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  1. I think I will postpone changing the Touran (nothing particularly wrong with it - just getting on a bit) until I can find more information available on the towing capabilities of the Sharan 1. 4TSi - the Galaxy 1. 6 Ecoboost is fine on paper, but would have been an expensive mistake and it seems entirely possible that the Sharan would have the same limitiations. I suspect, but obviously can't be sure, that the 4WD Yeti will have a stronger drivetrain than the Sharan. Thanks for your input
  2. Thanks - a bit surprised to learn that Sharan gearing lower - on occasions I still try to change up from 6th in the Touran! Could probably live with solo fuel consumption - used as a childrens taxi most of the time and it wouldn't do me any harm to have another reason to slow down on motorways! Towing consumption would be OK unless horrendous - say less than low/mid twenties - we tend to use longer ferry routes to reduce towing distances and our annual towing mileage is modest. Currently see mid 40's solo and high 20's towing - although never accurately measured. Any owners experiences would be appreciated - although I suspect there are very few 1. 4TSI's of any description being used as towcars. I still have some concerns about towing durability - the C+CC towcar test for the Galaxy 1. 6 Ecoboost reported that it "struggled to get the car and caravan to the top of the hill - the clutch stank in protest" and wonder whether the 1. 4 TSi Sharan would have the same issue. The clutch has always felt like the weak link in the Touran - I avoid reversing the caravan uphill, but do have a motor mover. Very few petrol MPV alternatives (I would rule out the 1. 6 Galaxy and the 2. 0 Galaxy - now discontinued, only came with Powershift which seems to have been unreliable if used for towing and heavy solo fuel consumption) Tend to keep cars for 10 yrs+ and would like to move away from diesel if possible Any owners experiences and further technical insight would be appreciated. Thanks again
  3. Thinking of replacing 11 yr old VW Touran 1. 9 TDI with a 2014/15 petrol engined MPV. The Touran is OK at towing our 1300 kg Adria. Annual mileage 12 - 15000 pa, of which approx 3000 mile towing. On paper VW Sharan 1. 4Tsi has similar power/torque/kerbweight characteristics to the Touran. Sharan: 148 bhp @ 4800 rpm; Torque 250Nm @ 1500-4000rpm; Kerbweight 1648 kg Touran: 103bhp@4000 rpm; Torque 250Nm @ 1900 - ?rpm, Kerbweight 1650 kg. So it appears that the Sharan would be about the same or slightly better as a towcar than our current vehicle. However this may not give the full picture - for example the 1. 6 Ecoboost Galaxy (which has similar power/weight stats) did badly on the hill start test in a Camping and Caravanning Club test - perhaps gearing an issue? Also wondering about affect of towing on longer term durability and towing fuel consumption . 2. 0 litre Ecoboost Galaxy also a possibility but not keen on Powershift for towing or fuel consumption generally. Can anyone share experiences of any of these or technical expertise? Thanks
  4. LD Lines crossing Poole Gijon 1800 hrs 29/07 was cancelled due to mechanical failure (Norman Asturias) LD Lines website does not mention the issue - but distinct possibility that Saturday crossing Poole /Santander will not run.
  5. Private message sent - re email address.
  6. I don't know - but the published unladen weight of the DT and DK is exactly the same at 1070Kg (which seems to me to be improbable!). There are of course other items which are ahead of the axle in the DT which are behind it in the DK (eg the fridge). There seems to be a lot of variation in the noseweights recorded by owners - I suspect that this is down to the accuracy of gauges and the way they are being used. If you go to Adria Concessionaires with your chassis number they will get the ex works noseweight of your van from the factory - at least they did for me - it took about a week. If enough people ask they might start publishing it for current models?
  7. You may well have seen that I have encountered the same problem (see my entries under other headings). I have established that the ex works noseweight of my 2009 542 DK is 85 kg and I 'm pretty sure the later models are much the same. Adding a battery and a gas bottle gets you to at least your 100Kg and getting this down to 75 kg without removing them requires an impractically huge amount of weight just behind the axle or a lesser (but still substantial) amount further back - which raises concerns about stability. To answer your question the only way you will get anywhere near 75 kg, without the awning is to move the battery to a secure position behind the axle. Together with the spare under the bunk and aquaroll and wastemaster under the table you will get down to under 80kg. However my 542DK/VW Touran felt worse underway in this condition - it seems to tow better with excessive noseweight. I need to experiment further and, if I can get onto a VOSA weighbridge, see whether the rear axle of the car is being overloaded if the van is being towed at say 85 - 90 kg.
  8. My experience is that VOSA and the police don't want you to know about these facilities - I suppose that's because they don't want overloaded vehicles planning their routes to avoid them or to have hoards of caravans turning up to check their weight. That said if you turned up with a caravan and said that you are not sure whether you are overweight I would have thought they would be hard pressed to turn you away. My problem is finding out whether Ringwood or Salisbury have a self weigh facility and/or the times when they are open - it's a 75 mile round trip so don't want to turn up on the off chance. Does anyone know the weighing increment of these bridges - if for example it's 10 kg it seems to me they are not going to be that useful in establishing noseweight.
  9. Just had a look at the Adria Mobil website (couldn't get on to it last night). The ex works weight of a Severn is stated as 1070 kg (and the MIRO 1135 kg) The unladen weight of the 2009 and 2010 542 DKs (at 1070 kg ) must be ex works rather than MIRO.
  10. I suspect the 83 kg is the ex works figure (excluding the battery, gas bottles, water etc). It took me three enquiries of Adria Concessionaires to confirm that the ex works noseweight of my 2009 542DK is 85kg (first telephone response was 80 kg, email response 54kg and finally they gave my chassis no to the factory who confirmed 85 kg - which is consistent with my gauge measurement) Whilst it is possible that the Severn has a lower noseweiight I very much doubt it is 15kg+ lighter than the 2009 542 DK (which is approx what a battery and lightweight gas cylinder adds to noseweight) The MIRO of the Severn is 1120/1135kg (depending on which Adria publication you look at) and the 2009 542DK is 1070 kg. Some or all of this difference may well be explained by a change in what is included in MIRO - but it seems unlikely that the Severn is lighter overall. From what I can see, apart from the change to polyester sides (which I very much doubt had much of an impact on noseweight - the unladen weight of the 2010 polyester spec remained unchanged at 1070 kg) the Severn is fundamentally the same van as the 2009 542DK. Based on my experience I would press Adria harder to confirm the basis of the 83 kg - and if you can check a van using a decent gauge so much the better.
  11. Thanks - I thought it probably was - but its a bit far to go and check. Anybody know about self weighing at Salisbury or Ringwood. Impossible to get information out of VOSA - to the extent they seem unable to confirm that the facilities exist - interesting that the list of sites attached earlier is the result of an Freedom of Information request!
  12. Hmmm. Although it seems unlikely to me, it may be that the newer models have a lower ex works noseweight than mine - but at 85 kg ex works, it is not surprising that a battery and a lightweight gas cylinder add approx 15 kg+ to noseweight taking it to circa 100 kg. Reducing this to c 75 kg must involve putting a lot of weight behind the axle Putting my spare (17kg) in the locker adds approx 12 kg to noseweight and if you follow the analogy regarding the effect of using the spare wheel to reduce noseweight posted in the other threads (Tamar I think) you will see the problem. Which noseweight gauges are you using - I believe many are seriously inaccurate. I ended up buying a second Milenco gauge as the readings on my original Milenco didn't appear to agree with the information that Adria and a dealer provided - only to find that the second read the same as the first and the noseweight info originally provided was incorrect. Unless things have changed since the 2009 model, it seems to me that these vans have a very heavy ex works noseweight which takes away much of the advantage of the light overall weight. At the moment I don 't understand why reducing the noseweight by shifting the battery to the rear of the van made it so uncomfortable to tow - further experimentation is needed - next time without the family on board!
  13. Be careful - both your cars appear to have a noseweight limit of 75 kg. Adria have confirmed to me that the ex works noseweight of my 2009 542 DK is 85 kg. Add a battery and a lightweight gas cylinder and it's over the chassis max of 100 kg. Getting it down to close to 75 kg is not straight forward - I am still experimenting - last time out with the battery moved to under the single seat in the rear of the van, spare under the bunks, aquaroll and wastemaster under the table, jack in the bottom of the cupboard opposite the fridge, fridge loaded, awning over the axle and nothing else in the van. Noseweight gauge read just above 75kg but felt very uncomfortable underway - moved battery back to battery box after a couple of miles. I doubt whether the newer 542 DKs are any different - but worth checking - but it was only when Adria went back to the factory with my chassis number that I got correct information. If you haven't already done so see my entries on the Adria 542DK Buy or Not and Tamar 542 DT Noseweight threads
  14. I would like to use a VOSA or Highways Agency weighbridge to check the rear axle loading on my VW Touran when loaded and towing my Adria 542 DK. I live outside Winchester and the nearest VOSA weighbridges are at Ringwood and on the A303 near Salisbury. Does anybody know whether either of these allow self weighing? Further afield is the Handcross weighbridge open at the moment? There appear to be substantial road works underway on the A23. Thanks
  15. Yes - but you're missing the point. Increasing the noseweight of a van which is relatively low ex works is easy - items such as spare wheels, batteries and gas bottles are typically placed a long way ahead of the axle and if necessary other items can also be placed at some distance ahead of the axle without having to worry about creating unstable van. Substantially reducing the noseweight of a van which is heavy ex works is much more difficult. Items like batteries, gas bottles etc make the starting point worse. The amount of weight that needs to be placed close behind the axle to achieve the required reduction can be impractical and the distance behind the axle you can safely place a reduced weight (which can still be substantial) is constrained by the possibility of creating an unstable van. Put another way - do you think that 68 kg (the equivalent of 4 spare wheels) placed roughly 1. 4m behind the axle (that's approx half way between the axle and the back of the van) will create an unstable outfit? This would get me to approx 75 kg noseweight (the towcar max). The max weight of the van is approx 85% of the car's kerbweight.
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