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  1. I'd only I had read them before getting our van.
  2. I have a "secure gold" flexible chain that I loop through the alloy of the caravan, the wheel is secured by locking wheel nuts, the bikes are then linked together with two "secure gold" solid bike locks. The bikes are insured via our home contents insurance. There is a caveat with the insurance that the bikes need to be secured to a fixed secure post or similar whilst unattended. I spoke to the insurance, and they were happy with the arrangements, and had a note put on the insurance that the alloy of the caravan is sufficient provided the alloy has locking wheel nuts.
  3. I agree, Apple are very clever. Once into their systems it's hard to get out, though obviously not impossible. I love the way their systems just work and work well between different machines, iPhone, iPad and MacBook. What I don't like is the obsolescence built into their systems. Being told to buy a new laptop because of a fading battery is just not on. I did have a third party battery installed but it has lasted a year before starting to fail so I am not going down that road again.
  4. I have an Apple laptop that is in perfect working order, the only issue is the battery has reduced in capacity. Apple class it as ancient and so there is no battery available. The laptop is about 6 years old. Their advice? Buy new laptop !!!!!!!
  5. Pretty sure you can call them. I seem to remember I changed my address over the phone.
  6. Obviously not the same thing but I ordered a laptop battery online and paid by debit card. The battery never arrived so I called my bank and asked about charge back. They asked for proof of payment which was only £40, and they credited my account the same day.
  7. We also had a 2015 Coachman and the details you mention are indeed in that years warranty booklet. In our 2018 booklet these details are definitely not in.
  8. Thanks LE. The problem I have is that according to my warranty booklet I have a three year warranty, the manufacturer disagrees, so not sure where to go to be honest. As mentioned previously I don't have any detail on what is and what isn't covered under warranty or for how long, other than the manual saying I have a three year warranty on all standard fitted parts, to which the dealer and the manufacturer seems to disagree. So could I make a claim against the dealer under CRA 2015? Whether it would be successful would be another thing entirely.
  9. Well, I sent an email to the warranty dept at the dealers on the 11th June asking for details of the warranty that applies to my caravan, surprisingly, or not, I have had no response. I also sent an email asking to make my complaint official, I got an email back asking me to send my official complaint to the manager in charge of complaints, which is who I sent the original email to!!!! The van is going in for its service in about two weeks so will take these issues up then. To say I am not happy would be an understatement. What does the text in red actually mean practically?
  10. I was told my Mercedes that there is no space saver recommended for my car. When we go away the full size spare sits just inside the boot and is pretty much last thing in and first thing out. When on site I store it under the van in its PVC cover. It's a pain but would not be comfortable without it.
  11. Copied from the Greenflag document. Hopefully we are covered when not carrying a spare. If the breakdown was caused by a flat or damaged tyre, we will take you to a place of your choice within 10 miles of the incident so that the tyre can be repaired or replaced. If there’s nowhere open because you broke down late at night, or somewhere remote, this limit won’t apply. The cost of a spare wheel and tyre, if we can’t use yours.
  12. The car has no spare just a can of gunk, which I recently noticed is out of date. If I tow more than an hour away I put a purchased spare wheel / tyre in the boot which is reassuring, but a pain, not enough room in the boot well for it, but if I had a puncture would I want to empty a full boot anyway? I have had quite a few punctures over the years, most repairable, two in the last year!! I had a spell where I had numerous punctures and was convinced it was the lorries sweeping their trailers out where I worked. I need to check my breakdown cover regards carrying a spare wheel / tyre.
  13. Not needed to look until now. Ours keeps "locking up" at the storage end and now one of the hangers has come off the curtain. Would be good to know where one could be purchased if need be.
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