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  1. Neither probably. If like our local council you have two properties, after 6 months of being empty full council tax is payable on both. Our main house is "SSTC" and were hoping to only own one property in a couple of weeks time, but due to COVID 19 this may now not happen
  2. We have thought about that. There is room on the drive but with builders needing space to work I don't really want to risk the van being damaged.
  3. We are in a slightly different position to most and had planned to use our caravan as temporary living accommodation. Our house sale is going through soon (fingers crossed) and our bungalow is having work started on it that will last for up to three months and will not be habitable. Not sure what we will do to be honest. We have looked at renting but the minimum rental is 6 months when we may only need 2. We have spoken to a couple of local private sites who would have been happy to accommodate us, but who knows now. We really need to have the house sold by June or we lose a large amount of money from the extra stamp duty we paid on the bungalow purchase. Will need to make a few calls me thinks.
  4. Slightly off topic but when I asked the CCC for proof of no claims they told me they do not offer that service. A bit shocked to be honest as I have 4 years no claims and the other companies I spoke to wanted proof so I was a bit stuck.
  5. I tried Smarty and they were using 3 not O2, just Googled it and it seems they are still using 3. I stopped using Smarty as the signal in my area was pretty poor.
  6. I had an X3 2.0D M Sport 2012. Towed our Coachman VIP 545 with ease.
  7. Thanks for all your comments, I think I will give the update a miss.
  8. Dave They are talking about the upgrade potentially causing the damage, not damage if it's not done. There is no warranty on the car so I doubt there would be any comeback anyway.
  9. Yesterday I received a letter from Mercedes saying my 2015 ML 250 needs an update on the ECU software. It says that the update will not affect the engine performance in any way, which is great. What worries me is the short statement that says if any damage to the engine is attributed to the software update it will be repaired free of charge!! I am seriously thinking about not bothering.
  10. An update. Since the work was carried out I have had no further issues. But I still have a nagging doubt over the car, how do I know if the car has failed any regenerations? Not sure if anyone can answer this question, but how long might 14 failed regenerations take? A day, a week, a month, three months?
  11. I do this as I leave site on all trips so I don't do anything else when put away for winter.
  12. I measured my nose weight in storage where the van is on a slope, not massive, but still there non the less, the nose weight was 10 kg heavier on the slope than it was when measured on the flat a few minutes later.
  13. I would imaging that most people won't be actually adding a new circuit, that is, taking the cabling back to the distribution board, but adding to an existing circuit by adding a spur. Providing the correct size / type of cable is used I can't see much of a problem. In a domestic environment I believe that this is allowed and does not require any additional inspection and testing. I have to be honest and say I am not certain the same rules apply in a caravan but assume that to be the case.
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