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  1. Not keen on the toilet at all. Swapped out the radio for a DAB+ and it works great. Our shower waste was also not connected. Had a few issues with the van. Back corner steady very stiff . Repaired Screw end through fridge enclosure. Repaired Cutlery drawer / fridge front not level. Repaired Bathroom sink waste leaks. Repaired Shower goes very hot to very cold. Calibrated water system Toilet tank coming away from wall. Repaired. The fixings were missing Plastic shavings coming from front . Still happening but getting slowly better Bottom pan draw runners . Replaced runners. Drawer still opens when travelling. Fridge casing coming away 😡 Raised 29/5/19. Parts at dealers Front sun roof blind damaged 😡 raised 29/5/19.Parts at dealers Bathroom door handle fell out . Repaired Bed grab handle fell off . Repaired Bathroom door bowed 😡 raised 11/3/19. Parts at dealers
  2. Yes same problem. Given up and now using broom handle.
  3. Couldn't agree more. My strongest memory of it all was the temperature in the cath lab, it was absolutely freezing and when I came out onto the ward after the procedure I was shivering badly. Other than that I feel great. My only concern is that at he time I was told that stents don't last forever.
  4. I had angina at 49 and a heart attack at 51, I have 6 stents fitted. . I had and still do have a bank account that includes family travel insurance with the Co-Op, the exact account is no longer available but I can continue with it as I am an existing customer. It is a number of years since my heart issues and I have to say I was pretty shocked to find that when I declared the events to the insurance company (underwritten by Axa I believe), there was no increase at all, and cover was full and included any heart issues . This continued until this years declaration and I was not too upset when I had to pay an annual fee of £30 to cover the pre existing heart conditions. The bank account costs me £11 / month and I get mobile phone cover and gadget insurance to boot. I have actually used the insurance when I injured my knee in Canada and they were very good, we both got to fly home in business class as I needed to have my knee elevated and I had to have a chaperone (SWMBO). I would have preferred not to have cut short our holiday but at least the insurance help was pretty painless. Strangely I looked at changing to a Nationwide account offering similar cover but they refused to accept my pre existing heart conditions. At the time of the request I believe that the two banks travel insurance were underwritten by the same insurance company.
  5. The van is not a year old yet so hopefully not a corroded connection. I will try a 12v test lamp next time.
  6. Yes we have. A couple of times the pump started then just stopped, only happened when initially setting up, I got my voltmeter out and the contacts on the pump connector had 12v on them!! Must be the pump. I need to get a spare for when we go to France!!
  7. I can't take credit for this as I picked it up from this forum and can't remember who posted it. This solution does involve a little work but I think its worth it. Install PLEX server (free) on a PC / laptop/ NAS and buy a Homerun HD tuner (not free). The tuner plugs into your network at home and also a TV aerial. It is then possible to watch terrestrial TV at home on any PC / mobile on wifi and away from home via wifi or data. The Homerun tuner also allows recording of programmes which you can also watch in a similar way. The major downside is that if you want to watch live TV you have to buy a Plex Pass which you can pay for monthly, yearly or lifetime. It is also used to view any photos, videos, films etc. I have been using the system now and am really pleased. If you have a relatively modern TV you can watch Plex via DNLA.
  8. https://www.greenflag.com/breakdown-cover/policy-pdfs/european-breakdown-policy-booklet.pdf
  9. This was taken from the European cover T's & C's on the GF website. I just need to check I have paid the extra premium.
  10. That is not including the A frame and coupling though.
  11. Do FloGas fill Safefill bottles does anyone know?
  12. We have two Kalkhoff e-bikes that we carry in the car. Front wheel off and I have made a small stand that takes the forks, and stabilise the bike. I then use a ratchet strap that fixes the bike in place. The straps fix to a recessed bar in the back of the folded seat back which I assume are to fix a childs seat. the rest of the caravan equipment fits in and around the bikes. Works very well. Even get the tow bar mounted cycle carrier and the air awning in the car. When I load them up to go home will take a photo. If I remember.
  13. Last MOT report listed the front brake pads as part worn, the lady in the Mercedes service dept said they didn't need doing yet but it was company policy to report after pads got to 50% worn. The quote for doing the pads only was.......................... £360 I asked at an independent repair / MOT centre who quoted me "around" £120. Wonder where I will be taking it for the work.
  14. I had a recurring issue with a Samsung TV purchased from John Lewis that was out of their 5 year warranty but was within 6 years. JL would not play ball under any circumstances. JL told me that I had to prove that the TV had an inherent fault when purchased. I reminded them that the TV had had the same repair 3 times in 5 years and surely that proved the fault was inherent. No they said. I will now never purchase a TV from JL again and will go to Richer Sounds who give the full 6 year warranty. JL are not what they used to be i'm afraid.
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