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  1. There is no "85% Rule", just an unofficial guideline. Apart from that I can offer no help. Sorry.
  2. I don't often see a 4x4 with a spare on the outside of the rear door these days. Why is that? Aesthetics? Too many getting stolen? It seems an ideal place to keep it. Accessible, but not infringing on loadspace.
  3. You can inspect and test a caravan or trailer every year, taking it apart to it's components and examining them under a microscope. 364 days later, while the test is still in day, the caravan could have no brakes, knackered wiring, shredded tyres and a cracked hitch. Yet it will still hold it's MoT.
  4. Just because someone is outside of the UK it doesn't mean they have to like some of our backward laws and regulations. Or is it only British Citizens who reside in Britain who are allowed to criticize? Funny how the UK Government follows the EU laws that make life difficult or expensive, but not the ones that may benefit us working folk. Anyway, back on topic. .. If I was to buy a crew-cab LWB Transit (>3500kg) for my own personal (non-commercial) use, could I tow a >7M caravan with a C1E Licence?
  5. Penny

    7 Seater Required !

    Ford Galaxy. End of thread!
  6. Penny

    Caravan Clocks

    I have one similar to this, secured by sticky back Velcro. plug it into the 12V system and it'll monitor that for you as well. http://www. ebay. co. u. ..#ht_6453wt_1186
  7. Avoid any Renault. Any mechanic will tell you the same. Reliability is awful. I tow with a Mk3 Galaxy 2. 0TDCi. Love it. Strong, comfortable, reliable.
  8. I use "Suck-It-And-See" mirrors on my Mk3 Galaxy. Used them for a good while after cleaning the mirror and making the suckers damp. Never had any issues. Followed some advice on here about them going on dry. One fell off and was saved by the elastic safety strap. Went back to using them with damped suckers. No more problems - even towing into a very stiff headwind. They are small, undeniably. They are adequate though, and the fact that they can be moved with the electric wotsit that controls the mirrors is a massive bonus, especially on a reversing round a corner type move with the Snail attached (Yes, I can do that!)
  9. Mine came from eBay a couple of years ago. No EU Stars, but a 'blowing' Union Flag. No postcode or dealers name, but my car's name instead. Typeface, spacing and colour all are correct. I had an on duty Police Officer admiring my car at a Services back in the Spring (She is slightly modified to look nice). He even admired the chrome numberplate surrounds and commented that he liked the flag instead of the EU Stars. No comment about anything else. No problem in the last 2 MoTs either. Now, what were you saying about being pulled?
  10. Well stand by to remove it. Under proposed legislation, any modification to a car (whether done in the past or planned for the future) that means it is different from the state in which it left the factory will be illegal: http://www. the-ace. org. uk/armageddon/
  11. I have gone digital. ... SatNav for point to point route planning. And OS Maps for the whole of the UK on my iPad.
  12. It's not the weather that gets me - it's just that I don't have enough time off. Between March this year end September next year I will have spent a total of 10 nights away due to pressure of work, and being sent overseas to work.
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