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  1. Mine obviously must do a regen, but i have no inkling whatsoever when it is happening, I wish that I did.
  2. Well from the comments on here I have decided to not have the update done, just too risky for no gain as I see it.
  3. We have the 2015 Ml 250 and I have to say the car is a dream to both drive and tow with. Average 35 MPG driving to work and back, 11 miles EW, around 45 MPG on a run solo and around 23 towing 1700kg.
  4. I had an XC90 for a couple of weeks as a courtesy car, a B5 something or other, went like stink!! Was a very nice car indeed, never towed with one though. I read recently that the new XC90 was the most unreliable large SUV out there.
  5. Hi mentaliss Can you clarify what the new controller will be actually controlling? You imply that it will be controlling the fridge, is that correct or will it be for another cooling fan?
  6. Had a Bosal removable on the Mercedes since we purchased it at 2 year old, so 3 years. I didn't remove it for quite a while and it was VERY difficult to remove. Now I never leave it in more than a couple of weeks as advised in the instructions. I apologise if I missed it, but why didn't the caravan handbrake come on, was the cable looped around the towbar? I know it can be difficult to do so in all situations, but I have made sure my cable is attached to the car, not the towbar.
  7. The boss lady says yes we do. The van is circa 2018 so not old.
  8. We live on relatively quiet road. When dropping the van off to clean it on the drive, it takes a couple of minutes to engage the mover, unhitch and manoeuvre it onto the drive, the reverse is done when hitching up to take it back to storage. 99.99% of the time I have no issues with the traffic and people seem happy enough to wait the few minutes. On the only occasion I had an issue it was with a 30 something lady driving a sporty Audi. I was just positioning the van onto the road to take it away when she pulled up right behind the van and started to honk her horn!! I stopped what I was doing a
  9. Pretty sure closing the lids shuts the gas off to our caravan oven.
  10. I will take a look when out of quarantine. Will it be obvious what I am looking for?
  11. My understanding is that the bottles should be tested every 10 years from new. Not sure where and how though. Don't remember getting a test cert' when purchased.
  12. Used them for about 3 years now. I like the fact that when I go away for a couple of weeks or more we can top up the gas and no need to carry a spare bottle. Topped up before we went to France at the princely sum of £8 at about £00.60 per litre.
  13. Hi Mr Plodd, I totally agree with you and this is what I said to the service receptionist on my initial call to the dealers; when the guy told me I probably left the handbrake on and they don't adjust the brakes on a service, I don't need to tell you how my estimation of the dealers plummeted. I didn't want to hijack the thread but here goes. On my initial call to the dealers, immediately I got to the storage site, they offered to send an engineer the following day. I said that would be difficult as no-one would be able to meet them at the site and show them to the van; no problem
  14. That sounds promising. I would think that Elddis may be able to suggest a dealer who would be willing to carry out the work. Good luck, keep us updated.
  15. Not noticed anything to be honest. I recently had an issue with the brakes directly after a service. Got back to the storage site, a 30 minute drive, and the brakes were red hot / glowing and the ATC LED was solid red. I called the dealer who sent out an engineer to look at the issue. The engineer said that it looked as though the ATC had actuated during the drive, and as my car is quite powerful I may not have noticed it!! I was told that the only way to clear the red LED is to connect it to a power supply for 12 hours, really in this day and age. I find the situation that the ATC can actuate
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