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  1. When I was underneath fitting a reversing camera, I found that there was quite a bit of slack in most of the wires, but it was tucked up behind the rear bumper. You may find similar - that there is slack but you'll have to delve around to find it/cut a cable tie or two.
  2. They do make them for Kia. eg. https://www.kiapartsuk.com/towbar---vertical-detachable-swan-neck-alko-sorento-2012-2014-852-p.asp
  3. THat's really a split charge relay. Something like this would work. https://www.amazon.co.uk/12V-Pin-200A-Relay-Charge/dp/B00DC7BFWK
  4. Superglue isn't great where heat and/or water are present. Loctite 319 would be better, but even that struggle if it gets too hot. Edited to add: or Permabond MS359
  5. A 110Ah battery comes out at about 25Kg. eg. https://www.thecaravanstore.com/numax-leisure-battery-12v-110ah-xv31mf/#.XWUvjmgZ5EY I make do with a 75Ah which comes out at about 19kg.
  6. Most of us with a mover transfer it from the old caravan to the new, so I don't think that'll be accurate either. I had a walk around our storage yard. I didn't see any newer caravans without a mover. They were much rarer on older caravans - maybe 40% had them.
  7. That's my experience too. I see a few older/lighter caravans without, but pretty much every caravan in our storage yard has a mover.
  8. Yes, I notice that Bailey have put the new Pegasus grande on a 1600Kg chassis. Maybe they've got fed up of paying for 'goodwill replacement' of 1500Kg and 1550Kg axles! https://www.baileyofbristol.co.uk/owning/weight-plate-upgrades The unicorns stand out as the most problematic on the list.
  9. Just to add, I understand the need for makers to keep MTPLMs low, to attract sales. They've conspired worked with the NCC to come up with these low minimum payload allowances. As a minimum, I think it's time for those payload allowances to assume that everyone will have a mover, battery, water and waste containers. And in addition, I think manufacturers should agree to fit axles with enough capacity that end users can always get at least a 100Kg weight upgrade.
  10. I've had the axle collapse on my 2015 Bailey Unicorn. Bailey are refusing the help as it's outside the 3-year axle warranty, despite it not being overloaded and them admitting previously that there is a problem with my year/model of caravan. I'm fed up with having to adapt my caravan life around the pathetic payload allowance I have. Especially as doing so still hasn't saved my axle. It's sucking all the fun away. My 2006 Senator had 250Kg payload. That worked well - I could load up the caravan before we went away, instead of having to split the load between the car and the van. A few of the current Unicorns can be upgraded slightly, but most of the 4-berth single axles have no (or marginal) upgrade ability. https://www.baileyofbristol.co.uk/owning/weight-plate-upgrades Taking a Vigo as an example. Bailey make a feature of the pre-wired mover wiring (so clearly expect people to want a mover), but but with a mover, battery, aquaroll/waste that 155Kg allowance comes down to 90Kg. A BBQ, chairs for 4 people and an awning will take most of that. Yes, I know that it's all do-able if you load the heavy things in the car, but caravanning is supposed to be about freedom and the ability to spot a nice weekend, hitch up and go. Going to a twin axle seems one solution - I can get back to 250Kg+ with a weight upgrade sticker. But I don't really need the space - I just need the manufacturer to fit a decent axle. I had a look at other makes, but they're no better. Indeed, I found an Adria with a 97 Kg payload! I shall be getting my axle refurbished, but cannnot see me buying another caravan. When this one dies I'll rent cottages instead. Rant over :-)
  11. No, the excess – both voluntary and compulsory – is the amount you pay towards your own claim or repairs, so you won’t have to pay the excess if a third party is claiming against you.
  12. As you're very unlikely to claim, set the voluntary excess to £350 or so. It essentially becomes third party, but is often cheaper.
  13. Oh I agree. The difficulty comes if Horizon Fuel help themselves to money they're not owed (eg. double billing). It's not clear who owns Horizon Fuel and it's hard to enforce a contract against a company who hide behind an email address they don't answer, a phone number that doesn't work and at an address which is home to over 1000 companies. I'm inclined to carry on using it for the savings and just hope I'm not one of the poor sods for whom it goes wrong.
  14. I'd be more interested in a decent payload.
  15. I see that the Ts&Cs have changed again. We no longer contract with PK, but now with Horizon Fuel. This is a new company, set up in June. Its not clear what its relationship with PK is, or who runs it.
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