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  1. An update. Since the work was carried out I have had no further issues. But I still have a nagging doubt over the car, how do I know if the car has failed any regenerations? Not sure if anyone can answer this question, but how long might 14 failed regenerations take? A day, a week, a month, three months?
  2. I do this as I leave site on all trips so I don't do anything else when put away for winter.
  3. I measured my nose weight in storage where the van is on a slope, not massive, but still there non the less, the nose weight was 10 kg heavier on the slope than it was when measured on the flat a few minutes later.
  4. I would imaging that most people won't be actually adding a new circuit, that is, taking the cabling back to the distribution board, but adding to an existing circuit by adding a spur. Providing the correct size / type of cable is used I can't see much of a problem. In a domestic environment I believe that this is allowed and does not require any additional inspection and testing. I have to be honest and say I am not certain the same rules apply in a caravan but assume that to be the case.
  5. There is another solution which I found on a previous CT post some while ago. You have some upfront costs but after that it can be free. You have to download PLEX media server and purchase a TV tuner that is compatible with PLEX. You have to buy a PASS which gives you more options with PLEX. You can then use PLEX from anywhere with internet access to watch live TV and you also have a DVR for recordings which you can also watch. You can also watch on a mobile / tablet if required. No VPN required. I also use PLEX to listen to local radio football, which is available on Freeview TV but not on digital radio, on my iPhone.
  6. We have the Auto version. Its coming up to 5 years old, moved from van to van, and never had a moments problem. Touch wood
  7. Hi Kieth What year ML do you have? Thinking about the pads for my 2015 model if they fit. Agree about the rubber facings. Lost one so need another .
  8. It is in my experience. The driving is certainly easier. Not as experienced as many but the times we have been we have always thoroughly enjoyed it.
  9. Assuming the car must have done a good number of regents over the 2 years I have had the car, how do I know when a regenerations is happening? There has never been any noticeable signs that it is happening, not to me anyway.
  10. I had a similar problem a few years ago. Hooked up and nothing, zilch. Now I have to admit I am actually an electrician although not been on the tools for many years. I checked everything, cable, breaker et al, still nothing. We were away during a sunny spell and had a solar panel so didn't worry too much. The van was on its first outing after being serviced so I phoned the dealer and spoke to the engineer who serviced the van who said it was all working when he had finished with it. I didn't have any testing tools with me ( I carry a DVM in the van now) so was struggling. To cut a long story short, the engineer tested the RCD test trip on the service and the button had stuck in !! So what ever I did didn't help. It was only after the van had been in for the repair that it was discovered. Never having taken notice of the trip mechanism it didn't look wrong to me. They fitted a new RCD/main switch.
  11. When talking to the tech guy there were no faults shown on anything else other than the DPF being 110% full. They suggested that it may be worth changing the DPF pressure sensor but it was my choice as it was not showing as faulty. The only other thing they mentioned was the seals on throttle body were very slightly leaking which they say could be an issue, but again nothing concrete. If the pressure sensors are faulty would they not show up on the diagnostic test? I am away in the van tomorrow and have the car booked in for the work. I have to say that I did actually have the pressure sensor replaced just in case and the total bill was £260, it was £200 without the sensor. Reading that there may be another sensor that could be the issue I will ask them before I go to have the work done about this sensor also. Looking at the paperwork it just says Pressure Sensor, not which one but I seem to remember they mentioned the differential pressure sensor. Hopefully the correct oil has been used as it has only been serviced at the main dealers. I have never added anything to the car except diesel and washer fluid.
  12. I asked that exact question. Bearing in mind the previous 125 miles where done on the motorway at pretty constant speed and solo, nobody could offer an explanation. That is my main worry as I have said previously, my driving pattern has not changed one bit over the last 2 years.
  13. Same as I have always used for the last 10 years or more, mainly supermarket fuel.
  14. My main point of concern is that over the last two year of ownership, almost to the day, my driving style, distances, milage etc etc have not changed at all, and until last Monday have had no DPF issues, so what has changed? I can only assume the car.
  15. I don't actually know what they are using but they advertise as having full main dealer services so assume it would be the Star. It's the second time I have used them and they do seem OK. Their reviews seem pretty good too. I was talking to an elderly gentleman in the waiting area who has been using them since they started up, (14 years ago I think he said) with many of the staff coming from a main dealer that had just closed down. He travels about an hour each way to use them and is very happy with the service he gets.
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