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  1. I read many reviews of the ML 250 before purchasing and they were pretty good including reliability, apart from the one issue I have found it very reliable.
  2. It was just the general quality of the finish. We were looking at the demonstration MH and there were bits falling off everywhere and the overall finish quality was just so poor for a £60k MH.
  3. We tow our 1700kg Coachman VIP with a 2015 Mercedes ML, tows without issue and have only had one issue with the car since we had it 3+ years ago and that was a rubbing cable that was shorting out.
  4. I had to remove mine to get the motors to synchronise. They do just pull off, I found it best to wriggle them in and out / side to side and they do eventually come off. A couple of the retaining lugs did break off though. The covers went back on Ok and have not been an issue since.
  5. We were looking at changing to a MH and thought the Adamo looked a great possibility. How disappointing to find that the build quality was absolutely shocking and like Toein walked away. We also decided to stick with the caravan.
  6. Does anyone know how to access the flush pump on the Dometic Saneo toilet. I have an issue that the pump will hardly pump any water. I have tried to flush the system with warm water to no avail. I have the van booked in for an inspection but that is not until July as that is the earliest slot available so I thought I would try to take a look. The installation manual is as much use as a chocolate teapot and I can't find anything on the wonderful internet. Any help appreciated.
  7. Just been away for five nights, the first trip since last August and had a great time. Although the caravan had not been used for an extended period of time we had no big issues and just one annoying problem, the Dometic toilet flush!! The water from the flush only reached about 3 inches past its entry point so the vast majority of the pan did not get rinsed. The flush has never been as good as the Thetford that we had on the previous van but was a lot better than it is now. I spoke to Dometic who suggested that the system was flushed through with warm water which we did with no effect. I then
  8. We are off tomorrow too. The daughter is booked in for a C section tomorrow so the timing of allowing us to travel and stay in the van has worked out well. My signature should change tomorrow with another grandson arriving.
  9. Coachman 4pp_Spec_Sheet_2015.pdfNot sure if this helps or not.
  10. Thanks for that. My van will be 3 years old in July and will be due its third service, which I believe has a tighter timeframe than most other services. I asked the dealer (Granthams) about the mobile service they offer and was told the first availability was in October!! I have to have the service done by the 9th July and the first availability was 8th July. I have booked it in but at £260 its not cheap so I am considering a mobile service.
  11. Do you mind letting us know the cost?
  12. Along with others posting it looks as though we would be better off leaving the NC500 for this year at least, COVID has a lot to answer for. Thanks for the help folks.
  13. We had considered doing some of this route in September when hopefully SWMBO will also have retired. On reading the post regarding towing I am now certain I will NOT be doing this tour. Is there someone / anyone out there that could advise what would be practical to tour in the general area? We should have plenty of time so we would be happy to stay for around a week at several sites and then tour solo. I realise its a very broad scope but we really want to visit the area and do it justice having never visited Scotland.
  14. I was actually in France and only had some silicone spay with me so that is what I used. I carry it for the awning rail but is pretty good lubricant.
  15. Yes I believe it is two 360 degree turns. I had the same issue with one roller not auto engaging. On doing the "reset" it all started working again.
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