Esso Card. PK Fuel Limited and My Esso Card apologies for any inconvenience caused." (18 Jan)
  8. Pantheon is a well regarded hosting company. I doubt they've been hacked. Its much more likely that they've taken the live site down as they've realised it has a major issue. I'm sure somethere there's a software developer who is feeling under pressure!
  9. I don't see it when detached. There is a cut out but you have to go right up close to see it. The 13-pin socket is hinged and also goes up out of the way. A few pictures here ... https://www.kiaownersclub.co.uk/forum/64-sorento-2015/26509-what-tow-bar-fit.html I've not seen one.
  10. It also means that you need to check the pump price against the PK price, and pay by some other means if the pump is cheaper. Lots of hassle for a saving of 1p/litre - I guess they hope that people simply won't bother. It all seems a bit heath robinson. I'd have expected PK to be notified of the pump price and make the adjustment automatically.
  11. Sorry - mine is the detatchable (swan neck). You'll find the installation instructions for the towbar and electrics on mobis. eg. http://www.mobisparts.EU/de_de/custom/mobis_accessories_db/details.php?part_no=C5281ADE10&brand=K&carmodel=106 Fitting the electrics is a big job - just getting the wiring from the engine bay to the rear means a fair bit of stripping out. The Kia owners club forums are pretty good. https://www.kiaownersclub.co.uk/forum/64-sorento-2015/ Kia customer services are reasonably engaged on this subforum. https://www.kiaownersclub.co.uk/forum/46-kia-customer-support/
  12. If you have the space to do so, it's much more stable if hitched to the car.
  13. I agree. There seem to be three sources of 'promises' The Caravan club website, which includes the 1p saving but suggests UK only. The letter from PumpKing, which seems to promise savings across Europe. The PumpKing Ts&Cs, which have no dates or other forms of change control on them. And then there are the complications which arise from early adopters signing up to the myEssoCard Ts&Cs. Plus the fact that none of the Pumpking Ts&Cs changes seem to have been enacted with the notice they should have been.
  14. To be fair, it does say "Discounted rate only applies on fuel purchased from Esso stations in the UK." https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/membership/member-offers/fuel-card/
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