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  1. I can think of worse places to be stranded. 😎
  2. We are going mid August. Booked it all last year. Going to a quiet adult only site with individual pitch bathroom / toilet facilities.
  3. It is pretty straight forward to be honest. You just need something to act as a server, a computer, NAS etc. If you look at their website you can see what the options are. Then you need the Homerun that will connect to your network and aerial point. The rest is reasonably simple.
  4. Sorry if this is a daft question, but does the fridge need to be removed or can the mod be done through the fridge vents. Would like the modification but not keen on removing the fridge.
  5. After some help on this forum some while ago, I use PLEX and a Homerun Freeview TV receiver. You can then watch and record from anywhere on any device (I think) with internet access. I can even listen to football on local radio with it, as having a iPhone there is no radio built in.
  6. We would like to visit the West Coast and have two weeks holiday in October. Recommendations grateful accepted.
  7. What is the best time to visit without the threat of the midges? I have a few friends who have visited and their visit was ruined by them. I am looking forward to visiting north of the border but would prefer to do it without the midges if possible. We will hopefully be retiring in the not too distant future so can visit anytime.
  8. No problem. I guess they would be a decent move if you were having the tyres changed anyway. I am looking for a system that has an app for a phone but seem to be struggling to find anything. My car has a TPM system built in so its for the 'van i am looking.
  9. MalH, If they provide a full-size spare, which I now have, they must have a different setup in the boot, as the wheel is about 3 or 4 inches thicker than the recess.
  10. https://www.tyrepal.co.uk/product/internal-pressure-sensor/
  11. I did investigate this recently, but having been told by Mercedes main dealer(s) that there is no space saver wheel recommended by Mercedes for the car, that is unfortunately not an option.
  12. Slightly off topic but I know this has been posted about many times on here before but our car has the gunk and compressor for a puncture, I have never been happy with this solution so have just purchased an alloy wheel for the car and just need to get a tyre. The issue is that the wheel is big and will not fit in the boot where one would normally expect the spare to fit. I am thinking about putting the car spare on the Alko spare carrier and the caravan spare in the car boot as I think it will fit there. I have ridden my luck and not had a puncture in either vehicle, yet. My previous BMW attracted punctures and had numerous over the two year ownership. Not too concerned in the UK but having a puncture in rural France on a Sunday afternoon fills me with dread.
  13. Many thanks for all the suggestions, I will do a little more investigation of your suggestions. Sorry for the late response, had a viewing on the house and had to do some work work. Here’s hoping
  14. Hi all Looking at the news its possible (probable?) we may be able to get to France in August . I like to plan ahead so was wondering if anyone had knowledge about a caravan friendly fuel station near to the ferry terminal? We have used the Dover Calais route and know a good filling station there but not used Portsmouth for over 20 years.
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